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Into the Wild (Movie Tie-in Edition), 9780307387172

Into the Wild (Movie Tie-in Edition)

Author(s): KRAKAUER, JON

In April 1992, a young man from a well-to-do family hitchhikes to Alaska and walks alone into the wilderness north of Mt. McKinley. Four months later, his decomposed body is found by a moose hunter. How Chris McCandless came to die is the ...
Polymer Surfaces, Interfaces and Thin Films, 9789810238643

Polymer Surfaces, Interfaces and Thin Films

Retail: $154.00

Our Price: $150.15

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Scanning Electron Microscopy : Physics of Image Formation an..., 9783540639763

Scanning Electron Microscopy : Physics of Image Formation an...

Retail: $239.00

Our Price: $233.03

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Microstructural Characterization of Materials, 9780471985013

Microstructural Characterization of Materials

Retail: $230.00

Our Price: $224.25

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what's an ISBN?

What is an ISBN?


Trouble finding the ISBN?


If you cannot locate your book's ISBN on the outside of the book, open the front cover and look on the page immediately following the title page. This should be the copyright page and will include information about the copyright date, the author and publisher. The ISBN should be in the middle or at the bottom of that page.

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