Fall Textbooks are now available!

Attention Students: You can charge your textbook purchases at the ANTS Virtual Bookstore to your student account.

Here’s what to do:

1. Shop for the books you'll need to buy.
Proceed to checkout and obtain a complete total including shipping.
2. Call or email Peter Gibson in the Business Office with this total. He’ll send a charge authorization to the Bookstore; you’ll get a message from the Bookstore sent to your ANTS email address confirming the amount of the authorization and your login information.
3. Check your shopping cart. If your books are already there, simply proceed to check out. If your books are not in the shopping cart, you may have to shop for them again.
4. Log in as a returning customer using the information from the email. An “ANTS Book Voucher” amount will appear as a payment option.

Please Note: Your student account will be billed for the amount of the Voucher. You’ll pay your Bookstore charges along with all your other ANTS charges.

Please contact your
Virtual Bookstore
Customer Service Team:
9am-7pm EST
9am-5pm EST
Visit our Help Desk 24/7