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Contraceptive Technology with CD-ROM,9781597080019
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Contraceptive Technology with CD-ROM



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  • Contraceptive Technology
    Contraceptive Technology


The leading reference in reproductive health for 30 years, with over 2,000,000 copies in print, Contraceptive Technology is included on CD-ROM with all copies of the book and also available separately as listed below. This is a direct electronic conversion, complete and unabridged, in a PDF format. Includes word searching capabilities of the full Contraceptive Technology text. Patient instructions or other content for individual counseling or use may also be printed out. Active links are provided to the 300 websites recommended by the authors throughout Contraceptive Technology. Please see the pages in the back of this book with instructions on how to activate and use the CD-ROM. Book jacket.

Table of Contents

Values in Family Planningp. 1
The Menstrual Cyclep. 7
Menstrual Cycle Regulationp. 8
The Integrated Cyclep. 10
Fertilization and Implantationp. 14
Choosing a Contraceptive: Efficacy, Safety, and Personal Considerationsp. 19
Efficacy: "Will it Work?"p. 22
Safety: "Will It Hurt Me?"p. 34
Noncontraceptive Benefitsp. 38
Personal Considerationsp. 41
Medical Eligibility Criteriap. 49
Methodologyp. 50
How to Use the Recommendationsp. 52
Keeping Criteria Up to Datep. 55
Abstinence and the Range of Sexual Expressionp. 81
The Range of Sexual Expressionp. 83
Indications for Abstinence or Other Forms of Sexual Expressionp. 84
Instructions for Using Abstinence for Contraception or STI Protectionp. 85
Emergency Contraceptionp. 87
Historyp. 88
Future Potential for Emergency Contraceptive Usep. 90
Mechanism of Actionp. 94
Effectivenessp. 96
Advantages and Indicationsp. 97
Side Effectsp. 99
Cautionsp. 100
Providing Emergency Contraceptionp. 102
Instructions For Using Emergency Contraceptionp. 109
Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)p. 117
Options in the United Statesp. 118
Effectivenessp. 119
Mechanism of Actionp. 120
Advantages of Intrauterine Contraceptionp. 121
Disadvantages of Intrauterine Contraceptionp. 122
Providing the IUDp. 128
Managing Problems and Follow-Upp. 139
Contraceptive Implantsp. 145
Effectivenessp. 146
Mechanism of Actionp. 147
Advantagesp. 148
Disadvantages and Cautionsp. 149
Providing the Methodp. 152
Managing Problems and Follow-Upp. 154
User Instructionsp. 154
Injectable Contraceptivesp. 157
Effectivenessp. 158
Mechanism of Actionp. 158
Advantagesp. 159
Disadvantages and Cautionsp. 161
Providing DMPAp. 168
Managing DMPA Problems and Follow-Upp. 169
Instructions for Using DMPAp. 170
Progestin-Only Pillsp. 181
Effectivenessp. 181
Mechanism of Actionp. 182
Advantagesp. 183
Disadvantages and Cautionsp. 184
Providing the Methodp. 186
Managing Problems and Follow-Upp. 188
User Instructionsp. 188
Combined Oral Contraceptivesp. 193
Hormones in Combined Oral Contraceptivesp. 194
Mechanisms of Actionp. 197
Effectivenessp. 198
Costp. 199
Oral Contraceptive Formulationsp. 200
Advantages and Indicationsp. 201
Non-Contraceptive Applications for COCSp. 209
Disadvantages and Health Complicationsp. 210
Providing Oral Contraceptivesp. 224
Managing Side Effectsp. 240
Instructions for Using Oral Contraceptivesp. 249
Contraceptive Patch and Vaginal Contraceptive Ringp. 271
Contraceptive Patchp. 271
Description of Methodp. 271
Effectivenessp. 272
Mechanism of Actionp. 272
Advantagesp. 272
Disadvantages and Cautionsp. 274
Providing the Methodp. 276
Managing Problems and Follow Upp. 279
User Instructionsp. 280
Vaginal Contraceptive Ringp. 282
Description of Methodp. 282
Effectivenessp. 282
Mechanism of Actionp. 283
Advantagesp. 283
Disadvantages and Cautionsp. 285
Providing the Methodp. 287
Managing Problems and Follow Upp. 289
User Instructionsp. 291
Male Condomsp. 297
Mechanism of Actionp. 298
Effectiveness Against Pregnancyp. 299
Advantages and Indicationsp. 301
Disadvantages and Cautionsp. 301
Special Issuesp. 302
Providing Condoms-Counselingp. 304
Managing Problems and Follow-Upp. 308
Instructions for Using Condomsp. 308
Vaginal Barriers And Spermicidesp. 317
Mechanism of Actionp. 318
Effectivenessp. 322
Advantagesp. 324
Disadvantagesp. 326
Cautionsp. 327
Providing Vaginal Barrier Methodsp. 327
Managing Problems and Follow-Upp. 332
Instructions For Using Vaginal Barriers/Spermicidesp. 333
Coitus Interruptus (Withdrawal)p. 337
Mechanism of Actionp. 338
Effectivenessp. 338
Advantages and Indicationsp. 338
Disadvantages and Cautionsp. 339
Instructions for Using Coitus Interruptusp. 341
Fertility Awareness-Based Methodsp. 343
Mechanism of Actionp. 343
Effectivenessp. 344
Advantages and Indicationsp. 346
Disadvantages and Cautionsp. 347
Providing Fertility Awareness-Based Methodsp. 349
Instructions for Using Fertility Awareness-Based Methodsp. 349
Female and Male Sterilizationp. 361
Female Sterilizationp. 362
Effectivenessp. 362
Mechanism of Actionp. 364
Advantages and Indicationsp. 364
Disadvantages and Cautionsp. 365
Providing Female Sterilizationp. 370
Managing Problems and Follow-Upp. 378
Male Sterilizationp. 380
Effectivenessp. 380
Mechanism of Actionp. 381
Advantagesp. 381
Disadvantages and Cautionsp. 382
Providing Male Sterilizationp. 384
Managing Problems and Follow-Upp. 389
User Instructions for Vasectomyp. 392
Postpartum Contraception and Lactationp. 403
Postpartum Infertilityp. 404
Lactational Infertilityp. 404
Contraceptive Benefits of Lactationp. 406
Postpartum Sexualityp. 408
Initiating Contraceptive Use Postpartump. 410
Postpartum Contraception for the Nonbreastfeeding Womanp. 413
Postpartum Contraception for the Breastfeeding Womanp. 414
Breastfeeding: Advantages to the Infantp. 420
Breastfeeding and HIVp. 421
Breastfeeding: Effects on the Motherp. 422
Instructions for and Information About Breastfeedingp. 422
Contraceptive Research and Developmentp. 433
Contraceptive Research Overviewp. 433
Current Contraceptive Researchp. 439
Improving Use-Effectivenessp. 447
The 21st Centuryp. 447
Menstrual Disorders and Related Concernsp. 451
Dysmenorrheap. 452
Secondary Dysmenorrheap. 454
Menorrhagiap. 456
Amenorrheap. 461
Oligomenorrheap. 466
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)p. 469
Menstrually Induced Exacerbations of Other Medical Problemsp. 476
Endometriosisp. 479
Chronic Pelvic Painp. 481
Reproductive Tract Infections, Including HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infectionsp. 499
Magnitude and Risks of RTIp. 500
RTI Risk Assessment, Prevention and Risk Behaviorsp. 502
Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment of RTIp. 505
Special Considerations Regarding HIV/AIDS in the Reproductive Health Settingp. 511
Alphabetical Catalogue of Reproductive Tract Infectionsp. 532
Female Genital Tract Cancer Screeningp. 559
Screening for Cervical Cancerp. 561
Ovarian Cancer Screeningp. 581
Breast Cancer Screeningp. 583
Pregnancy Testing and Management of Early Pregnancyp. 591
Essential Pre-Pregnancy Information for Everyonep. 592
Preconception Care Servicesp. 594
Pregnancy Evaluationp. 596
Pregnancy Test Optionsp. 602
Ultrasound in Very Early Pregnancyp. 609
Managing Problems in Early Pregnancyp. 618
Education and Counselingp. 628
Abortionp. 637
Legal Status of Abortionp. 638
The Public Health Impact of Legal Abortionp. 639
Characteristics of Women Who Obtain Abortionsp. 639
Methods of Abortionp. 642
Providing Abortion Servicesp. 649
Managing Post-Abortion Complicationsp. 660
Impaired Fertilityp. 673
Probability of Pregnancyp. 674
Requirements for Fertilityp. 676
Overview of Causes of Infertilityp. 677
Further Evaluation of The Womanp. 681
Prognosisp. 686
Targeting Therapies for Infertilityp. 686
Longer Term Impacts of Assisted Reproductive Technologiesp. 692
Menopause and Perimenopausal Healthp. 699
Definitions: Perimenopause, Menopause, Post-Menopausep. 699
Perimenopausep. 701
Menopausep. 705
Postmenopausal Symptomsp. 708
Effect of Hormone Therapies on Other Aspects of Postmenopausal Healthp. 724
Side Effects of Postmenopausal Hormone Therapyp. 732
Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy Choicesp. 733
Summaryp. 735
Contraceptive Efficacyp. 747
No Methodp. 748
Typical Use Of Spermicides, Withdrawal, Fertility Awareness-Based Methods, Diaphragm, Male Condom, Oral Contraceptive Pills, and Depo-Proverap. 748
Perfect Use of the Sponge and Diaphragmp. 749
Typical Use of the Spongep. 750
Female Condomp. 750
Perfect Use of Withdrawal and Spermicidesp. 750
Perfect Use of Fertility Awareness-Based Methodsp. 752
Perfect Use of the Male Condomp. 752
Perfect Use of the Oral Contraceptive Pills, Depo-Provera, and Implanon, and Typical Use of Implanonp. 753
Evra and NuvaRingp. 753
IUDp. 754
Sterilizationp. 754
Contraceptive Continuationp. 755
The Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM)p. 756
Webpages with Active Links to Many Other Websitesp. 827
Network of Professional Organizationsp. 829
Pharmaceutical Websites and Phone Numbersp. 833
Hotlines and Websitesp. 836
Indexp. 841
Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.

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