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Histology : A Text and Atlas,9780781751247
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Histology : A Text and Atlas



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    Histology A Text and Atlas
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This updated Fourth Edition best-selling text and atlas is refined in several ways. Many chapters are completely revised, and nearly half the photographs are new. There are approximately 189 atlas plates, and over 70 new illustrations. Textboxes read as Clinical Correlation or Functional Correlation, and in the text, emphasis is placed on functional integration with increased coverage of cell and molecular biology. The sentence headings and four-color art have been retained from the previous edition. The Fourth Edition now also comes packaged with an interactive image bank which includes all of the high-quality images found in the text.

Table of Contents

Prefacep. vii
Acknowledgmentsp. ix
Methodsp. 2
Overview of Methods Used in Histologyp. 2
Tissue Preparationp. 3
Histochemistry and Cytochemistryp. 5
Microscopyp. 11
The Cellp. 18
Overview of Cell Structurep. 19
Cytoplasmp. 19
Membranous Organellesp. 20
Nonmembranous Organellesp. 45
Nucleusp. 60
Cell Renewalp. 68
Cell Cyclep. 68
Cell Deathp. 72
Tissues: Concept and Classificationp. 78
Overview of Tissuesp. 78
Epitheliump. 79
Connective Tissuep. 80
Muscle Tissuep. 80
Nerve Tissuep. 81
Identifying Tissuesp. 84
Epithelial Tissuep. 86
Overview of Epithelial Structure and Functionp. 87
Classification of Epitheliump. 88
Cell Polarityp. 90
The Apical Domain and Its Modificationsp. 90
The Lateral Domain and Its Specializations in Cell-to-Cell Adhesionp. 96
The Basal Domain and Its Specializations in Cell-to-Extracellular Matrix Adhesionp. 104
Glandsp. 111
Histogenesis of Epitheliump. 114
Epithelial Cell Renewalp. 116
Atlas Plates
Connective Tissuep. 126
General Structure and Function of Connective Tissuep. 126
Embryonic Connective Tissuep. 128
Connective Tissue Properp. 128
Connective Tissue Fibersp. 131
Ground Substancep. 139
Extracellular Matrixp. 139
Connective Tissue Cellsp. 141
Atlas Plates
Adipose Tissuep. 156
Overview of Adipose Tissuep. 156
White Adipose Tissuep. 156
Brown Adipose Tissuep. 160
Cartilagep. 164
Overview of Cartilagep. 164
Hyaline Cartilagep. 164
Elastic Cartilagep. 169
Fibrocartilagep. 169
Histogenesis, Growth, and Repair of Hyaline Cartilagep. 170
Atlas Plates
Bonep. 180
Overview of Bonep. 180
Bones and Bone Tissuep. 181
General Structure of Bonesp. 182
Cells of Bone Tissuep. 186
Bone Formationp. 193
Biologic Mineralization and Matrix Vesiclesp. 200
Physiologic Aspects of Bonep. 201
Fractures and Bone Repairp. 201
Atlas Plates
Bloodp. 214
Overview of Bloodp. 214
Plasmap. 215
Erythrocytesp. 217
Leukocytesp. 221
Plateletsp. 229
Formation of Blood Cells (Hemopoiesis)p. 231
Bone Marrowp. 240
Atlas Plates
Muscle Tissuep. 246
Overview and Classification of Musclep. 246
Skeletal Musclep. 248
Cardiac Musclep. 262
Smooth Musclep. 265
Atlas Plates
Nerve Tissuep. 282
Overview of the Nervous Systemp. 283
Composition of Nerve Tissuep. 283
The Neuronp. 284
Supporting Cells of the Nervous Systemp. 293
Origin of Nerve Tissue Cellsp. 303
Organization of the Peripheral Nervous Systemp. 303
Organization of the Central Nervous Systemp. 311
Response of Neurons to Injuryp. 313
Atlas Plates
Cardiovascular Systemp. 326
Overview of the Cardiovascular Systemp. 326
General Features of Arteries and Veinsp. 327
Arteriesp. 328
Capillariesp. 338
Arteriovenous Shuntsp. 340
Veinsp. 341
Heartp. 343
Lymphatic Vesselsp. 347
Atlas Plates
Lymphatic Systemp. 356
Overview of the Lymphatic Systemp. 356
Lymphatic Cellsp. 357
Lymphatic Tissues and Organsp. 368
Atlas Plates
Integumentary Systemp. 400
Overview of the Integumentary Systemp. 400
Layers of the Skinp. 401
Cells of the Epidermisp. 405
Structures of the Skinp. 411
Atlas Plates
Digestive System I: Oral Cavity and Associated Structuresp. 434
Overview of the Digestive Systemp. 434
Oral Cavityp. 435
Tonguep. 437
Teeth and Supporting Tissuesp. 440
Salivary Glandsp. 454
Atlas Plates
Digestive System II: Esophagus and Gastrointestinal Tractp. 474
Overview of the Esophagus and Gastrointestinal Tractp. 475
Esophagusp. 478
Stomachp. 480
Small Intestinep. 491
Large Intestinep. 501
Atlas Plates
Digestive System III: Liver, Gallbladder, and Pancreasp. 532
Liverp. 532
Gallbladderp. 548
Pancreasp. 551
Atlas Plates
Respiratory Systemp. 568
Overview of the Respiratory Systemp. 568
Nasal Cavitiesp. 569
Pharynxp. 573
Larynxp. 573
Tracheap. 575
Bronchip. 579
Bronchiolesp. 580
Alveolip. 583
Blood Supplyp. 590
Lymphatic Vesselsp. 590
Nervesp. 590
Atlas Plates
Urinary Systemp. 602
Overview of the Urinary Systemp. 603
General Structure of the Kidneyp. 604
Kidney Tubule Functionp. 616
Interstitial Cellsp. 622
Histophysiology of the Kidneyp. 623
Blood Supplyp. 624
Lymphatic Vesselsp. 625
Nerve Supplyp. 626
Ureter, Urinary Bladder, and Urethrap. 626
Atlas Plates
Endocrine Organsp. 642
Overview of the Endocrine Systemp. 642
Pituitary Gland (Hypophysis)p. 644
Pineal Glandp. 653
Thyroid Glandp. 655
Parathyroid Glandsp. 659
Adrenal Glandsp. 661
Atlas Plates
Male Reproductive Systemp. 682
Overview of the Male Reproductive Systemp. 683
Testisp. 683
Spermatogenesisp. 690
Seminiferous Tubulesp. 696
Intratesticular Ductsp. 701
Excurrent Duct Systemp. 702
Accessory Sex Glandsp. 706
Semenp. 710
Penisp. 710
Atlas Plates
Female Reproductive Systemp. 726
Overview of the Female Reproductive Systemp. 727
Ovaryp. 728
Uterine Tubesp. 742
Uterusp. 743
Placentap. 751
Vaginap. 755
External Genitaliap. 757
Mammary Glandsp. 758
Atlas Plates
Eyep. 788
Overview of the Eyep. 788
General Structure of the Eyep. 788
Microscopic Structure of the Eyep. 792
Atlas Plates
Earp. 820
Overview of the Earp. 820
External Earp. 821
Middle Earp. 821
Internal Earp. 824
Atlas Plates
Indexp. 843
Table of Contents provided by Rittenhouse. All Rights Reserved.

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