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Selling Books

Selling Back Textbooks

Selling your used books to gets you top dollar and enables us to pass the savings on to you and other students. The more used books we have on our site, the more opportunities you have to save money. Period.

1. See How Much You Can Get for Your Books:

Click Sell Textbooks from anywhere on the site. Enter in up to 8 ISBN's of any books you want to sell at a time and click "Search". We'll tell you if we can buy your books and how much we'll pay for each one (provided they meet our standards). Each quote is good for 7 business days.

2. Sell Your Books:

To accept our offer, you'll need to submit a Buyback order. Follow the steps listed above, check the "Add to Buyback List" for each book you want to sell, and then submit your Buyback order. You will be required to provide us with your shipping address and an email address. Payment for buybacks will be sent to the address you have listed. The check will be made out to the name listed on the Full Name line of the shipping address. Once your Buyback order is submitted, we'll display your Buyback Confirmation Number. Be sure to print out two copies of this page and include one when you ship us your books. The other will be for your own records.

Most importantly we pay for shipping. At checkout, we provide you a link to a postage-paid mailing label!

Please make sure to follow the mailing instructions as outlined on the mailing label provided in order to properly pack and ship your items. Important: Pack your books carefully so they are not damaged in transit.

3. Send Us Your Books

Your books must be postmarked within 7 days from the date you submitted your Buyback Order to guarantee the quoted buyback price. If you do not send your books to us within 7 days, your Buyback Order will automatically expire and you will need to submit a new order. Buyback prices change as book demand changes.

Be sure you've included a printed copy of your Buyback Confirmation. Attach the completed Buyback mailing label to your package, then drop it in any collection box, give it to your postal carrier, or take it to your local or campus post office.

Books are frequently the most lost or damaged item the post office handles. Because of this, cannot be responsible to provide any compensation to you if your shipment is indeed lost or damaged in transit. We strongly recommend that you take your package to the Post Office and purchase insurance and/or delivery confirmation to prevent any financial loss on your end. It is a small price to pay to cover your property!

Seller Payment Policy

We'll send you a check once we receive your books and verify that they meet our standards. (Unacceptable books will not be returned.)Buyback processing may take 2 to 3 weeks from the date your books are received. During end of semester seasons where buybacks occur more frequently, payments may be issued outside of the normal processing period. Books sold via our buyback program cannot be returned under any circumstance.

Our Pricing

The price we offer for a used book is based on its future value. The most important determining factor is whether a book is being reused from semester to semester. Demand for the book and how many copies we currently have in stock also determine value. The earlier you sell back your books, the more they're worth and the more likely it is that we'll buy them.

Book Conditions

A used book is considered in good condition even when it contains highlighting, margin notes, or other markings (with the exception of study guides, which must be clean). Items listed on our "Sell Textbook" page as package editions must arrive with all items intact, or will not be accepted. Books must be generally clean in appearance with no torn pages and with the cover and spine in tact.

Making Changes To Your Order

If you want to make changes to your order before sending us your books, please submit a new Buyback order. Your original order will automatically expire after 7 days, so there is no need to cancel it. Be aware that if the books you send us don't match the books listed on your Buyback Confirmation, your check will be delayed.

When Things Go Wrong

As long as you drop your books in the mail within 7 days, your prices are guaranteed. If you don't make it to the post office in time, just submit a new Buyback order (see "Making Changes to Your Order"; above). If we receive books on an expired order we'll do our best to buy them and cut you a check, but they will be subject to the current buyback prices.

Any books received that can't be sold (due to poor condition, because they were mailed after the 7 day required postmark deadline, or because the book received was different than the book listed on your buyback order) will be destroyed. We DO NOT accept teacher editions, instructor editions, international editions, and other like editions.

Buybacks that are received with items missing from what is expected will be processed in our system as received. Missing items will be deleted from the buyback and payment will be issued only for the items received. If you feel that items may have been lost in transit, please contact our Buyback Specialist at for further information.

Selling on the Marketplace

In addition to selling you book back to us directly, you can list an item on the Marketplace and it will apper on our website for the price of your choosing. Please see the Marketplace Help section for more details.