201 Ready-To-Use Word Games for the English Classroom

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  • Copyright: 2001-10-15
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Stimulating, reproducible word games make it fun for students in grades 7-12 to learn and review word origins, vocabulary, spelling, literary devices, authors and their works, and other language skills.

Author Biography

Jack Umstatter, a master English teacher with over 25 years' experience, is a multiple winner of the Teacher of the year award. He currently teaches in Cold Spring Harbor, New York and Oakdale, New York. He is the author of numerous teacher resources such as Brain Games and Hooked on English! Both published by the Center for Applied research in Education. Mr. Umstatter lives in Islip, NY.

Table of Contents

About This Resource ix
Section I The Roots and Limbs of Our Language 1(28)
Roots and Prefixes
word building
``Root'' inely Matching Up the Words
word building
Prefix Word Find
recognizing prefixes
The Power of Prefixes
word building
Picking and Choosing Word Parts
word building
A Host of Roots and Prefixes
recognizing prefixes
Digging Up the Roots
roots puzzle
Building Words
word building
It's All in the Numbers
numerical prefixes
Avoiding Twitdom!
British words
I Say Old Chap!
British words and terms
Some Gifts from the French
French contributions
Are You Wise to Edelweiss?
German contributions
Can a Bambino Take a Gondola into the Blue Grotto?
Italian contributions
Italian Foods and Drinks
Italian culinary terms
Latin Words and Phrases
Latin words and phrases
Owsdr Morf Het Pshsina
Spanish contributions
Tell Me Where You're From!
words from many countries
Do as the Romans Do
Roman numerals
Crazy Eights
word building
Grab Bag
word building
Nouns Sharing the Same Adjective
common adjectives
Odds and Evens
creating words
A Score of Words
words inside words
How a Greenhouse Became a Tinsmith
word building
We Need Al!
finding letter combinations
Section II The Tools of Communication 29(32)
Match Them with Their Mates
male-female equivalents
``...Lend Me Your Ears''
familiar threesomes
Break a Leg!
common expressions
The Colorful World of Words
expressions containing colors
Is This Your Achilles' Heel?
expressions containing body parts
Unscrambling Proverbs
doublespeak expressions
More Doublespeak
doublespeak expressions
As Easy as Pie!
Have You Met My Better Half?
Cleo, Queen of Cliches
The News Reports: Hank Smith Leads a Dog's Life!
How Am I Supposed to Take That?
words with multiple meanings
Words with Multiple Meanings
words with multiple meanings
The Last Shall Be First and the First Shall Be Last
word recognition
No If's, And's, or But's...
word building
The Dents That Cost
words ending in ``-dent''
Golly Gee! The G's Have Got It!
words beginning with ``g''
Double Your Pleasure
words with double letters
Drop That Letter Right Now!
I'll Drink to That!
words ending with ``-ade''
How Proud!
Words Worth Their Weight in Gold
words containing ``au''
Lucky Sevens
Silent First Letters
words beginning with silent letters
You Will Start It...U Will End It
words ending with ``u''
Section III The World Around You 61(40)
The Human Body
word building
Body Parts Maze
constructing the names of body parts
Words You Can Taste
names of foods
Words Good Enough to Eat
names of foods
Match Their Mates
animal names
Ferret Out These Answers!
A Band of Gorillas
animal group names
For the Birds
bird names
The Parade of Instruments
musical instruments
A World of Nations
expressions containing nationalities
The Roads That Are Taken
Places in Names
cities, states, and countries
The States' Abbreviations (Part One)
The States' Abbreviations (Part Two)
Little Venice in South America
geographical names
The Sporting Life
sports terms
A Tree Is a Tree Is a Tree?
names of trees
The Four Math Operations
words containing math terms
The World of Mathematics
math terms
A Number of Things
definitions and expressions
Land Formations
names of land formations
It's Elementary, My Dear Watson!
chemical elements
It's All in the Stars!
Sizing Up Your Science Sense
names of sciences
A Meaty Issue
names of meats
The Presidents' Roundup
U.S. Presidents
The United States
U.S. states
U.S. Presidents
U.S. Presidents
A Capital Trip
U.S. State Capitals
Where Am I?
U.S. Cities
Rhyming with Historical Figures
famous historical figures
The In Crowd
You Are a Part of Me
parts of a group
The Odd-Man Out
parts of a group
What Do We Have in Common?
parts of a group
Follow the Letter Word Grid
Words with the Suffix-ology
the suffix ``-ology''
Section IV The Land of Literature 101(22)
Do You Have the Midas Touch?
famous literary characters
American Writers' Word Find
American authors
Onomato What???
onomatopoeic words
Swish, Boom, Bam!
onomatopoeic words
Don't Read These Books!
banned books
Objection! I Want That Book Banned Right Now!!
objectionable or banned books
The Food of Literature
foods in literary titles
Forms of Literature
literary genres
The Terms of Theatrical Productions
theatrical terms
Literary Rhyme Time
rhyming words
The Tools of Poetry
poetic terms
Unscrambling Poetic Terms
poetic terms
More Poetic Terms
poetic terms
The Poets' Place
Popular Magazines
names of magazines
Literary Titles in French
French literary titles
Biblically Speaking
Biblical personalities
Quotable Quotes
famous quotes
Royalty in Literary Titles
royalty quotes
Shakespeare's Famous Thirteen
Shakespeare's plays
Section V Making Language Work for You 123(32)
Bet on a Tie
sentences, fragments, run-ons
An Even Dozen
sentences, fragments, run-ons
Direct Me to Your Object!
direct objects
The Plane Flew-----the Clouds
A Score of Adverbs for the Taking
Wearing Different Hats
parts of speech
Two by Two by Two by Two by Two ...
parts of speech
Grandma Knows Grammar!
grammatical terms
The Verb's the Word
How Irregular!
irregular verbs
``The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming!''
sentence subjects
``I Done Good!''
Is It He and I or He and Me?
pronoun usage
``Don't Say, `Each Girl Has Their Purse.'''
Capital Letters
capital letters
Don't Don't Repeat Repeat Yourself Yourself
The / pro nun se a shan / uv / wurds
word pronunciation
A Letter from Camp
words often confused
Which Word Is Right?
words often confused
When to Cite the Site and Allude to the Illusion
words often confused
Those Confusing Words!
words often confused
Is this Done Formally or Formerly?
words often confused
Is a Bicycle Stationary or Stationery?
words often confused
Homonyms---Knowing When to Use What
Haven't I Heard That Before?
Find the Other Word
words often confused
A Confusing Crossword Puzzle
words often confused
Are You Adept Enough to Adapt?
words often confused
Section VI Taking the Tests by the Horns 155(24)
A Bevy of B's
words beginning with ``b''
From A to Z
Are You Indifferent to Anarchy?
Racking Up on the S.A.T.
The E--Z Puzzle
Fit to a ``T''
words beginning with ``t''
Success on the Standardized Tests
S.A.T. Word Unscrambling
Many Ways to Say Happy
A Shelter's Safety
Paradise in Other Words
Friend or Foe or No Connection?
Great Hangman Words
Same or Opposite?
S.A.T. Analogy Questions
S.A.T. Analogies Matchup
S.A.T. Completions...The Definitions
sentence completions
S.A.T. Sentence Completions...Completing the Idea
sentence completions
S.A.T. Sentence Completions...Reversing the Idea
sentence completions
Unscrambled Meats Become Steam!
word unscramblings
When a Word Becomes a Ward
word recognition
Section VII Just Plain Fun 179(42)
And the Category Is ...
Big and Small
names, words and expressions
Building Blocks Contest
word building
Can You Make a Willow Wallow?
Catching Some Z's
words containing double z combinations
Combining Words
word building
A Common Letter
word building
Cutting Words Down
word recognition
Fun with Words
word recognition
Hidden Words
finding words in sentences
The Initials Game
famous people
Just Horsin' Around
word building
The Letter Lineup
finding words
Looking for Some Fun?
words containing the letters ``fun'' in them
The Months of the Year
months' abbreviations in words
Move Along, Little Letter!
Old Age Is In!
word building
No P's Please!
word recognition
A Page of Sins
word building
Sdrawkcab Sdrow
words and their reversed spellings
Some More of a Number of Things
definitions and expressions
There's a Lie in Every One of These!
words containing the ``lie'' combination
Words from Well-Known People
``x'' Marks the Spot
words containing the letter ``x''
The Ear Exam
rhyming word pairs
Rhymin' Simon
rhyming word pairs
George Washington
the first U.S. President
Our Sixteenth President
Abraham Lincoln
The President's Residence
U.S. Presidents
Words Having Men's Names in Them
words containing men's names
Hidden Girls' Names
girls' names
Girls' Names in Other Words
girls' names
Get a Job!
names of famous people
Geoffrey Who?
names of famous people
Have a Whale of a Time with These Men
words containing the word ``men''
``Don't Be so Curt, Curt!''
first names and their meanings
Common Last Names
famous people
Sports Celebrities
famous names in sports
Answer Keys 221

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