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Buying From Marketplace

What is the Marketlpace?

Items for sale in the Marketplace are sold by third-party individuals, bookstores and volume sellers. The process of purchasing a book from a Marketplace seller is just like buying any other book or item on When you locate the book(s) on you are looking for, you will see a link in the ADD TO CART block on the right side of the page (if the book is available for sale on The Marketplace) that reads: “Marketplace, View Other Sellers”. Click on this link and you will be taken to the Marketplace listings. Please note: Marketplace sellers usually ship within 1-5 business days after the order is placed. Items are not returnable. Orders cannot be cancelled by Customer Service. Domestic US shipping only. Product may vary from the description. Please refer to the seller's comments before ordering.

User Agreement

By selling and buying on the Marketplace, you are agreeing to our Marketplace Buyer/Seller User Agreement.

Communication with the Seller

To use Buyer/Seller Communication, login to your Account and click the order number under which the transaction took place. Click the red "Buyer/Seller Communication" button. Follow directions given on the Buyer/Seller Communication pages.

Once you have completed this process there are several possible outcomes:

If the problem has been resolved, the transaction is considered complete.
- If the Buyer is to be refunded, will issue a refund approximately 10 days after Buyer/Seller Communication has been completed, if all of the Guidelines listed below are met.
- In some cases the Buyer may need to return the item to the Seller. The Seller will either swap the item with you or will authorize a refund upon receipt of the returned item.
- If the problem has not been resolved, you will need to file a Buyer Protection Report.

- You must attempt to resolve your problem with the Seller through Buyer/Seller Communication before you submit your Buyer Protection Report. While there may occasionally be problems, most problems are simple misunderstandings. In addition, you may not initiate Buyer/Seller Communication (or submit a Buyer Protection Policy Report) if you have instructed your credit card company to charge back the disputed item. Buyers that go though their credit card company to dispute a charge may have their membership suspended.
- Buyers can use Buyer/Seller Communication on an unlimited basis.

Seller Quality Rating

As a Buyer, it is up to you to accurately classify the level of service provided by a Seller. Buyers are given an opportunity to leave feedback for Sellers that they have had a purchasing experience with. This feedback is made in the form of a rating scale with associated comments. All future Buyers who visit the Web site can view these ratings and comments. The following scale applies:

5 Stars - Excellent
4 Stars - Very Good
3 Stars - Good
2 Stars - Fair
1 Stars - Poor

Buyers may not use the Seller rating system as a forum for personal assaults on individual Sellers. We are looking for critiques of the purchased item that reflect on the Seller's rating of the item's quality and other purchase-related themes. Providing accurate feedback regarding your own purchasing experiences is important to our process of rating our Sellers and so to your overall shopping experience at