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Sharing Power for Development : Experiences in Local Governance and Decentralisation



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Decentralization and good local governance are often identified as necessary precursors to effective pro-poor development work. In this publication, the authors examine case studies from the work of Swiss development organization Helvetas and its local partners in the Philippines, Cameroon, Mali, Vietnam and Guatemala to show how context specific initiatives have driven greater decentralization and more effective local governance. It also describes how these experiences can be built upon to influence national policy and legislative reform for decentralization and governance.

Table of Contents

Executive summaryp. 3
Glossaryp. 4
Referencesp. 8
Figuresp. 12
Tablesp. 12
Forewordp. 13
Introductionp. 14
Why decentralise? - Potentials and Limitationsp. 14
When to engage in a process of decentralisation and local governance?p. 15
How to engage in decentralisation and local governance?p. 15
The roles of civil society, private sector and the state in local governancep. 16
Forms of decentralisationp. 17
What is the approach of Helvetas? - Helvetas' positioningp. 18
Case Studies from Asia, Africa and Central America - an overviewp. 20
Case Study Philippinesp. 23
Backgroundp. 21
Challenges of decentralisation in the Philippinesp. 21
Programme background and approachp. 22
Resultsp. 24
Lessons Learnedp. 26
Case Study Cameroonp. 29
Backgroundp. 27
Assessment of the decentralisation process in Cameroonp. 27
Approach and processesp. 28
Results and lessons learnedp. 30
Case Study Malip. 35
Backgroundp. 33
Assessment of the decentralisation process in Malip. 33
Approach and processesp. 33
Results and lessons learnedp. 34
Case study Vietnamp. 39
Backgroundp. 37
Challenges of the decentralisation process in Vietnamp. 37
Approach and processesp. 38
Results and lessons learnedp. 40
Looking beyond the current programmep. 41
Case study Guatemalap. 45
Backgroundp. 43
Assessment of the decentralisation process in Guatemalap. 43
Approach and processesp. 44
Resultsp. 45
Lessons learned and challengesp. 45
Five case studies in overviewp. 47
Main issues and conclusionsp. 49
Main issues and conclusionsp. 49
Outlookp. 52
Footnotesp. 55
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