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Chemistry Principles and Reactions (with CD-ROM and InfoTrac),9780534408787
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Chemistry Principles and Reactions (with CD-ROM and InfoTrac)



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Brooks Cole
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  • Student Solutions Manual for Masterton/Hurley's Chemistry: Principles and Reactions, 8th
    Student Solutions Manual for Masterton/Hurley's Chemistry: Principles and Reactions, 8th
  • Chemistry, 8th Edition
    Chemistry, 8th Edition
  • Chemistry Principles and Reactions (with CD-ROM)
    Chemistry Principles and Reactions (with CD-ROM)
  • Chemistry: Principles And Reactions (Updated 5th Edition, with CD-Rom & GenChem Now)
    Chemistry: Principles And Reactions (Updated 5th Edition, with CD-Rom & GenChem Now)
  • Chemistry : Principles and Reactions
    Chemistry : Principles and Reactions
  • Study Guide and Workbook for Masterton/Hurley's Chemistry: Principles and Reactions
    Study Guide and Workbook for Masterton/Hurley's Chemistry: Principles and Reactions
  • Chemistry : Principles and Reactions
    Chemistry : Principles and Reactions
  • Chemistry : Principles and Reactions
    Chemistry : Principles and Reactions
  • Chemistry: Principles and Reactions, Study Guide and Workbook
    Chemistry: Principles and Reactions, Study Guide and Workbook


This new edition of CHEMISTRY: PRINCIPLES AND REACTIONS continues to provide students with the "core" material essential to understanding the principles of general chemistry. Masterton and Hurley cover the basics without sacrificing the essentials, appealing to several markets. Appropriate for either a one- or two-semester course, CHEMISTRY: PRINCIPLES AND REACTIONS, Fifth Edition is three hundred pages shorter than most general chemistry texts and lives up to its long-standing reputation as THE student-oriented text. Though this text is shorter in length than most other General Chemistry books, it is not lower in level and with the addition of the large volume of content provided by the revolutionary GENERAL CHEMISTRY INTERACTIVE 3.0 CDROM that is included with every copy, it has a depth and breath rivaling much longer books.

Table of Contents

Matter and Measurementsp. 2
Types of Matterp. 3
Measurementsp. 8
Properties of Substancesp. 15
Chemistry: The Human Side: Antoine Lavoisierp. 16
Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom: Titanium: A Space-Age Metalp. 19
Chapter Highlightsp. 20
Summary Problemp. 21
Questions & Problemsp. 21
Atoms, Molecules, and Ionsp. 26
Atoms and the Atomic Theoryp. 27
Chemistry: The Human Side: John Daltonp. 27
Components of the Atomp. 28
Introduction to the Periodic Tablep. 33
Molecules and Ionsp. 35
Formulas of Ionic Compoundsp. 40
Names of Compoundsp. 41
Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom: Ethyl Alcohol and the Lawp. 45
Chapter Highlightsp. 46
Summary Problemp. 47
Questions & Problemsp. 47
Mass Relations in Chemistry; Stoichiometryp. 52
Atomic Massesp. 53
The Molep. 56
Mass Relations in Chemical Formulasp. 58
Mass Relations in Reactionsp. 61
Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom: Hydratesp. 68
Chapter Highlightsp. 69
Summary Problemp. 69
Questions & Problemsp. 70
Reactions in Aqueous Solutionp. 76
Solute Concentrations; Molarityp. 77
Precipitation Reactionsp. 79
Acid-Base Reactionsp. 82
Chemistry: The Human Side: Svante August Arrheniusp. 87
Oxidation-Reduction Reactionsp. 87
Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom: Antacidsp. 94
Chapter Highlightsp. 95
Summary Problemp. 95
Questions & Problemsp. 96
Gasesp. 102
Measurements on Gasesp. 103
The Ideal Gas Lawp. 105
Gas Law Calculationsp. 107
Stoichiometry of Gaseous Reactionsp. 110
Chemistry: The Human Side: Amadeo Avogadrop. 112
Gas Mixtures: Partial Pressures and Mole Fractionsp. 113
Kinetic Theory of Gasesp. 115
Real Gasesp. 121
Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom: Airbagsp. 123
Chapter Highlightsp. 124
Summary Problemp. 124
Questions & Problemsp. 125
Electronic Structure and the Periodic Tablep. 130
Light, Photon Energies, and Atomic Spectrap. 131
The Hydrogen Atomp. 134
Quantum Numbersp. 138
Atomic Orbitals; Shapes and Sizesp. 141
Electron Configurations in Atomsp. 141
Chemistry: The Human Side: Glenn Seaborgp. 145
Orbital Diagrams of Atomsp. 146
Electron Arrangements in Monatomic Ionsp. 148
Periodic Trends in the Properties of Atomsp. 150
Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom: The Aurorap. 155
Chapter Highlightsp. 156
Summary Problemp. 156
Questions & Problemsp. 157
Covalent Bondingp. 162
Lewis Structures; The Octet Rulep. 164
Chemistry: The Human Side: G. N. Lewisp. 172
Molecular Geometryp. 173
Polarity of Moleculesp. 180
Atomic Orbitals; Hybridizationp. 183
Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom: The Noble Gasesp. 188
Chapter Highlightsp. 189
Summary Problemp. 189
Questions & Problemsp. 190
Thermochemistryp. 194
Principles of Heat Flowp. 195
Measurement of Heat Flow; Calorimetryp. 198
Enthalpyp. 201
Thermochemical Equationsp. 202
Enthalpies of Formationp. 206
Bond Enthalpyp. 210
The First Law of Thermodynamicsp. 212
Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom: Energy Balance in the Human Bodyp. 216
Chapter Highlightsp. 218
Summary Problemp. 218
Questions & Problemsp. 219
Liquids and Solidsp. 224
Liquid-Vapor Equilibriump. 225
Phase Diagramsp. 230
Molecular Substances; Intermolecular Forcesp. 233
Network Covalent, Ionic, and Metallic Solidsp. 238
Crystal Structuresp. 244
Chemistry: The Human Side: Dorothy Hodgkinp. 247
Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom: Allotropyp. 249
Chapter Highlightsp. 250
Summary Problemp. 251
Questions & Problemsp. 252
Solutionsp. 256
Concentration Unitsp. 257
Principles of Solubilityp. 261
Colligative Properties of Nonelectrolytesp. 264
Colligative Properties of Electrolytesp. 271
Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom: Maple Syrupp. 274
Chapter Highlightsp. 275
Summary Problemp. 275
Questions & Problemsp. 276
Rate of Reactionp. 282
Meaning of Reaction Ratep. 283
Reaction Rate and Concentrationp. 286
Reactant Concentration and Timep. 290
Models for Reaction Ratep. 295
Chemistry: The Human Side: Henry Eyringp. 299
Reaction Rate and Temperaturep. 299
Catalystsp. 302
Reaction Mechanismsp. 304
Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom: The Ozone Storyp. 308
Chapter Highlightsp. 310
Summary Problemp. 310
Questions & Problemsp. 311
Gaseous Chemical Equilibriump. 320
The N[subscript 2]O[subscript 4]-NO[subscript 2] Equilibrium Systemp. 321
The Equilibrium Constant Expressionp. 324
Determination of Kp. 329
Applications of the Equilibrium Constantp. 330
Effect of Changes in Conditions on an Equilibrium Systemp. 334
Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom: An Industrial Application of Gaseous Equilibriump. 340
Chapter Highlightsp. 342
Summary Problemp. 342
Questions & Problemsp. 343
Acids and Basesp. 350
Bronsted-Lowry Acid-Base Modelp. 351
The Ion Product of Waterp. 352
pH and pOHp. 353
Weak Acids and Their Equilibrium Constantsp. 357
Weak Bases and Their Equilibrium Constantsp. 365
Acid-Base Properties of Salt Solutionsp. 368
Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom: Organic Acids and Basesp. 371
Chapter Highlightsp. 373
Summary Problemp. 373
Questions & Problemsp. 374
Equilibria in Acid-Base Solutionsp. 378
Buffersp. 379
Acid-Base Indicatorsp. 386
Acid-Base Titrationsp. 388
Chemistry: Beyond The Classroom: Acid Rainp. 394
Chapter Highlightsp. 395
Summary Problemp. 396
Questions & Problemsp. 396
Complex Ionsp. 402
Composition of Complex Ionsp. 403
Geometry of Complex Ionsp. 407
Chemistry: The Human Side: Alfred Wernerp. 411
Electronic Structure of Complex Ionsp. 411
Formation Constants of Complex Ionsp. 416
Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom: Chelates: Natural and Syntheticp. 418
Chapter Highlightsp. 420
Summary Problemp. 420
Questions & Problemsp. 421
Precipitation Equilibriap. 424
Precipitate Formation; Solubility Product Constant (K[subscript sp])p. 425
Dissolving Precipitatesp. 431
Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom: Qualitative Analysisp. 436
Chapter Highlightsp. 438
Summary Problemp. 438
Questions & Problemsp. 439
Spontaneity of Reactionp. 444
Spontaneous Processesp. 445
Entropy, Sp. 447
Free Energy, Gp. 452
Chemistry: The Human Side: J. Willard Gibbsp. 453
Standard Free Energy Change, [Delta]G[degree]p. 454
Effect of Temperature, Pressure, and Concentration on Reaction Spontaneityp. 457
The Free Energy Change and the Equilibrium Constantp. 461
Additivity of Free Energy Changes; Coupled Reactionsp. 462
Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom: Global Warmingp. 465
Chapter Highlightsp. 466
Summary Problemp. 467
Questions & Problemsp. 468
Electrochemistryp. 474
Voltaic Cellsp. 475
Standard Voltagesp. 479
Relations Between E[degree], [Delta]G[degree], and Kp. 484
Effect of Concentration on Voltagep. 486
Electrolytic Cellsp. 489
Chemistry: The Human Side: Michael Faradayp. 493
Commercial Cellsp. 493
Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom: Corrosion of Metalsp. 498
Chapter Highlightsp. 499
Summary Problemp. 500
Questions & Problemsp. 500
Nuclear Reactionsp. 506
Radioactivityp. 507
Chemistry: The Human Side: The Curiesp. 511
Rate of Radioactive Decayp. 512
Mass-Energy Relationsp. 514
Nuclear Fissionp. 518
Nuclear Fusionp. 521
Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom: Biological Effects of Radiationp. 523
Chapter Highlightsp. 524
Summary Problemp. 525
Questions & Problemsp. 525
Chemistry of the Metalsp. 530
Metallurgyp. 531
Reactions of the Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metalsp. 537
Redox Chemistry of the Transition Metalsp. 540
Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom: Essential Metals in Nutritionp. 546
Chapter Highlightsp. 547
Summary Problemp. 547
Questions & Problemsp. 548
Chemistry of the Nonmetalsp. 550
The Elements and Their Preparationp. 551
Hydrogen Compounds of Nonmetalsp. 555
Oxygen Compounds of Nonmetalsp. 559
Oxoacids and Oxoanionsp. 562
Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom: Arsenic and Seleniump. 570
Chapter Highlightsp. 571
Summary Problemp. 571
Questions & Problemsp. 572
Organic Chemistryp. 576
Saturated Hydrocarbons: Alkanesp. 577
Unsaturated Hydrocarbons: Alkenes and Alkynesp. 581
Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Their Derivativesp. 583
Oxygen Compounds; Functional Groupsp. 585
Isomerism in Organic Compoundsp. 588
Synthetic Organic Polymersp. 593
Chemistry: Beyond the Classroom: Cholesterolp. 596
Chapter Highlightsp. 598
Summary Problemp. 598
Questions & Problemsp. 599
Units, Constants, and Reference Datap. 603
Properties of the Elementsp. 609
Exponents and Logarithmsp. 611
Nomenclaturep. 616
Molecular Orbitalsp. 619
Answers to Even-Numbered and Challenge Questions & Problemsp. 625
Greditsp. 643
Index/Glossaryp. 647
Table of Contents provided by Rittenhouse. All Rights Reserved.

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