Adolescent Psychotherapy Homework Planner

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  • Edition: 5th
  • Format: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2014-03-17
  • Publisher: Wiley
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This guide contains 146 ready-to-use, between-session assignments designed to fit virtually every therapeutic mode. Featuring new and updated assignments and exercises that coordinate with evidence-based treatment, the assignments found in this reference are grouped by behavioral problems including academic underachievement, anger management, depression, social phobia, and sexual abuse. An accompanying CD-ROM allows clinicians to customize the assignments to fit a particular client need or treatment situation. The companion CD-ROM is not included as part of the e-book file, but is available for download after purchase.

Table of Contents

Section 1 - Academic Underachievement

Exercise 1.A Attitudes about Homework
Exercise 1.B Break It Down Into Small Steps
Exercise 1.C Good Grade/Bad Grade Incident Reports

Section 2 - Adoption

Exercise 2.A My Child’s Search for Birth Parents
Exercise 2.B Beginning a Search for Birth Parents
Exercise 2.C Questions and Concerns Around Being Adopted
Exercise 2.D Some Things I’d Like You to Know…
Exercise 2.E Considering a Search for Birth Parents

Section 3 - Anger Management

Exercise 3.A Anger Checklist
Exercise 3.B Anger Control
Exercise 3.C Stop Yelling

Section 4 - Anxiety

Exercise 4.A Finding and Losing Your Anxiety
Exercise 4.B What Makes Me Anxious
Exercise 4.C Tools for Anxiety
Exercise 4.D Worry Time
Exercise 4.E Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Section 5 - Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Exercise 5.A Channel Your Energy in a Positive Direction
Exercise 5.B Evaluating Medication Effects
Exercise 5.C Problem-solving Exercise
Exercise 5.D Social Skills Exercise
Exercise 5.E Getting It Done

Section 6 - Autism/Pervasive Developmental Disorder

Exercise 6.A Managing the Meltdowns
Exercise 6.B Moving Toward Independence
Exercise 6.C Progress: Past, Present, and Future
Exercise 6.D Progress Survey

Section 7 - Blended Family

Exercise 7.A Assessing the Family – Present and Future
Exercise 7.B A Few Things About Me
Exercise 7.C Stepparent and Sibling Questionnaire
Exercise 7.D Interaction as a Family

Section 8 - Chemical Dependence

Exercise 8.A Saying Goodbye to My Drug
Exercise 8.B Welcome to Recovery
Exercise 8.C Keeping Straight
Exercise 8.D Taking Your First Step
Exercise 8.E The Many Changes Necessary for Recovery

Section 9 - Conduct Disorder/Delinquency

Exercise 9.A Catch Your Teen Being Responsible
Exercise 9.B Headed in the Right Direction
Exercise 9.C How My Behavior Hurts Others
Exercise 9.D Letter to Absent or Uninvolved Parent
Exercise 9.E Patterns of Stealing

Section 10 - Depression

Exercise 10.A Bad Thoughts Lead to Depressed Feelings
Exercise 10.B Becoming Assertive
Exercise 10.C Home, School, and Community Activities I Enjoyed
Exercise 10.D Overcoming Helplessness and Hopelessness
Exercise 10.E Surface Behavior/Inner Feelings
Exercise 10.F Three Ways to Change the World
Exercise 10.G Unmet Emotional Needs – Identification and Satisfaction

Section 11 - Divorce Reaction

Exercise 11.A Impact of Parents’ Separation/Divorce
Exercise 11.B Initial Reaction to Parents’ Separation
Exercise 11.C My Thoughts, Feelings, and Beliefs About Divorce
Exercise 11.D Stop the Fighting

Section 12 - Eating Disorder

Exercise 12.A Fears Beneath the Eating Disorder
Exercise 12.B Reality: Food Intake, Weight, Thoughts, and Feelings
Exercise 12.C Plan and Eat a Meal
Exercise 12.D Body Image

Section 13 - Grief/Loss Unresolved

Exercise 13.A Create a Memory Album
Exercise 13.B Grief Letter
Exercise 13.C Honoring the Anniversary of the Loss
Exercise 13.D Memorial Collage
Exercise 13.E Moving Closer to Resolution

Section 14 - Low Self-Esteem

Exercise 14.A Maintaining Your Self-esteem
Exercise 14.B Recognizing Your Abilities, Traits, and Accomplishments
Exercise 14.C Three Ways to Change Yourself
Exercise 14.D Three Wishes Game

Section 15 - Mania/Hypomania

Exercise 15.A Action Minus Thought Equals Painful Consequences
Exercise 15.B Clear Rules, Positive Reinforcement, Appropriate Consequences
Exercise 15.C Medication Resistance
Exercise 15.D Mood Disorders Symptom List

Section 16 - Medical Condition

Exercise 16.A Attitudes About Medication or Medical Treatment
Exercise 16.B Coping with a Sibling’s Health Problems
Exercise 16.C Coping with Your Illness

Section 17 - Mental Retardation

Exercise 17.A Activities of Daily Living Program
Exercise 17.B Hopes and Dreams for Your Child
Exercise 17.C Supportive Services for Your Child
Exercise 17.D A Sense of Belonging

Section 18 - Negative Peer Influences

Exercise 18.A Choice of Friends Survey
Exercise 18.B I Want to be Like…
Exercise 18.C Reasons for Negative Peer Group Involvement

Section 19 - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Exercise 19.A Decreasing What You Save and Collect
Exercise 19.B Refocus Attention Away from Obsessions and Compulsions
Exercise 19.C Thought-Stopping

Section 20 - Oppositional Defiant

Exercise 20.A Switching from Defense to Offense
Exercise 20.B If I Could Run My Family
Exercise 20.C Filing a Complaint
Exercise 20.D Changing School Rules
Exercise 20.E Cooperative Activity

Section 21 - Panic/Agoraphobia

Exercise 21.A Panic Attack Rating Form
Exercise 21.B Panic Survey

Section 22 - Parenting

Exercise 22.A One-on-One
Exercise 22.B Evaluating the Strength of Your Parenting Team
Exercise 22.C Parenting Report Card
Exercise 22.D Parents Understand the Roots of Their Parenting Methods
Exercise 22.E Transitioning from Parenting a Child to Parenting a Teen

Section 23 - Peer/Sibling Conflict

Exercise 23.A Negotiating a Peace Treaty
Exercise 23.B Cloning the Perfect Sibling
Exercise 23.C How Parents Respond to Sibling Rivalry
Exercise 23.D Why I Fight with My Peers

Section 24 - Physical/Emotional Abuse Victim

Exercise 24.A Identify the Nature of the Abuse
Exercise 24.B Letter of Empowerment
Exercise 24.C My Thoughts and Feelings
Exercise 24.D Take the First Step
Exercise 24.E Self-esteem Before, During, and After Abuse

Section 25 - Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Exercise 25.A Describe Your PTSD Symptoms
Exercise 25.B Describe the Trauma and Your Feelings
Exercise 25.C Effects of Chronic or Long-term Trauma/Stress
Exercise 25.D Impact of Frightening or Dangerous Event

Section 26 - Psychoticism

Exercise 26.A Describe Your Hallucinations
Exercise 26.B My Irrational Thoughts
Exercise 26.C Recognizing Early Warning Signs

Section 27 - Runaway

Exercise 27.A Undercover Assignment
Exercise 27.B Home by Another Name
Exercise 27.C Airing Your Grievances
Exercise 27.D Another Place to Live
Exercise 27.E Describe Life on the Run

Section 28 - School Violence

Exercise 28.A Plan and Evaluate a Family Activity
Exercise 28.B Reasons for Rage
Exercise 28.C School Violence Incident Report

Section 29 - Sexual Abuse Perpetrator

Exercise 29.A Getting Started
Exercise 29.B Your Feelings and Beyond
Exercise 29.C Celebrity Style Interview
Exercise 29.D Evaluating My Treatment Progress

Section 30 - Sexual Abuse Victim

Exercise 30.A Denial Within the Family
Exercise 30.B Letter of Forgiveness
Exercise 30.C My Story
Exercise 30.D Negative Effects of the Abuse
Exercise 30.E Perpetrator Apology to the Victim
Exercise 30.F You Are Not Alone

Section 31 - Sexual Acting Out

Exercise 31.A Pros and Cons of Having Sex
Exercise 31.B Connecting Sexual Behavior with Needs
Exercise 31.C Looking Closer at My Sexual Behavior

Section 32 - Sexual Identity Confusion

Exercise 32.A Disclosing Homosexual Orientation
Exercise 32.B Parents’ Thoughts and Feelings About Son/Daughter’s Sexual Orientation
Exercise 32.C Unsure

Section 33 - Social Phobia/Shyness

Exercise 33.A Developing Conversational Skills
Exercise 33.B Greeting Peers
Exercise 33.C Observe Positive Social Behaviors
Exercise 33.D Show Your Strengths

Section 34 - Specific Phobia

Exercise 34.A Finding a Strategy to Minimize My Fear
Exercise 34.B School Fear Reduction
Exercise 34.C Gradual Exposure to Fear

Section 35 - Suicidal Ideation

Exercise 35.A No Self-Harm Contract
Exercise 35.B Painful Effects of Suicide
Exercise 35.C Past and Present Hurt – Hope for the Future
Exercise 35.D Symbols of Self-worth

APPENDIX:  Alternate Assignments for Presenting Problems

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