American Destiny: Narrative of a Nation, Concise Edition, Volume 1 (to 1877) (Second printing)

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  • Copyright: 2008-01-01
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With the political history of the nation as its organizational framework, American Destiny: Narrative of a Nation describes the development and growth of the United States as the product of the myriad actions, ideas, and forces of the immense variety of individuals and groups who together comprise the American people. In richly detailed prose, the book examines the political, social, economic, and cultural developments that have shaped America. This elegantly written concise text offers a lower-priced alternative to traditional American history survey textbooks, with the benefit of full-color maps and images. Book jacket.

Author Biography

Mark C. Carnes, Ann Whitney Olin Professor of History Barnard College, Columbia University John A. Garraty Gouverneur Morris Professor of History, Emeritus Columbia University

Table of Contents

Mapsp. xv
Graphsp. xvii
Feature Essaysp. xix
Re-Viewing the Past
Debating the Past
Prefacep. xxi
Supplements for Instructors and Studentsp. xxv
About the Authorsp. xxviii
Prologue: Beginningsp. 1
First Peoplesp. 2
The Demise of the Big Mammalsp. 2
The Archaic Period: A World Without Big Mammalsp. 4
The First Sedentary Communitiesp. 5
The Maize Revolutionp. 7
The Diffusion of Cornp. 9
Population Growth After 800p. 9
Cahokia: The Hub of Mississippian Culturep. 10
The Collapse of Urban Centersp. 12
Eurasia and Africap. 13
Europe in Fermentp. 14
Alien Encounters: Europe in the Americasp. 17
Sightingsp. 18
Columbus's Greatest Triumph-and Errorp. 18
Spain's American Empirep. 21
Extending Spain's Empire to the Northp. 23
Disease and Population Lossesp. 25
Ecological Imperialismp. 25
Spain's European Rivalsp. 27
The Protestant Reformationp. 28
English Beginnings in Americap. 29
The Settlement of Virginiap. 30
"Purifying" the Church of Englandp. 33
Bradford and Plymouth Colonyp. 35
Winthrop and Massachusetts Bay Colonyp. 36
Troublemakers: Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinsonp. 39
Other New England Coloniesp. 41
Pequot War and King Philip's Warp. 41
Maryland and the Carolinasp. 42
French and Dutch Settlementsp. 44
The Middle Coloniesp. 45
Cultural Collisionsp. 47
Cultural Fusionsp. 49
American Society in the Makingp. 52
Settlement of New Francep. 53
Society in New Mexico, Texas, and Californiap. 54
The English Prevail on the Atlantic Seaboardp. 56
The Chesapeake Coloniesp. 57
The Lure of Landp. 57
"Solving" the Labor Shortage: Slaveryp. 58
Prosperity in a Pipe: Tobaccop. 59
Bacon's Rebellionp. 61
The Carolinasp. 63
Home and Family in the Southp. 65
Georgia and the Back Countryp. 66
Puritan New Englandp. 68
Puritan Women and Childrenp. 69
Visible Puritan Saints and Othersp. 70
Democracies Without Democratsp. 71
The Dominion of New Englandp. 72
Salem Bewitchedp. 74
A Merchant's Worldp. 76
The Middle Colonies: Economic Basisp. 77
The Middle Colonies: An Intermingling of Peoplesp. 80
The Best Poor Man's Countryp. 82
The Politics of Diversityp. 82
Becoming Americansp. 84
America in the British Empirep. 86
The British Colonial Systemp. 87
Mercantilismp. 89
The Navigation Actsp. 90
The Effects of Mercantilismp. 92
The Great Awakeningp. 93
The Rise and Fall of Jonathan Edwardsp. 96
The Enlightenment in Americap. 97
Colonial Scientific Achievementsp. 99
Repercussions of Distant Warsp. 100
The Great War for the Empirep. 102
Britain Victorious: The Peace of Parisp. 105
Burdens of an Expanded Empirep. 106
Tightening Imperial Controlsp. 108
The Sugar Actp. 110
American Colonists Demand Rightsp. 111
The Stamp Act: The Pot Set to Boilingp. 112
Rioters or Rebels?p. 114
Taxation or Tyranny?p. 115
The Declaratory Actp. 116
The Townshend Dutiesp. 117
The Boston Massacrep. 118
The Pot Spills Overp. 120
The Tea Act Crisisp. 121
From Resistance to Revolutionp. 122
The American Revolutionp. 126
The Shot Heard Round the Worldp. 127
The Second Continental Congressp. 129
The Battle of Bunker Hillp. 129
The Great Declarationp. 130
1776: The Balance of Forcesp. 134
Loyalistsp. 136
Early British Victoriesp. 137
Saratoga and the French Alliancep. 139
The War Moves Southp. 142
Victory at Yorktownp. 143
Negotiating a Favorable Peacep. 145
National Government Under the Articles of Confederationp. 147
Financing the Warp. 150
State Republican Governmentsp. 152
Social Reformp. 153
Effects of the Revolution on Womenp. 155
Growth of a National Spiritp. 157
The Great Land Ordinancesp. 158
National Heroesp. 160
The Federalist Era: Nationalism Triumphantp. 162
Inadequacies of the Articles of Confederationp. 163
Daniel Shays's "Little Rebellion"p. 164
To Philadelphia, and the Constitutionp. 165
The Great Conventionp. 166
The Compromises That Produced the Constitutionp. 168
Ratifying the Constitutionp. 171
Washington as Presidentp. 173
Congress Under Wayp. 175
Hamilton and Financial Reformp. 176
The Ohio Country: A Dark and Bloody Groundp. 180
Revolution in Francep. 181
Federalists and Republicans: The Rise of Political Partiesp. 182
1794: Crisis and Resolutionp. 183
Jay's Treatyp. 184
1795: All's Well That Ends Wellp. 185
Washington's Farewellp. 186
The Election of 1796p. 187
The XYZ Affairp. 189
The Alien and Sedition Actsp. 190
The Kentucky and Virginia Resolvesp. 191
Jeffersonian Democracyp. 194
Jefferson Elected Presidentp. 195
The Federalist Contributionp. 196
Thomas Jefferson: Political Theoristp. 197
Jefferson as Presidentp. 199
Jefferson's Attack on the Judiciaryp. 200
The Barbary Piratesp. 201
The Louisiana Purchasep. 202
The Federalists Discreditedp. 206
Lewis and Clarkp. 207
The Burr Conspiracyp. 209
Napoleon and the Britishp. 211
The Impressment Controversyp. 212
The Embargo Actp. 213
Jeffersonian Democracyp. 216
National Growing Painsp. 218
Madison in Powerp. 219
Tecumseh and Indian Resistancep. 220
Depression and Land Hungerp. 222
Opponents of Warp. 222
The War of 1812p. 224
Britain Assumes the Offensivep. 227
"The Star Spangled Banner"p. 228
The Treaty of Ghentp. 230
The Hartford Conventionp. 231
The Battle of New Orleansp. 232
Victory Weakens the Federalistsp. 233
Anglo-American Rapprochementp. 234
The Transcontinental Treatyp. 235
The Monroe Doctrinep. 236
The Era of Good Feelingsp. 238
New Sectional Issuesp. 240
The Missouri Compromisep. 241
The Election of 1824p. 244
John Quincy Adams as Presidentp. 246
Calhoun's Exposition and Protestp. 246
The Meaning of Sectionalismp. 248
Toward a National Economyp. 250
Gentility and the Consumer Revolutionp. 251
Birth of the Factoryp. 252
An Industrial Proletariat?p. 253
Lowell's Waltham System: Women as Factory Workersp. 255
Irish and German Immigrantsp. 256
The Persistence of the Household Systemp. 257
Rise of Corporationsp. 258
Cotton Revolutionizes the Southp. 258
Revival of Slaveryp. 261
Roads to Marketp. 264
Transportation and the Governmentp. 266
Development of Steamboatsp. 267
The Canal Boomp. 267
New York City: Emporium of the Western Worldp. 268
The Marshall Courtp. 270
Jacksonian Democracyp. 276
"Democratizing" Politicsp. 277
1828: The New Party System in Embryop. 278
The Jacksonian Appealp. 280
The Spoils Systemp. 280
President of All the Peoplep. 281
Jackson: "The Bank ... I Will Kill It!"p. 282
Jackson's Bank Vetop. 284
Jackson Versus Calhounp. 286
Indian Removalsp. 287
The Nullification Crisisp. 289
Boom and Bustp. 292
The Jacksoniansp. 293
Rise of the Whigsp. 294
Martin Van Buren: Jacksonianism Without Jacksonp. 296
The Log Cabin Campaignp. 297
The Making of Middle-Class Americap. 300
Tocqueville: Democracy in Americap. 301
The Family Recastp. 302
The Second Great Awakeningp. 304
Backwoods Utopiasp. 306
The Age of Reformp. 309
"Demon Rum"p. 311
The Abolitionist Crusadep. 313
Women's Rightsp. 316
The Romantic View of Lifep. 318
Emerson and Thoreaup. 319
Edgar Allan Poep. 320
Nathaniel Hawthornep. 321
Herman Melvillep. 321
Walt Whitmanp. 322
Education for Democracyp. 324
The State of the Collegesp. 325
Westward Expansionp. 328
Tyler's Troublesp. 329
The Webster-Ashburton Treatyp. 330
The Texas Questionp. 330
Manifest Destinyp. 332
Life on the Trailp. 332
California and Oregonp. 334
The Election of 1844p. 335
Polk as Presidentp. 336
War with Mexicop. 337
To the Halls of Montezumap. 338
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgop. 340
The Fruits of Victory: Further Enlargement of the United Statesp. 341
Slavery: The Storm Clouds Gatherp. 342
The Election of 1848p. 343
The Gold Rushp. 344
The Compromise of 1850p. 346
The Sections Go Their Waysp. 350
The Economics of Slaveryp. 351
The Sociology of Slaveryp. 353
Psychological Effects of Slaveryp. 356
Manufacturing in the Southp. 358
The Northern Industrial Juggernautp. 358
A Nation of Immigrantsp. 360
How Wage Earners Livedp. 360
Foreign Commercep. 362
Steam Conquers the Atlanticp. 363
Canals and Railroadsp. 364
Financing the Railroadsp. 365
Railroads and the Economyp. 366
Railroads and the Sectional Conflictp. 369
The Economy on the Eve of Civil Warp. 370
The Coming of the Civil Warp. 372
The Slave Power Comes Northp. 373
Uncle Tom's Cabinp. 373
Diversions Abroad: The "Young America" Movementp. 374
Stephen Douglas: "The Little Giant"p. 376
The Kansas-Nebraska Actp. 377
Know-Nothings, Republicans, and the Demise of the Two-Party Systemp. 379
"Bleeding Kansas"p. 380
Senator Sumner Becomes a Martyr for Abolitionismp. 383
Buchanan Tries His Handp. 384
The Dred Scott Decisionp. 385
The Proslavery Lecompton Constitutionp. 387
The Emergence of Lincolnp. 388
The Lincoln-Douglas Debatesp. 389
John Brown's Raidp. 392
The Election of 1860p. 393
The Secession Crisisp. 396
The War to Save the Unionp. 400
Lincoln's Cabinetp. 401
Fort Sumter: The First Shotp. 402
The Blue and the Grayp. 402
The Test of Battle: Bull Runp. 405
Paying for the Warp. 407
Politics as Usualp. 407
Behind Confederate Linesp. 408
War in the West: Shilohp. 410
McClellan: The Reluctant Warriorp. 411
Lee Counterattacks: Antietamp. 413
The Emancipation Proclamationp. 414
The Draft Riotsp. 416
The Emancipated Peoplep. 416
African American Soldiersp. 417
Antietam to Gettysburgp. 418
Lincoln Finds His General: Grant at Vicksburgp. 422
Economic and Social Effects, North and Southp. 423
Women in Wartimep. 424
Grant in the Wildernessp. 426
Sherman in Georgiap. 427
To Appomattox Court Housep. 430
Winners, Losers, and the Futurep. 430
Reconstruction and the Southp. 435
The Assassination of Lincolnp. 436
Presidential Reconstructionp. 436
Republican Radicalsp. 439
Congress Rejects Johnsonian Reconstructionp. 440
The Fourteenth Amendmentp. 441
The Reconstruction Actsp. 442
Congress Supremep. 443
The Fifteenth Amendmentp. 444
"Black Republican" Reconstruction: Scalawags and Carpetbaggersp. 445
The Ravaged Landp. 448
Sharecropping and the Crop-Lien Systemp. 450
The White Backlashp. 452
Grant as Presidentp. 454
The Disputed Election of 1876p. 455
The Compromise of 1877p. 457
Appendixp. A-1
The Declaration of Independencep. A-3
The Constitution of the United States of Americap. A-6
Amendments to the Constitutionp. A-14
Supplementary Readingp. A-21
Present-Day United Statesp. A-42
Present-Day Worldp. A-44
Creditsp. C-1
Indexp. I-1
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