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  • Delaying Graduation is Okay…I Promise

    May 18th, 2017

    The day I found out I would not graduate on time is forever ingrained in my memory. I sat there, listening to my academic adviser tell me I needed an extra semester or two for finishing my degree. My heart dropped. I was in such disbelief about delaying graduation, I began laughing in response. My […]

  • Transferring Schools: Should you, or Shouldn’t you?

    May 8th, 2017

    Transferring schools. If these two words are causing an internal struggle, I’m here to help ease your decision fatigued brain. While transferring schools is a big step and should be carefully considered, I’ve laid out some of the largest reasons to consider and created a simple method for deciding. The Pros and Cons to Transferring […]

  • Don’t Regret Missed Opportunities

    May 4th, 2017

    “Don’t regret missed opportunities!” The number of times I’ve heard some version of this phrase throughout my four years as an undergraduate is immeasurable. For a while, this phrase seemed about as cliche as any. I understood what it meant, but I didn’t quite understand the gravity of the saying until this past semester. Four […]

  • Internship Scams: Protecting Yourself from Thieves

    April 27th, 2017

    As you get further into your college career, you may find yourself looking for more practical experience outside of the classroom setting. One of the best ways to obtain this experience is through an internship. Working as an intern in a professional environment is a wonderful way to learn while earning experience future employers will […]


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