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History of Education in America,9780131705463
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History of Education in America



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  • History of Education in America
    History of Education in America
  • History of Education in America
    History of Education in America
  • The History and Social Foundations of American Education
    The History and Social Foundations of American Education


This popular book provides future teachers a solid foundation in the history of American education, from its roots in European tradition, through the colonial period, to the challenges of the twenty-first century. Redesigned to highlight historical information throughout the book.Here are all of the important people, places, dates, events, and movements; along with a capsule presentation of the underlying principles of educational practice and straightforward, nonjudgmental coverage of all of the current controversies within our educational system.For future teachers.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Applying History to Education Todayp. 1
Overviewp. 2
The Examination of Social Forcesp. 2
The Link Between Educational Theory and Historyp. 4
Schooling in an Age of Change, as Revealed Through the Pastp. 5
Society and Education: Schools and the Communities They Servep. 8
World Events That Disrupt Educationp. 8
Historical Roots of U.S. Educationp. 9
Cultural Influences on Educationp. 10
Accelerating Rate of Changep. 11
Change Fueled by Inventionp. 11
Ogburn Model of Adjustment to Changep. 12
Social Darwinismp. 12
Cultural Lagp. 13
Core Valuesp. 14
A Myriad of Valuesp. 15
Focus on the Issues: Cultural Diversityp. 16
How You Can Use This Textp. 16
History and Purposes of Educational Historyp. 17
Reconsidering History from New Evidencep. 17
The Study of Educational Historyp. 18
Differing Points of Viewp. 19
Influence of Recent Changesp. 20
Intellectual Backgroundp. 20
Force of Medieval Traditionp. 20
Impact of the Renaissancep. 21
Impact of Scientific Thinkingp. 21
Significance of Religious Revolutionsp. 22
American Colonists: Conservatism and Changep. 23
Focus on the Issues: Judging the Importance of Historical Eventsp. 24
Then to Nowp. 24
The History of Curriculump. 24
The Spirit of Inquiry and Dissemination of Knowledgep. 25
Identifying Currents of Thought Through Historyp. 25
Changing World Conditionsp. 26
Why the Past Illuminates Todayp. 27
Look to the Evidencep. 27
How Does the History of Education Apply to Educators Today?p. 27
Gaining Perspective Through Critical Analysisp. 28
History in Action in Today's Classroomsp. 28
Bibliographyp. 28
Shaping the Schools: Philosophical and Psychological Foundationsp. 31
Focus on the Issues: Philosophical Divisionsp. 33
Introduction to Educational Philosophyp. 34
Schools of Educational Philosophyp. 35
No Neat and Tidy Boxesp. 35
Drawn from Many Sourcesp. 35
Slow and Homogeneous Developmentp. 37
Philosophical Theory: Originsp. 38
Idealismp. 39
Realismp. 41
Modern Realismp. 42
Perennialismp. 43
Pragmatismp. 43
Social Reconstructionismp. 48
Essentialismp. 50
Should Schools Exit?p. 56
Humanismp. 51
Analytic Philosophy of Educationp. 52
Protest Philosophiesp. 53
Behaviorismp. 53
Existentialismp. 55
Should Schools Exist?p. 56
Postmodernismp. 57
Chaos Theoryp. 58
Social and Futures Philosophyp. 58
Philosophy and Technologyp. 61
Psychology and Educational Theoryp. 62
Psychology and Learning: Historical Developmentp. 63
Structuralismp. 66
Functionalismp. 66
Connectionist Psychology or Associationismp. 66
Behaviorismp. 67
Focus on the Issues: Behavior Modificationp. 68
Gestaltp. 69
Modern Developmental Psychology and Stage Theoryp. 69
Other Contributions to Educational Psychologyp. 72
Then to Nowp. 73
Educational Goalsp. 74
The Goal of Citizenshipp. 74
Agreement on Educational Policyp. 75
Focus on the Issues: International Terrorismp. 76
Gaining Perspective Through Critical Analysisp. 77
History in Action in Today's Classroomsp. 78
Bibliographyp. 78
American Education: Our European Heritage and the Colonial Influencep. 81
Colonial Melting Potp. 84
Religious Sectarianismp. 85
Social Class in the Colonial Environmentp. 86
The Southern Coloniesp. 87
Focus on the Issues: Spelling and the Curriculump. 88
Tutorial Schoolsp. 90
Old Field Schoolsp. 90
Dame Schoolsp. 91
Secondary and Higher Educationp. 91
Charity Educationp. 91
The Middle Coloniesp. 92
Denominational Influencep. 93
Academiesp. 94
Latin Grammar Schoolsp. 94
Common Schoolsp. 94
Higher Educationp. 95
The New England Coloniesp. 95
Puritan Philosophyp. 95
Educational Conditionsp. 97
Latin Schools and College Programsp. 98
Religious Cyclesp. 99
Then to Nowp. 100
Puritan Valuesp. 100
Multidimensional Valuesp. 102
Historical Perspectivep. 103
Gaining Perspective Through Critical Analysisp. 104
History in Action in Today's Classroomsp. 104
Bibliographyp. 104
American Education: The American Revolutionp. 107
Democratic Idealsp. 108
Changes in Colonial Culturep. 109
The Shift in the Colonial Mindp. 110
Locke's Influencep. 110
Comeniusp. 110
Impact of European Movementsp. 111
Colonial Liberalismp. 112
Educational Changes in the Later Colonial Periodp. 113
The War and Afterp. 114
Sway of Independencep. 115
Efforts of Educational Foundersp. 115
Freedom of Religionp. 115
National Universityp. 116
Plans for a National Systemp. 116
Revolutionary Period Educational Leadershipp. 116
Noah Websterp. 116
Thomas Jeffersonp. 117
Early Government Proposalsp. 118
Early National Legislationp. 118
State Effortsp. 118
Other Educational Movementsp. 119
Monitorial Schoolsp. 119
Sunday Schoolsp. 119
Free School Societiesp. 119
School Ideas and the Curriculump. 120
New Materialsp. 120
Then to Nowp. 121
A National System Fails to Win Approvalp. 121
Financing State Systems and Testing Controversiesp. 121
Establishing National Standardsp. 122
Local Power Versus State Controlp. 123
Local Power Versus Federal Controlp. 123
Federal Education Actsp. 124
Focus on the Issues: Divided We Standp. 125
Formation of the U.S. Department of Educationp. 125
Political Attacks on Educational Institutionsp. 126
Educational Artifacts and Technology: No Steady Historyp. 127
The Role of History of Educationp. 128
Gaining Perspective Through Critical Analysisp. 129
History in Action in Today's Classroomsp. 129
Bibliographyp. 129
American Education: 1812-1865p. 131
Social, Political, and Economic Trendsp. 133
Common School Idealp. 133
Focus on the Issues: Teacher Qualifications in Frontier Schoolsp. 134
Impact of the Industrial Revolutionp. 134
Education and the Industrial Revolutionp. 135
Public School Supportp. 136
Nationalizationp. 137
Frontier Impactp. 137
First State Programsp. 138
Age of the Common School Revivalp. 138
State Funds and State Lawsp. 139
Curriculum Improvementp. 140
Graded Primary Schoolsp. 140
Birth of the American High Schoolp. 141
Higher Education Before the Civil Warp. 141
Dartmouth College Casep. 142
State Universitiesp. 142
New Programs and Reforms at State Universitiesp. 142
Technical Schoolsp. 143
Adult Education and Cultural Improvementp. 143
Morrill Actp. 144
American Educational Leadershipp. 144
Political Leadersp. 144
Literary Supportp. 146
Professional Educatorsp. 146
Carterp. 146
Mannp. 146
Barnardp. 147
European Influencesp. 148
Infant Schoolsp. 148
Kindergartensp. 148
European School Modelp. 149
European Educational Theoryp. 149
Rousseaup. 149
Basedowp. 150
Pestalozzip. 150
Froebelp. 151
Growth of Academiesp. 151
Normal Schools and Institutesp. 152
Educational Opportunity for Womenp. 152
Focus on the Issues: Opportunities for Womenp. 153
Minority Educationp. 154
Then to Nowp. 155
Assimilationp. 155
Equality Not Gainedp. 155
Desegregationp. 155
The Immigration Effectp. 157
Implementing Equality for Minorities and Students with Speical Needsp. 158
Gaining Perspective Through Critical Analysisp. 160
History in Action in Today's Classroomsp. 160
Bibliographyp. 160
American Education: 1865-1918p. 163
Modern-Day Differencesp. 164
Compulsory Attendancep. 164
Technology in the Classroomp. 164
Stimulus for Change in Educationp. 166
Inhibited Development of Education in the Southp. 166
Southern Collapsep. 167
African-American Educationp. 167
Hoar Billp. 168
Blair Billp. 168
Philanthropyp. 168
Southern Associationsp. 168
National Affairs and Progressp. 169
Industrial Exploitationp. 169
Agricultural, Population, and Vocational Changesp. 170
The Public School Idealp. 171
The American Public High Schoolp. 171
Kalamazoo Casep. 171
Curriculump. 172
Standardizing Associations and the National Education Associationp. 173
Committee of Tenp. 173
Accreditationp. 174
Cardinal Principlesp. 174
Reorganizationp. 175
Vocational and Industrial Educationp. 175
Smith-Hughes Actp. 176
Parochial and Private Educationp. 177
Oregon Casep. 177
Higher Educationp. 178
Colleges and Universitiesp. 178
New University Modelp. 178
Professional Schoolsp. 179
Curriculum Changesp. 179
Minority and Prejudicep. 180
Schools and Colleges for Minority Groupsp. 180
Focus on the Issues: Sanchez Encounters Prejudicep. 181
Native-American Schoolsp. 182
Teacher Educationp. 182
Sheldon and the Oswego Movementp. 183
University Departments of Educationp. 184
Development of Educational Philosophyp. 185
Harrisp. 185
Parkerp. 185
Herbartp. 186
American Herbartianismp. 186
Protest Against Rigid Systemsp. 187
Then to Nowp. 188
Social and Educational Problems from Warp. 188
Concepts and Values, by Generation, 1920 to Todayp. 189
Changes in Basic Valuesp. 191
Gaining Prespective Through Critical Analysisp. 192
History in Action in Today's Classroomsp. 192
Bibliographyp. 193
Development of Modern American Education After 1918p. 195
Major Educational Changesp. 196
National Unity Through Educationp. 196
Changes in Education, Mid-1900s to Todayp. 197
Availability of Educational Materials; Lifelong Learningp. 198
Social, Political, and Economic Influencep. 199
Focus on the Issues: Divergent Viewsp. 200
Evolution of the Modern Institutional Structurep. 201
Elementary Programsp. 202
The School Surveyp. 203
Consolidationp. 203
Junior High and Middle Schoolsp. 205
High Schoolsp. 206
Higher Educationp. 208
Minority Womenp. 208
Junior or Community Collegesp. 210
School Finance and Controlp. 211
Local and State Controlp. 211
School Financep. 212
Federal Participation in Educationp. 213
Support for Industrial and Vocational Educationp. 214
New Deal Actsp. 215
Wartime Measuresp. 215
National Defense Education Actp. 216
Experiments and Innovations in the Twentieth Centuryp. 216
Progressive Educationp. 217
Progressive Education Association (PEA)p. 217
Extended School Usep. 218
Influence of Experimental Programsp. 219
Progressive Educators and Their Criticsp. 219
Life Adjustment Educationp. 220
Critics of Progressive Influencep. 221
Then to Nowp. 221
Inquiry-Based Instructionp. 222
Mastery Learningp. 222
Individual Contractingp. 222
Differentiated Staffingp. 223
Flexible Schedulingp. 223
Individualized Instructionp. 223
Open Classroomsp. 223
Team Teaching and Nongraded Schoolsp. 223
Gaining Perspective Through Critical Analysisp. 224
History in Action in Today's Classroomsp. 224
Bibliographyp. 225
American Education: 1960-2000p. 227
Academic Freedom and the Educational Professionp. 229
Focus on the Issues: Teacher Education: Pedantic Pedagogyp. 231
Alternative Teacher Trainingp. 231
Field Experiencep. 232
Continuing Professional Educationp. 233
Philosophy and Accountabilityp. 234
Elementary and Secondary Education Actp. 235
Federal Involvementp. 236
New Methodsp. 237
Critics Outside the Professionp. 237
Innovationsp. 238
The Internetp. 239
Recent Growthp. 240
A New Century-The Twenty-Firstp. 241
Assessmentp. 241
IDEAp. 242
Then to Nowp. 243
Special Assistancep. 244
Gaining Perspective Through Critical Analysisp. 245
History in Action in Today's Classroomsp. 245
Bibliographyp. 246
Educational Reform After 1980: The Search for Excellencep. 249
The Great American Educational Reform Movementp. 250
Reform Agendasp. 251
A Nation at Riskp. 253
Educational Policyp. 254
The Business Modelp. 255
The Paideia Proposalp. 257
Boyer, Goodlad, and Sizerp. 258
Comment and Criticismp. 260
School Effectivenessp. 261
Time-on-Taskp. 262
Educational Goalsp. 262
Reform Initiatives in States and Citiesp. 264
Local Reform Initiativesp. 266
Financial Crunchp. 267
Gramm-Rudman Hollings Actp. 268
Focus on the Issues: Educational Reform: Past and Presentp. 270
Rebuilding Versus Restructuringp. 270
Volunteerismp. 272
Achieving Excellence in Teacher Educationp. 273
Status of Teachersp. 273
A Trend of Negative to Positive Factorsp. 274
School Crime/Violencep. 275
Changes in Teacher Educationp. 276
Five-Year Programs and the Holmes Groupp. 278
Reform in Educational Administrationp. 280
Information Accessp. 281
Business Modelp. 282
Special Needsp. 282
Administration and the Lawp. 283
The Search for Excellence Continuesp. 284
Gaining Perspective Through Critical Analysisp. 285
History in Action in Today's Classroomsp. 285
Bibliographyp. 285
Issues in Modern American Educationp. 291
Litigation: The Courts and Problems of Educationp. 294
Religion and Public Schoolsp. 294
Focus on the Issues: Church and Statep. 295
Attendance and Religionp. 296
Religion and Public Fundsp. 297
Evolutionp. 298
Vouchersp. 299
Involuntary Segregationp. 300
The Brown Decision on Segregationp. 301
De Facto Segregationp. 302
Affirmative Actionp. 303
Litigation and Equality of Opportunityp. 304
Focus on the Issues: Languagep. 305
Other Significant Court Casesp. 306
In Loco Parentisp. 307
Single-Sex Schoolsp. 308
Historical Overview of U.S. Educational Criticsp. 308
Critics, 1950-1960sp. 309
Critics, 1970-1990sp. 309
Modern Criticsp. 310
No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB)p. 310
Critics with Other Viewpointsp. 311
The School as Agency for Social Actionp. 312
Assessment and Accountabilityp. 314
Laws and Lawsuits Focused on Accountabilityp. 315
Competency Tests for Teachersp. 316
Curriculum Concernsp. 317
Curriculum Innovations and Methodsp. 319
Competency-Based Training and Performance Contractingp. 319
Issues of Inclusionp. 320
Educating the Exceptional Childp. 320
Public Law 94-142p. 320
Funding Special Educationp. 321
Benefits of PL 94-142: Is It Working?p. 322
Accessible Educationp. 322
Increased Funding and Earlier Identificationp. 322
Fostering Giftednessp. 323
Multicultural and Bilingual Educationp. 324
Cultural Awareness Educationp. 325
Teaching Transcultural Valuesp. 326
The Changing Role of Women in Educationp. 326
Taking Sides Today and Tomorrowp. 328
Gaining Perspective Through Critical Analysisp. 330
History in Action in Today's Classroomsp. 330
Bibliographyp. 331
Globalization, Trends, and Gaining Perspectivep. 335
Focus on the Issues: Globalizationp. 339
World Interdependencep. 340
Focus on the Issues: Rapid Changep. 342
Future Trendsp. 342
Gaining Perspective Through Critical Analysisp. 346
History in Action in Today's Classroomsp. 346
Bibliographyp. 347
General Annotated Bibliographyp. 351
Glossaryp. 359
Indexp. 365
Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.

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