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  • 12 Books You Didnít Know Were Based Off True Stories

    February 14th, 2018

    12 Books You Didn’t Know Were Based Off True Stories Here’s a list of books you might not have known were actually based on true stories and events! Ranging from heartwarming to downright bone chilling, these books are sure to give you a run for your money!   1.† A Long Way Gone by Ishmael […]

  • 12 Amazing Ideas For a Hunger Games Book Night

    February 12th, 2018

    12 Amazing Ideas for a Hunger Games Book Night It’s time to grab your tracker jacker repellent and bow and arrows!† If you are looking for a Hunger Games themed book night, then look no further. We have the cornucopia of ideas for all your tribute needs! Even the capitol would be impressed! May the […]

  • Books Hitting the Big Screen in 2018

    January 22nd, 2018

    A lot of amazing books are hitting the big screen this year. Make sure to check out all these exciting new feature films and TV series heading your way this 2018! You can pick up a copy of these books from to alleviate your wait for these films! † A Wrinkle in Time by […]

  • Thanks, College.

    December 28th, 2017

    Common real-world skills we learned at college, in or out of the classroom. Parallel parking: If youíre from the city this might not apply to you, or if you donít have a car. For those of us from the suburbs or country with a car on campus, we learned to parallel park soon after arriving […]


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