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Color Atlas of Anatomy A Photographic Study of the Human Body,9780781790130
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Color Atlas of Anatomy A Photographic Study of the Human Body



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  • Color Atlas of Anatomy A Photographic Study of the Human Body
    Color Atlas of Anatomy A Photographic Study of the Human Body
  • Color Atlas of Anatomy : A Photographic Study of the Human Body
    Color Atlas of Anatomy : A Photographic Study of the Human Body
  • Anatomy A Photographic Atlas
    Anatomy A Photographic Atlas
  • Color Atlas of Anatomy A Photographic Study of the Human Body
    Color Atlas of Anatomy A Photographic Study of the Human Body


This atlas includes full-color photographs of actual cadaver dissections instead of idealized illustrations, to accurately and realistically represent anatomical structures. Often used by students as an alternative or supplement to their lab experience, and as an introduction to exactly what they should see before they dissect, as well as a study aid before practical/identification exams. "Doody's Core Titles 2009."

Table of Contents

General Anatomyp. 1
Organization of the Human Bodyp. 2
Skeleton of the Human Bodyp. 4
Ossification of the Bonesp. 6
Bone Structurep. 8
Jointsp. 10
Muscles and Tendon Attachmentsp. 13
Organization of the Nervous Systemp. 14
Organization of the Circulatory Systemp. 16
Organization of the Lymphatic Systemp. 18
Head and Neckp. 19
Bones of the Skullp. 20
Disarticulated Skullp. 24
Sphenoidal and Occipital Bonesp. 24
Temporal Bonep. 26
Frontal Bonep. 28
Calvariap. 29
Base of the Skullp. 30
Skull of the Newbornp. 35
Median Section through the Skullp. 36
Disarticulated Skullp. 38
Ethmoidal Bonep. 38
Ethmoidal and Palatine Bonesp. 39
Palatine Bone and Maxillap. 40
Maxilla, Zygomatic Bone, and Bony Palatep. 45
Orbit, and Nasal and Lacrimal Bonesp. 47
Bones of the Nasal Cavityp. 48
Septum and Cartilages of the Nosep. 49
Maxilla and Mandible with Teethp. 50
Deciduous and Permanent Teethp. 51
Mandible and Dental Archp. 52
Ligaments of the Temporomandibular Jointp. 53
Temporomandibular Jointp. 54
Masticatory Musclesp. 56
Facial Musclesp. 58
Supra- and Infrahyoid Musclesp. 60
Section through the Cavities of the Headp. 62
Maxillary Arteryp. 63
Cranial Nervesp. 64
Nerves of the Orbitp. 68
Sections through the Headp. 70
Trigeminal Nervep. 72
Facial Nervep. 74
Glossopharyngeal, Vagus, and Hypoglossal Nervesp. 75
Regions of the Headp. 76
Superficial Region of the Facep. 76
Retromandibular Regionp. 80
Para- and Retropharyngeal Regionsp. 83
Scalp and Meningesp. 84
Meningesp. 86
Dura Mater and Dural Venous Sinusesp. 86
Dura Materp. 88
Pia Mater and Arachnoidp. 89
Brainp. 90
Median Sectionsp. 90
Arteries and Veinsp. 92
Arteriesp. 93
Arteries and the Arterial Circle of Willisp. 98
Lobes of the Cerebrump. 100
Lobes of the Cerebellump. 104
Dissectionsp. 106
Limbic Systemp. 109
Hypothalamusp. 110
Subcortical Nucleip. 111
Subcortical Nuclei and Internal Capsulep. 112
Ventricular Systemp. 114
Brain Stemp. 115
Coronal and Cross Sectionsp. 116
Horizontal Sectionsp. 118
Auditory and Vestibular Apparatusp. 122
Middle Earp. 126
Auditory Ossiclesp. 128
Internal Earp. 129
Auditory Pathway and Areasp. 131
Visual Apparatus and Orbitp. 132
Eyeballp. 133
Vessels of the Eyep. 134
Extra-ocular Musclesp. 135
Visual Pathway and Areasp. 137
Layers of the Orbitp. 140
Lacrimal Apparatus and Lidsp. 142
Nasal Cavityp. 143
Nasal Septump. 143
Paranasal Sinusesp. 144
Nerves and Arteriesp. 146
Nasal and Oral Cavityp. 148
Oral Cavityp. 150
Musclesp. 150
Submandibular Trianglep. 152
Salivary Glandsp. 153
Organization of the Neckp. 154
Muscles of the Neckp. 156
Larynxp. 158
Cartilages and Hyoid Bonep. 158
Musclesp. 160
Vocal Ligamentp. 161
Nervesp. 162
Larynx and Oral Cavityp. 163
Pharynxp. 164
Musclesp. 166
Vessels of the Head and Neckp. 168
Arteriesp. 168
Arteries and Veinsp. 170
Veinsp. 171
Lymph Vessels and Nodesp. 172
Regions of the Neckp. 174
Anterior Regionp. 174
Lateral Regionp. 178
Cervical and Brachial Plexusp. 186
Sections through the Neckp. 187
Trunkp. 188
Skeletonp. 189
Vertebraep. 190
Vertebral Column and Thoraxp. 192
Vertebral Jointsp. 195
Costovertebral Joints and Intercostal Musclesp. 196
Costovertebral Jointsp. 197
Ligamentsp. 198
Joints Connecting to the Headp. 200
Vertebral Column of the Neckp. 203
Surface Anatomy of the Anterior Bodyp. 204
Femalep. 204
Malep. 205
Thoracic Wallp. 206
Thoracic and Abdominal Wallp. 210
Vessels and Nervesp. 214
Abdominal Wallp. 216
Vessels and Nervesp. 216
Inguinal Region in the Malep. 217
Inguinal Region in the Femalep. 220
Backp. 221
Musclesp. 221
Nervesp. 226
Vertebral Canal and Spinal Cordp. 230
Nuchal Regionp. 234
Thoracic Organsp. 243
Position of the Thoracic Organsp. 244
Respiratory Systemp. 246
Projections of Lungs and Pleurap. 248
Lungsp. 249
Bronchopulmonary Segmentsp. 250
Heartp. 252
Myocardiump. 257
Valvesp. 258
Functionp. 260
Conducting Systemp. 261
Arteries and Veinsp. 262
Regional Anatomy of the Thoracic Organsp. 264
Thymusp. 266
Heartp. 268
Pericardiump. 272
Epicardiump. 273
Posterior Mediastinump. 274
Mediastinal Organsp. 274
Posterior and Superior Mediastinump. 281
Mediastinal Organsp. 281
Diaphragmp. 282
Coronal Sections through the Thoraxp. 284
Horizontal Sections through the Thoraxp. 286
Fetal Circulatory Systemp. 288
Mammary Glandp. 290
Abdominal Organsp. 291
Position of the Abdominal Organsp. 292
Anterior Abdominal Wallp. 293
Stomachp. 294
Pancreas and Bile Ductsp. 296
Liverp. 298
Spleenp. 300
Pancreas and Spleenp. 301
Vessels of the Abdominal Organsp. 302
Superior Mesenteric Vesselsp. 302
Portal Circulationp. 303
Superior Mesenteric Arteryp. 304
Inferior Mesenteric Arteryp. 305
Dissection of the Abdominal Organsp. 306
Mesenteric Arteriesp. 308
Mesenteryp. 310
Upper Abdominal Organsp. 311
Posterior Abdominal Wallp. 316
Pancreas and Bile Ductsp. 316
Pancreas and Spleenp. 317
Root of the Mesentery and Peritoneal Recessesp. 318
Horizontal Sections through the Abdominal Cavityp. 320
Midsagittal Sections through the Abdominal Cavityp. 322
Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.

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