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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Virtual Bookstore Program?

If you ever have questions about an order, need help with our website, or have suggestions to improve our services, our Customer Service department is available Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm EST. Extended Customer Service hours are usually available at the start of each school year or semester. Please click here to email us or contact us by telephone at 1-877-284-6744.

How do I check on my order?

We want our customers to be informed about the status of their orders. Along with emails that are sent at specific order stages, you can always see how your order is progressing in our system by logging in to the My Account section of our website. To check your order status, click on the My Account link at the top of any page and enter your email address and password information. If you do not remember your password, use the Forgot Your Password link to have your password sent to your email address.

Once logged in to your account, click on the My Orders tab to view all of your recent orders. By clicking on the order number of your purchase, we provide you with a list of the items, and their current status in our system. An explanation of this status is provided at the bottom of every order. For orders that have shipped, we will provide you with your UPS tracking number or USPS delivery confirmation number so that you may track the status of your delivery.

*If you have purchased an eBook from our website, your subscription information on this item is listed in the My eBooks tab under your Account. From the My eBooks tab, you can view your subscription time period, or click on a link to access your eBook.

*Once you have rented a book from our company, additional information about your rented item is available by clicking on the Manage Rentals/Returns tab once logged in to your account. From this page you will see the current rental due date, the option to extend your rental period, or the option to purchase your rented text, should you wish to keep the book. We also have additional linked information that explains how to return your textbook rental at the end of the rental period.

What is your return policy?

We always hope that our customers are satisfied with their purchases. If for any reason you need to return an item, you may do so by following our return instructions. Items must be returned in the condition in which they were received within 30 days (30 days from ship date or start of classes, this varies by school). Shrink-wrapped items cannot be returned if the wrapping is broken unless the items are defective. We will not accept items for return with open diskette or CD-ROM packages with broken seals, or access codes/cards that have been opened.

To return an item for a refund, please go the Virtual Bookstore website for your school and sign into My Account and click on Manage Rentals/Returns then Return an Item for a Refund to see a full list of all items that are eligible for return. Choose the quantity next to each book that you wish to return, indicate the reason for return in the drop-down menu, review the Return Totals and select Print Label & Complete Return to submit your information. Be sure to print out your label (if you chose the pre-paid UPS shipping label) and packing slip to include with your return shipment; we will use this to correctly and quickly process your return once it is received. If the return period has passed, the books will not show as eligible. You can contact Customer Service at or 1-877-284-6744 for assistance.

*Purchases made through the Virtual Bookstore Marketplace cannot be returned to our Distribution Center for processing. If you need to return a Marketplace purchase for any reason, this must be worked out with the seller of the item. You may contact the seller for instructions by logging in to the My Account section of our website. The seller contact link will be displayed on your order below the item title.

*VitalSource and eCampus eBook purchases may be considered for a refund only when the purchase has been made within the previous 10 days and less than 20% of the content has been viewed or printed. Also, supplements that might be included with a new textbook purchase such as DVDs, CD ROMs, Study Guides, passkeys to alternate websites, etc, are usually not included when you select the eBook version of the text, so this would not be grounds for a return or refund. Contact our Customer Service department to ask if a refund may be possible.

*eBook information sent via email which provides a redemption code or log-in information to a publisher website may be eligible for a refund only if we can verify the product has not been used and/or the publisher allows access to be removed or disabled. Contact our Customer Service department to ask if a refund may be possible.

*iBooks are not returnable/refundable.

*Printed access cards if you are accessing an eBook after logging into a website using a code provided on a printed access card, that card is not refundable or returnable if the code has been exposed or scratched off or if the card has been opened. The card must be in the same New condition it was in when shipped to you and is subject to the same 30 day return period that applies to books.

*When selecting the rental option for a textbook, you will select a rental return date. The rental return date will appear on your order confirmation as well as in the order details displayed in the "My Account" section of the Virtual Bookstore website. By placing your rental order with the Virtual Bookstore, you agree to use the Virtual Bookstore's online rental returns process and to return the rented merchandise to us using the printable, prepaid UPS shipping label that is provided as part of that process. Failing to use the Virtual Bookstore's online rental returns process and/or the provided shipping label may result in you not getting credit for your rental return. To return a rental, please go to the Virtual Bookstore website for your school and sign into My Account and click on Manage Rentals/Returns then Manage or Return My Rentals and follow the prompts through the process to Ship my Rental Back for Free or Extend or Purchase my Rental.

*To return a rental, please go the Virtual Bookstore website for your school and sign into My Account and click on Manage Rentals/Returns then Manage or Return My Rentals and follow the prompts through the process to Ship my Rental Back for Free or Extend or Purchase my Rental.

*You are responsible for remembering the rental return date and returning the rental to us within the timeframe specified. If your return is not tracking in the UPS package system by the rental return date, additional fees will be assessed.

How do I find a book for my class?

We want your shopping experience to be as easy as possible. When searching for books on your Virtual Bookstore, we've tried to make this even easier by listing your books under your course information. Click Order Textbooks on your school's storefront, then select the correct term/session in the drop-down menu. Match classes in the list to your student schedule, choose Select next to each of your courses and then choose View Textbooks on the right of the screen.

From these selections you will have a display of your classes, and the required or recommended books for each class. If the instructor has any special notes, requirements or additional materials that are needed, they will be listed with your course information. Select the type of items you'd like to purchase (new, used, rental, ebook based on availability) and add them to your shopping cart. It's just that easy!

We may also carry apparel, or other merchandise items for your school or organization. Links to these items are available on the storefront. Additionally many storefronts will include search options to allow you to search for books or other materials.

What is my account password?

Your password is needed to access the My Account section of our website, or to log in to place an order. If you ever forget your account password, please use the Forgot My Password link and provide us with your email address. We will then email you your account password.

How do I create an account?

When you place your first order on our website, an account will be created in our system. To create this account, simply select the items you wish to purchase and add them to your shopping cart. On the checkout screen choose the Express Checkout/Checkout as Guest option on the screen. You will be asked to provide an email address and password along with your billing and shipping address, shipping preference and payment information.

If you have had financial aid or student account money transferred from your school or organization to help pay for textbook purchases, an account will be created for you. You should receive communication from your school, or from our company providing you with the email address and password for your account. This account is most often created under your school or organization email.

What payment methods do you accept?

We offer several different payment options during the checkout process to better suit your needs. Each of the options offered are detailed below.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards for all online purchases. We also accept any debit card that is issued with one of the above four company logos. When an order is placed in our system, we will authorize and bill your credit or debit card when the order is placed. If you have additional questions about how authorizations affect your account balance, please contact your financial institution.

Debit or Credit Card information may be stored in your account to allow for faster ordering in the future. We want your purchases to remain secure; each time you purchase on our site while using stored credit card information you will still be required to provide us with the CVV number and card expiration date. If at any time you would like to update your credit card information, or remove it from the saved information on your account, you may do so in the My Account section of our website.

Financial Aid - if your school has made Financial Aid available for you to use, it can be applied at the Payment Option screen as you go through Checkout. You must be signed into My Account using the email address the school assigned the funds to for the dollars to be available/accessible. If you are renting books with Financial Aid, you will be required to provide a credit/debit card with an expiration date beyond the rental due date as collateral this card would only be charged if the rental book does not come back on time and in saleable condition.

Check or Money Order

A check or money order may be mailed to our offices to process an order for shipment. We will not ship this order until the check or money order has been deposited and cleared our financial institution. In order to process your order request, we will need the following information submitted with your payment:

* Your name plus a Contact Email and Phone Number
* Shipping Address
* Printout from Virtual Bookstore website showing books you need add them to the cart and then Proceed to Checkout through the Shipping Options page so you will see total amount due books plus shipping. Then go back to cart and print out that page (s) and send with your order so we know what to order for you.
Please Note: you cannot rent books when paying by check or money order unless you also provide a credit/debit card as collateral (it will only be charged if books are not returned or come back in unsaleable condtion).

If the total on your order is not correct for any reason, it may delay the processing of your order request. After you have your complete total, please send all of your information to our office address below.

Virtual Bookstore Order Department
2373 Palumbo Drive
Lexington, KY 40509

Purchase Orders

Not all Virtual Bookstores may have this option. Please see your Virtual Bookstore for available options or call 1-877-284-6744 for Customer Service.

At, we allow our shoppers to pay through purchase order agreements. If you haven't already established an account with us, you'll first need to print out this form and fax it to the Bulk Sales Department at 859-514-6812. Once your account is set up, you simply fill out our order form and choose the Purchase Order payment option.

For privately funded Agencies/Companies, use this Credit Application.

For Government/State Funded Agencies, use this Credit Application.

Bill Me Later*

Bill Me Later is the quick, easy, secure way to buy online or over the phone without using your credit card. You do not need to complete an application or get approval prior to shopping. To request a Bill Me Later account, simply select Bill Me Later at checkout. A separate page will appear in which you: 1) verify the billing address you've already provided the merchant, 2) supply your date of birth and the last four digits of your Social Security Number for verification purposes, 3) Review and agree to the E-sign Consent, and 4) review and approve the Bill Me Later Terms and Conditions to request a Bill Me Later account.

Once you've signed up, your Bill Me Later account can be used anywhere it is accepted. You will receive a monthly statement listing all of your purchases.

For more information regarding Bill Me Later, please visit their website at


PayPal is a safe and easy way to make a secure online payment. It allows online shoppers to enter and store credit card and billing information in one place, thereby eliminating the need to store and update this information on multiple sites.

On the Payment page, select PayPal as your method of payment. You will be redirected to PayPal's web site to confirm the financial details of the transaction or create an account if you don't have an existing one. Once you confirm your payment via PayPal, you will return to to finish placing your order.

Why aren't you buying back my book?

We do our best to buy back a wide range of books and items on our website. On occasion we may not be offering to purchase a book or item. If we are not buying your item, it's most likely because of one of three reasons: 1) This item is not being re-used at your school, or is not an in-demand item across the nation, 2) This item is a study guide or work book that cannot be sold as used, or is a teacher's or international edition. 3) The item is currently overstocked on our shelves.

The best time to sell your books back to us is at the end of each term. When you sell back your books during finals week, or shortly after, you're guaranteed to get the best price we can offer. If you try to sell a book to us in the middle of a semester and we aren't buying it, try back at the end of the term.

*As an alternative, we also offer our customers the ability to name their own selling price, and list their items through The Marketplace. To learn more about selling your items through this venue, please visit our help desk section for The Marketplace.

Why was I billed when my order hasn't shipped?

Our company policy is to charge your chosen method of payment once your order has been placed through our site. If your order should be cancelled for any reason a refund will be processed to your chosen payment method within 24-48 business hours, depending on your card issuer's policy, it may take 3-7 business days to appear on your account.

If you ever find a transaction on your account that you may feel is fraudulent, we ask that you first log in to the My Account portion of our website to verify that the order or charge did not come from a valid order placed in our system. If you do not recognize the order or charge, please alert our Customer Service department and your financial institution.