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what's an ISBN?

What is an ISBN?


Trouble finding the ISBN?


If you cannot locate your book's ISBN on the outside of the book, open the front cover and look on the page immediately following the title page. This should be the copyright page and will include information about the copyright date, the author and publisher. The ISBN should be in the middle or at the bottom of that page.


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What is Textbook Rental?

Even though has the largest selection of cheap college textbooks, not all students want to buy their textbooks. The Rent and Return Textbook Program by is a cheaper alternative to buying school books. You don't own the book, you are simply borrowing it from for a low fee and returning it to us with free shipping. With thousands of new textbooks, used textbooks, eTextbooks and now the option to rent textbooks, you are sure to find the option that best fits your needs. If a book is available for rental, the rental option will appear on the right side of the textbook in addition to New, Used, Marketplace, and eBooks.

What are Etextbooks?

Etextbooks or ebooks are downloadable electronic textbooks enhanced with features like high-speed searching and electronic note-taking. These etextbooks contain the same content as a print textbook. We now have over one hundred thousand electronic textbooks and electronic books available for download. eTextbooks are environmental friendly as every ebook sold is one less tree used for a print textbook. They are a cheaper, environmental alternative for college textbooks. Download any of these etextbooks or ebooks instantly and tell your friends you have environmental books!

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We have long been trusted to offer the largest and cheapest selection of discount books and discount textbooks on the internet. Whether you are looking for new or used books, discount high school or college textbooks, or even electronic textbooks, is the place to shop. offers the absolute widest online selection of textbook alternatives including purchasing new, used and digital textbooks from directly; buying from sellers on our student marketplace, or simply renting your textbooks for the semester. You are also able to sell your used books through our textbook buyback program. Why would you shop anywhere else for your books?