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The Marketplace

What is The Marketplace*

Not all Virtual Bookstores may have this option. Please see your Virtual Bookstore for available options or call 1-877-284-6744 for Customer Service.

The Marketplace is a peer-to-peer venue that may be added to your school’s Virtual Bookstore should the school wish to do so. This allows for additional textbook purchasing options. Items sold in the Virtual Bookstore Marketplace are done so by third-party individuals, bookstores and volume sellers. The process of purchasing a book from a Marketplace seller is just like buying any other book or item on the Virtual Bookstore. If a book is available as a Marketplace purchase, a link to the seller details will be available to you. Click on this link and you will be taken to the Marketplace listings.

Marketplace purchases differ slightly from other purchases made through your Virtual Bookstore storefront and shipped by Marketplace sellers are expected to confirm order requests and shipments within no more than three business days from your order. If shipment confirmation is not provided within this timeframe, you will be notified of the cancellation of your marketplace order request.

Please note: any free shipping promotions that may be offered at your school do not include Marketplace items/orders.

Marketplace Buyer Protection Policy

The Marketplace powered by attempts to present all potential Buyers with a marketplace environment that gives all relevant information regarding a products condition and description before a purchase is made. There may be times when a purchased item does not meet the Buyers expectation. To protect all customers who purchase from a Marketplace Seller, we offer a Buyer Protection Policy. Every Marketplace Buyer is covered under the Buyer Protection Policy for the first $50 of their purchase, subject to the guidelines below.

What Happens if I have a problem?
If you, as a Buyer, have a problem with a purchase, you must first contact the Seller through the Buyer/Seller Communication function if one or more of the following conditions exist:

  • You never received the item.
  • An item is "materially different" from the way it was rated - A item is materially different if it is damaged, or varies more than two (2) condition descriptions below its listed condition. To learn more about quality conditions, please consult the Seller Pricing and Quality Rating Policy.
  • An item is shipped to you incorrectly - i.e. you order one item and get another.

How do I use Buyer/Seller Communication?
To use Buyer/Seller Communication, log into your Virtual Bookstore Account and click the order number under which the transaction took place. Clicking on the seller name that appears near the book title will allow you to send an email to this seller. Please be as clear as possible in your email to the seller the reason for your communication about the order.

Once you have completed this process there are several possible outcomes:

  • If the problem has been resolved, the transaction is considered complete.
  • If the Buyer is to be refunded, the Virtual Bookstore Program will issue a refund approximately 10 days after Buyer/Seller Communication has been completed, if all of the Guidelines listed below are met.
  • In some cases the Buyer may need to return the item to the Seller. The Seller will either swap the item with you or will authorize a refund upon receipt of the returned item.
  • If the problem has not been resolved, you will need to file a Buyer Protection Report.

What are the Guidelines of Buyer/Seller Communications?
You must attempt to resolve your problem with the Seller through Buyer/Seller Communication before you submit your Buyer Protection Report. While there may occasionally be problems, most problems are simple misunderstandings. In addition, you may not initiate Buyer/Seller Communication (or submit a Buyer Protection Policy Report) if you have instructed your credit card company to charge back the disputed item. Buyers that go though their credit card company to dispute a charge may have their membership suspended.

What are the Guidelines for the Buyer Protection Policy?

  • You must wait 20 days from the date of your order to submit your Buyer Protection Report because, in rare instances, items will take somewhat longer to arrive due to shipping carrier delays and other factors beyond the Seller's control.
  • You have a maximum of 60 days from the date of your order to file a Buyer Protection Policy Report.
  • Buyers are limited to filing one Buyer Protection Report per month with a lifetime maximum of three Buyer Protection Reports. There is a $50 per item limit on the Buyer Protection Policy.
  • Buyers are limited to filing a Buyer Protection Report for Sellers that are not rated, or who have a rating of 3.0 or better.

What happens if I submit my Buyer Protection Report to
If the Buyer has followed the Guidelines of the Buyer/Seller Communication, the Virtual Bookstore Program will contact the Seller to give them another chance to resolve the problem. The Virtual Bookstore Program may also contact the Buyer for more information. In most circumstances, the Seller and Buyer will be able to resolve the problem. If the problem cannot be resolved a refund may be issued at the discretion of the Virtual Bookstore Program. Refunds will be issued to the original credit card used for the transaction. Refunds will appear on your credit card statement in accordance with the rules and regulations of your credit card issuer.

What if the item is not "materially different", but I disagree with the Seller's rating of the item?
We provide detailed guidelines to Sellers for rating the quality of the items they list on the Virtual Bookstore Program. You cannot submit a Buyer Protection Report for items that are not materially different from the seller rating.

Unless there is a material discrepancy between what the Seller offered and what the Buyer received (incorrect item, misrepresented condition, etc.), all returns to the Seller are at the sole discretion of the Seller and must be agreed to by the Seller in advance of the return. Buyers must initiate this contact through Buyer/Seller Communication. Any return compensation is solely between the buyer and the seller, eCampus has no part of the return process.

The only other form of recourse that the Buyer would have at this point would be in the form of ratings that the Buyer may choose to leave for the Seller.

Deception and fraud will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Attempts to abuse the Buyer Protection Policy will be investigated very seriously. reserves the right to suspend the membership of any Buyer or Seller we feel has attempted to commit fraud by misusing this policy for his or her own personal gain. also reserves the right to with hold payment from the Seller, debit the Seller's checking account, or charge a Seller's credit card in order to recover damages related to fraud. In addition, abuse of this policy is a criminal offense and violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Marketplace Seller Ratings

Buyers are given an opportunity to leave feedback for Sellers that they have had a purchasing experience with. This feedback is made in the form of a rating scale with associated comments. All future Buyers who visit the Web site can view these ratings and comments. The following scale applies:

  • 5 Stars - Excellent
  • 4 Stars - Very Good
  • 3 Stars - Good
  • 2 Stars - Fair
  • 1 Stars - Poor

Buyers may not use the Seller rating system as a forum for personal assaults on individual Sellers. We are looking for critiques of the purchased item that reflect on the Seller's rating of the item's quality and other purchase-related themes. Providing accurate feedback regarding your own purchasing experiences is important to our process of rating our Sellers and so to your overall shopping experience at the Virtual Bookstore Program.

The Virtual Bookstore Program is not legally responsible for the remarks that users post on its site, even if those remarks are defamatory. provides its seller ratings as a place where users can express their opinions, and will not censor these opinions, or investigate the remarks for accuracy. However, there are a few limited circumstances where will remove ratings:

  • Ratings that contains any link to another page, picture, or JavaScript.
  • The Seller rating contains profane or vulgar language, or adult material. Inflammatory language, such as "fraud, liar, cheater, scam artist, con man" etc. is strongly discouraged.
  • Ratings that contains personal identifying information about a user, including real name, address, phone number, or e-mail address.
  • Ratings that makes any reference to an or law enforcement organization investigation, i.e., " is investigating this person".
  • If is provided with a valid court order finding that the disputed feedback is slanderous, libelous, defamatory or otherwise illegal, or with a settlement agreement resolving such a lawsuit submitted by both attorneys and signed by both parties, will remove the disputed feedback.
  • will also accept a ruling from a certified dispute resolution service if a signed settlement agreement, overseen by the certified dispute resolution service, is submitted.

Members are permitted to leave feedback for Sellers up to ninety (90) days after the confirmation date of the referenced order. Feedback left after ninety days will be subject to review and possible deletion by