Art History Portable Edition, Book 1: Ancient Art

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  • Edition: 3rd
  • Format: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2009-01-01
  • Publisher: Prentice Hall
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Art History Portable Editionby Marilyn Stokstad offers exactly the same content asArt History, Third Editionbut in smaller individual booklets for maximum student portability. The combined six segment set consists of four booklets that correspond to major periods in Western art and two that cover global art. Each book is available individually, making them ideal for courses focused on individual periods. Book 1: Art History: Ancient Art can be used for such courses as: Prehistoric Art in Europe Art of the Ancient Near East Art of Ancient Egypt Aegean Art Art of Ancient Greece Etruscan and Roman Art Book 1: Art History: Ancient Art Book 2: Art History: Medieval Art Book 3: Art History: A View of the World, Part One: Asian, African, and Islamic Art and Art of the Americas Book 4: Art History: Fourteenth to Seventeenth Century Art Book 5: Art History: A View of the World, Part Two: Asian, African, and Oceanic Art and Art of the Americas Book 6: Art History: Eighteenth to Twenty-First Century

Table of Contents

Prefacep. vi
What's Newp. vi
Tools for Understanding Art Historyp. viii
Faculty and Student Resources for Art Historyp. xv
Acknowledgementsp. xvi
Use Notesp. xix
Starter Kitp. xx
Introductionp. xxvi
Prehistoric Art in Europep. 1
The Stone Agep. 2
The Paleolithic Periodp. 2
Shelter or Architecture?p. 2
Artifacts or Works of Art?p. 4
Cave Paintingp. 6
The Neolithic Periodp. 11
Rock-Shelter Artp. 12
Architecturep. 13
Sculpture and Ceramicsp. 19
From Stone to Metalp. 20
The Bronze Agep. 20
The Proto-Historic Iron Agep. 21
In Perspectivep. 22
Timelinep. 23
Boxes The Object Speaks Prehistoric Woman and Manp. 18
Elements of Architecture Post-and-Lintel and Corbel Constructionp. 14
Technique Prehistoric Wall Paintingp. 8
Fiber Artsp. 17
Pottery and Ceramicsp. 20
Art and Its Context The Power of Namingp. 5
Science and Technology How Early Art Is Datedp. 13
Art of the Ancient Near Eastp. 24
The Fertile Crescent and Mesopotamiap. 26
The First Citiesp. 26
The Artsp. 28
Southern Mesopotamiap. 29
Sumerp. 29
Akkadp. 36
Lagash and Gudeap. 37
Babylon: Hammurabi's Codep. 37
The Hittites of Anatoliap. 37
Later Mesopotamian Artp. 40
Assyriap. 40
Neo-Babyloniap. 42
Persiap. 42
Empirep. 42
Persepolisp. 42
Persian Coinagep. 45
In Perspectivep. 46
Timelinep. 47
Boxes The Object Speaks The Code of Hammurabip. 38
Technique Cuneiform Writingp. 32
Textilesp. 44
Coining Moneyp. 46
Art and Its Context Art as Spoils of War-Protection or Theft?p. 31
Art of Ancient Egyptp. 48
The Gift of the Nilep. 50
Early Dynastic Egyptp. 50
Manetho's Listp. 51
Religion and the Statep. 51
Artistic Conventionsp. 52
Funerary Architecturep. 55
The Old Kingdom, c. 2575-2150 BCEp. 56
Architecture: The Pyramids at Gizap. 57
Sculpturep. 59
Tomb Decorationp. 62
The Middle Kingdom, c. 1975- c. 1640 BCEp. 62
Sculpture: Royal Portraitsp. 63
Tomb Architecture and Funerary Objectsp. 63
Town Planningp. 66
The New Kingdom, c. 1539-1075 BCEp. 67
The Great Temple Complexesp. 67
The Valley of the Kings and Queensp. 70
Akhenaten and the Art of the Amarna Periodp. 72
The Return to Tradition: Tutankhamun and Rameses Ip. 75
The Books of the Deadp. 78
Late Egyptian Art, c. 715-332 BCEp. 79
In Perspectivep. 80
Timelinep. 81
Boxes The Object Speaks The Temples of Rameses II at Abu Simbelp. 76
Elements Of Architecture Mastaba to Pyramidp. 56
Technique Preserving the Deadp. 55
Egyptian Painting and Sculpturep. 64
Glassmaking and Egyptian Faiencep. 70
Art and Its Context Egyptian Symbolsp. 52
Hieroglyphic, Hieratic, and Demotic Writingp. 78
Agean ARTp. 82
The Bronze Age in the Aegeanp. 84
The Cycladic Islandsp. 84
The Minoan Civilization On Cretep. 86
The Old Palace Period, c. 1900-1700 BCEp. 86
The New Palace Period, c. 1700-1450 BCEp. 89
The Mycenaean (Helladic) Culturep. 95
Helladic Architecturep. 95
Metalworkp. 102
Sculpturep. 103
Ceramic Artsp. 104
In Perspectivep. 104
Timelinep. 105
Boxes the Object Speaks The Lion Gatep. 100
Technique Aegean Metalworkp. 93
Art and Its Context Pioneers of Aegean Archaeologyp. 88
Homeric Greecep. 98
Art of Ancient Greecep. 106
The Emergence of Greek Civilizationp. 108
Historical Backgroundp. 108
Religious Beliefs and Sacred Placesp. 109
Historical Divisions of Greek Artp. 111
Greek Art From c. 900-c. 600 BCEp. 112
The Geometric Periodp. 112
The Orientalizing Periodp. 114
The Archaic Period, c. 600-480 BCEp. 114
Temple Architecturep. 117
Architectural Sculpturep. 119
Freestanding Sculpturep. 121
Vase Paintingp. 125
The Classical Period, c. 480-323 BCEp. 128
The Canon of Polykleitosp. 128
The Art of the Early Classical Period, 480-450 BCEp. 129
The High Classical Period, c. 450-400 BCEp. 135
The Acropolisp. 136
The Parthenonp. 136
The Propylaia and the Erechtheionp. 142
The Temple of Athena Nikep. 144
The Athenian Agorap. 145
Stele Sculpturep. 147
Paintings: Murals and Vasesp. 148
The Late Classical Period, c. 400-323 BCEp. 148
Architecture and Architectural Sculpturep. 149
Sculpturep. 151
The Art of the Goldsmithp. 155
Wall Painting and Mosaicsp. 155
The Hellenistic Period, 323-31/30 BCEp. 156
The Corinthian Order in Hellenistic Architecturep. 158
Hellenistic Architecture: The Theater at Epidaurosp. 158
Sculpturep. 160
The Multicultural Hellenistic Worldp. 164
In Perspectivep. 165
Timelinep. 167
Boxes The Object Speaks The Parthenonp. 138
Elements of Architecture Greek Temple Plansp. 116
The Greek Architectural Ordersp. 118
Technique Greek Painted Vasesp. 114
The Discovery and Conservation of the Riace Warriorsp. 135
Art and Its Context Greek and Roman Deitiesp. 110
Classic and Classicalp. 128
Who Owns the Art? The Elgin Marbles and the Euphronios Vasep. 145
Women Artists in Ancient Greecep. 157
Etruscan and Roman Artp. 168
The Etruscansp. 170
Etruscan Architecturep. 170
Etruscan Temples and Their Decorationp. 171
Tomb Chambersp. 174
Bronze Workp. 177
The Romansp. 178
Origins of Romep. 179
Roman Religionp. 179
The Republic, 509-27 BCEp. 179
Sculpture during the Republicp. 180
Architecture and Engineeringp. 181
The Early Empire, 27 BCE-96 CEp. 185
Augustan Artp. 186
The Julio-Claudiansp. 189
The Roman City and the Roman Homep. 190
Wall Paintingp. 193
The Flaviansp. 199
The High Imperial Art of Trajan and Hadrianp. 204
Imperial Architecturep. 205
Mosaicsp. 213
Sculpturep. 215
Imperial Portraitsp. 216
The Late Empire, Third and Fourth Centuriesp. 218
The Severan Dynastyp. 218
The Third Century: The Soldier Emperorsp. 220
The Tetrarchyp. 222
Constantine the Great and His Legacyp. 224
In Perspectivep. 230
Timelinep. 231
Boxes The Object Speaks The Unswept Floorp. 214
Elements of Architecture Arch, Vault, and Domep. 172
Roman Architectural Ordersp. 174
Technique Roman Mosaicsp. 215
Roman Copiesp. 224
Art and Its Context Roman Writers on Artp. 179
Color in Roman Sculpture: A Colorized Augustusp. 186
The Position of Roman Womenp. 198
World Map WM1
Glossary G1
Bibliography B1
Credits C1
Index I1
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