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ManageFirst Customer Service with Pencil/Paper Exam and Test Prep



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Prentice Hall

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This particular guide is a brief competency guide which is focused on Customer Service. Designed to provide trainees with marketable management skills for a career within the Culinary Arts and Foodservice industryThe NRAEF is introducing a new program as part of its strategic focus on recruitment and retention. This new management training certification program is based on a set of competencies defined by the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry as those needed for success. NRAEF ManageFirst Program leads to a new credential, ManageFirst Professional (MFP), which is part of our industry career ladder. This competency-based program includes 12 topics, each with a competency guide, exam, instructor resources and certificate. Trainees earn a certificate for each exam passed. Packaged with this book, is also a NEW! Exam Prep Guide.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1        The Importance of Customer Service to Your Business


  • What the Customer Buys
  • What is Customer Service
  • Impact of Customer Service
  • Making a Positive Impression
  • Completing the Cycle


Chapter 2        Basic Concepts for Higher Quality Customer Service


  • Who Is the Customer?
  • High-Quality Customer Service
  • Systems Management Approach
  • The Service-Profit Chain


Chapter 3        Identifying Customer Expectations


  • Identifying Internal Customer Expectations
  • Determining External Customer Expectations
  • Obtaining Feedback from Internal and External Customers


Chapter 4        Ensuring Consistent Customer Service Value


  • Proper and Effective Communication with the Customer
  • Guest Satisfaction Through Suggestive Selling
  • Managing the Pace and Flow of Service
  • Service Recovery


Chapter 5        Ensuring Profit


  • Proper Procedures for Accepting Payment
  • Security Issues Dealing with Credit or Debit Card Payments
  • Point-of-Sales Issues Affecting Profit
  • To-Go, Delivery, and Drive-Through Orders


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