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Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis



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Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
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  • Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis
    Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis
  • Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis
    Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis
  • Handbook Of Nursing Diagnosis
    Handbook Of Nursing Diagnosis
  • Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis
    Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis
  • Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis
    Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis
  • Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis
    Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis


ChesPenn Health Services, Chester, PA. Brandon/Hill Nursing List first-purchase selection (#220). Pocket-sized quick reference for nurses and students. Covers the steps of nursing diagnoses and contains diagnostic clusters. Previous edition: c1999. Wire-spiral binding.

Table of Contents

Nursing Diagnosesp. 1
Activity Intolerancep. 3
Adaptive Capacity, Decreased Intracranialp. 9
Adjustment, Impairedp. 10
Anxietyp. 11
Body Temperature, Risk for Imbalancedp. 20
Bowel Incontinencep. 31
Breastfeeding, Effectivep. 34
Breastfeeding, Ineffectivep. 36
Breastfeeding, Interruptedp. 40
Cardiac Output, Decreasedp. 41
Caregiver Role Strainp. 42
Comfort, Impairedp. 50
Communication, Impairedp. 66
Confusionp. 73
Constipationp. 85
Coping, Ineffectivep. 94
Coping, Ineffective Communityp. 105
Coping, Readiness for Enhanced Communityp. 107
Family Coping, Readiness for Enhancedp. 110
Compromised Family Copingp. 112
Disabled Family Copingp. 113
Decisional Conflictp. 119
Diarrheap. 123
Disuse Syndromep. 127
Deficient Diversional Activityp. 130
Dysreflexiap. 133
Disturbed Energy Fieldp. 138
Environmental Interpretation Syndrome, Impairedp. 141
Family Processes, Interruptedp. 142
Fatiguep. 150
Fearp. 155
Deficient Fluid Volumep. 160
Excess Fluid Volumep. 163
Fluid Volume Imbalance, Risk forp. 167
Grievingp. 168
Growth and Development, Delayedp. 178
Health Maintenance, Ineffectivep. 191
Health Seeking Behaviors (Specify)p. 201
Home Maintenance, Impairedp. 204
Hopelessnessp. 207
Infant Behavior, Disorganizedp. 213
Infant Behavior, Risk for Disorganizedp. 220
Infant Behavior, Readiness for Enhanced Organizedp. 221
Infection, Risk forp. 225
Injury, Risk forp. 233
Injury, Risk for Perioperative Positioningp. 243
Deficient Knowledgep. 246
Latex Allergyp. 248
Loneliness, Risk forp. 251
Therapeutic Regimen Management, Effective Individualp. 256
Therapeutic Regimen Management, Ineffectivep. 258
Mobility, Impaired Physicalp. 269
Noncompliancep. 280
Nutrition, Imbalanced: Less Than Body Requirementsp. 283
Nutrition, Imbalanced: More Than Body Requirementsp. 295
Nutrition, Imbalanced: Potential for More Than Body Requirementsp. 299
Parenting, Impairedp. 300
Peripheral Neurovascular Dysfunction, Risk forp. 313
Disturbed Sleep Patternp. 433
Social Interaction, Impairedp. 439
Social Isolationp. 443
Sorrow, Chronicp. 446
Spiritual Distressp. 448
Risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndromep. 454
Surgical Recovery, Delayedp. 457
Thought Processes, Disturbedp. 458
Tissue Perfusion, Ineffective (Specify)p. 468
Unilateral Neglectp. 473
Impaired Urinary Eliminationp. 476
Violence, Risk forp. 499
Wanderingp. 504
Diagnostic Clusters (Medical Conditions With Associated Nursing Diagnoses and Collaborative Problems)p. 507
Medical Conditionsp. 509
Cardiovascular/Hematologic/Peripheral Vascular Disordersp. 509
Cardiac Conditionsp. 509
Hematologic Conditionsp. 512
Peripheral Vascular Conditionsp. 515
Respiratory Disordersp. 518
Metabolic/Endocrine Disordersp. 521
Gastrointestinal Disordersp. 529
Renal/Urinary Tract Disordersp. 532
Neurologic Disordersp. 535
Sensory Disordersp. 544
Integumentary Disordersp. 546
Musculoskeletal/Connective Tissue Disordersp. 550
Infectious/Immunodeficient Disordersp. 553
Neoplastic Disordersp. 557
Mental Health Disordersp. 624
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Proceduresp. 631
References/Bibliographyp. 651
List of NIC Interventions and NOC Outcomesp. 657
Health-Promotion/Wellness Diagnosesp. 671
Indexp. 681
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