Atlas of Head and Neck Surgery -- Otolaryngology

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  • Edition: 2nd
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Copyright: 2001-10-13
  • Publisher: LWW
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Supplemental Materials

What is included with this book?


This newly revised and updated Second Edition surgical atlas is an integral complement to the textbook, Head and Neck Surgery--Otolaryngology, Third Edition. Comprehensive coverage provides surgical techniques and the latest procedures in a well organized, concise format. Step-by-step descriptions are presented and include accompanying two-color illustrations, outlines, tips, complications, postoperative care issues, references, and surgical variations. Many renowned surgeons author the chapters, making this noteworthy guide a necessary component in the otolaryngologic community.

Table of Contents

Contributing Authorsp. xix
Forewordp. xxix
Prefacep. xxxi
Acknowledgmentsp. xxxiii
Head and Neckp. 1
Salivary Glands
Parotid Superficial Lobectomyp. 2
Parotid Deep Lateral Lobectomy with Nerve Sparingp. 4
Intraoral Salivary Gland Tumor Removal (Parotid Intraoral Deep-Lobe Tumor Excision)p. 6
Total Parotidectomy with the Seventh Nerve Sparedp. 8
Total Parotidectomy with Nerve Resection and Graftp. 10
Submandibular Salivary Gland Excisionp. 12
Sublingual Salivary Gland Turmor Excisionp. 14
Salivary Gland Trauma Managementp. 16
Nose and Maxilla
Total Rhinectomyp. 18
Midline Forehead Flap Nasal Reconstructionp. 20
Lateral Rhinotomyp. 22
Medial Maxillectomyp. 24
Weber-Ferguson Approach with Subtotal Maxillectomy and Total Maxillectomy with Orbital Preservationp. 26
Radical Maxillectomy with Orbital Exenterationp. 30
Craniofacial Resection, including the Ethmoid Labyrinth and Cribriform Platep. 34
Facial Translocation for Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma Resectionp. 38
Vermilionectomyp. 42
Vermilionectomy Plus Wedge Excisionp. 44
Lip Excision: W-Excision and Pentagonal Shield Patternp. 46
Abbe-Estlander Reconstruction of the Lips (Lip Switch Flap)p. 48
Gillies Fan Flapp. 50
Karapandzic Flap Lip Reconstructionp. 52
Cheek Advancement Flaps for Lip Reconstructionp. 54
Pectoralis Major Flap and Deltopectoral Flap Reconstruction of the Lipsp. 58
Nasolabial Flap for Upper Lipp. 60
Reconstruction of the Upper Lip: Advancement Flaps with Modified Burow's Techniquep. 62
Lateral Commissure Repairp. 64
Oral Cavity
Surgical Approachesp. 66
Partial Anterior Glossectomyp. 70
Partial Posterior Glossectomy of the Tongue Basep. 72
Partial Midline Glossectomy of the Tongue Basep. 76
Near-Total Glossectomyp. 78
Total Glossectomyp. 82
Anterior Floor of Mouth Resectionp. 84
Lateral Floor of Mouth Resectionp. 86
Floor of Mouth Resection with Anterior Mandible Invasionp. 88
Floor of Mouth Resection with Lateral Mandible Invasionp. 90
Marginal Resection of Posterior Floor of Mouth with Mandibular Invasionp. 92
Alveolar Ridge Resectionp. 94
Resection of the Hard Palatep. 96
Resection of the Soft Palatep. 98
Partial-Thickness and Full-Thickness Buccal Resectionp. 100
Midline, Paramedian, Lateral, and Ascending Ramus Mandibular Osteotomyp. 102
Tongue Flaps for Reconstructionp. 104
Intraoral Skin Graftingp. 106
Segmental Resection for Mandibular Cysts and Tumorsp. 108
Simple and Plunging Ranula Excisionp. 110
Resection of Tonsil and Retromolar Trigone with and without Mandibular Involvementp. 112
Vestibuloplastyp. 116
Mandibular Reconstructionp. 118
Auriculectomyp. 124
Pinna Reconstruction: Regional, Wedge, and Stellate Excisionp. 126
Pinna and Conchal Reconstruction with Composite Graftsp. 130
Local Excision and Skin Graftp. 132
Superficial, Intermediate, and Radical Temporal Bone Resectionp. 134
Various Incisions for Neck Surgeryp. 138
Radical Neck Dissectionp. 140
Supraomohyoid Neck Dissectionp. 144
Modified Radical Neck Dissection Preserving the Spinal Accessory Nervep. 148
Modified Radical Neck Dissection Preserving the Spinal Accessory Nerve, the Internal Jugular Vein, and the Sternocleidomastoid Musclep. 150
Transsternal Mediastinal Node Dissectionp. 154
Cervical Node Biopsyp. 158
Scalene Node Biopsyp. 160
Posterolateral Neck Dissectionp. 162
Excision of Supraclavicular Space Massesp. 164
Drainage of Deep Neck Space Abscessesp. 166
Management of Penetrating Injuries to the Neckp. 168
Endoscopic Partial Laryngectomy for Supraglottic Diseasep. 170
Endoscopic Partial Laryngectomy at the Glottic Levelp. 172
Laryngofissure and Cordectomyp. 174
Vertical Partial Laryngectomy, including the Thyroid Cartilagep. 176
Anterior Commissure and Anterolateral Vertical Partial Laryngectomyp. 180
Vertical Partial Laryngectomyp. 184
Vertical Partial Laryngectomy with Excision (Subtotal or Three-Quarter Laryngectomy)p. 188
Supraglottic Laryngectomy (Horizontal Hemilaryngectomy)p. 190
Extended Supraglottic Partial Laryngectomyp. 194
Near-Total Laryngectomyp. 196
Total Laryngectomyp. 200
Total Laryngectomy with Extensionp. 204
Total Pharyngolaryngectomyp. 206
Tracheoesophageal Shunt (Voice Rehabilitation)p. 210
Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Section and Avulsionp. 212
Laryngeal Diversionp. 214
Arytenoidectomyp. 216
Thyroid and Parathyroid
Thyroid Lobectomy and Isthmusectomyp. 218
Subtotal Thyroidectomyp. 222
Mediastinal (Retrosternal) Goiterp. 224
Total Thyroidectomyp. 228
Total Thyroidectomy with Paratracheal and Superior Mediastinal Node Dissectionp. 230
Total Thyroidectomy with Tracheal Resection for Malignant Invasionp. 232
Parathyroidectomyp. 236
Total Parathyroidectomy and Autotransplantationp. 240
Recurrent Hyperparathyroidism and Cancer of the Parathyroidp. 242
Pharynx, Trachea, and Parapharyngeal Space
Tracheostomyp. 246
Tracheal Reconstructionp. 248
Tracheal Resection and Reanastomosisp. 250
Cervical Esophagostomyp. 254
Pharyngeal Pouches (Zenker's Diverticulum)p. 256
Mediastinal Exploration and Dissectionp. 258
Cricopharyngeal Myotomy and Myectomyp. 262
Revision of Stenotic Tracheostomyp. 264
Partial and Total Pharyngectomyp. 266
Pharyngeal Reconstructionp. 270
Cysts, Abscesses, and Vessels
Thyroglossal Duct Cystp. 274
Branchial Cleft Cystsp. 276
Preauricular Sinus Managementp. 278
Lymphangiomap. 280
Dermoid Cyst of the Neckp. 282
Excision of Laryngocelep. 284
Carotid Body Tumor Resectionp. 286
External Carotid Artery Ligationp. 288
Lipoma Excision or Liposuctionp. 290
Drainage of Neck Abscessesp. 292
Major Vessel Repairp. 294
Otologic Proceduresp. 297
External Auditory Canal and Tympanic Membrane
Meatoplasty and Canaloplastyp. 298
Excision of Exostoses or Osteomap. 300
Soft-Tissue Canal Stenosisp. 302
Myringotomy Tube Placement and Removalp. 304
Tympanomeatal Flap for Exploratory Tympanotomyp. 306
Myringoplasty and Tympanoplasty Type Ip. 310
First Branchial Cleft Fistula and Cyst Excisionp. 314
Excision of Benign Glandular Tumors of the External Auditory Canalp. 316
Middle Ear and Ossicular Chain
Type II Tympanoplastyp. 318
Type III Tympanoplastyp. 322
Type IV Tympanoplastyp. 326
Reconstruction of Large Tympanic Membrane Perforationsp. 328
Cholesteatoma Removal from the Middle Earp. 332
Stapedotomy and Stapedectomyp. 334
Perilymphatic Fistula Repairp. 336
Office Repair of Tympanic Membrane Perforationsp. 340
Tympanic Neurectomyp. 342
Direct Drug Delivery to the Inner Earp. 344
Simple Mastoidectomyp. 348
Modified Radical Mastoidectomyp. 352
Mastoidectomy: Radical Cavity and Middle Ear Obliterationp. 356
Glomus Tympanicump. 360
Petrous Apicectomyp. 362
Facial Recess Approachp. 364
Management of Brain Herniation and Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak Repairp. 366
Facial Nerve
Facial Nerve Graftingp. 368
Hypoglossal-Facial Cranial Nerve Crossover Techniquesp. 372
Petrous Apicotomyp. 374
Facial Nerve Decompressionp. 378
Tarsorrhaphyp. 382
Eyelid Reanimation Proceduresp. 384
Cochlea, Labyrinth
Labyrinthectomyp. 386
Cochlar Implantsp. 390
Endolymphatic Sac Exposure, Decompression, or Shuntp. 392
Posterior Semicircular Canal Occlusionp. 394
Singular Neuretomyp. 396
Transtemporal Skull Base
Vestibular Neurectomyp. 398
Translabyrinthine Approach to Acoustic Neuromap. 402
Middle Fossa Resection of Acoustic Neuromap. 406
Acoustic Neuroma Resection (Retrosigmoid Approach)p. 410
Lateral Skull Base
Extensive Glomus Tumor Excisionp. 416
Excision of Less Extensive Glomus Tumorsp. 422
Extreme Lateral Transcondylar Approachp. 424
Access to the Nasopharynxp. 428
Petrosal Approachp. 434
Congenital Aural Atresia
Repair of Congenital Aural Atresiap. 438
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeryp. 443
Otoplasty and External Ear
Otoplasty for the Deep Conchal Bowlp. 444
Otoplasty for the Antihelical Foldp. 446
Otoplasty Refinement Techniquesp. 450
Partial and Total Avulsions of the Auriclep. 452
Auricular Hematomap. 456
Nasal-Facial Analysisp. 458
Local Anesthesia for Nasal Surgeryp. 460
Nasal Septoplasty and Submucous Resectionp. 462
Rhinoplastyp. 466
Osteotomiesp. 468
Nasal Tip Proceduresp. 470
Nasal Base Proceduresp. 474
Nasal Dorsal Changesp. 478
Major Nasal Reconstructionp. 480
Outline Revision Rhinoplastyp. 482
Nasal Valve Surgeryp. 486
Cleft-Lip Nasal Repairp. 488
Rhinophyma Surgical Techniquesp. 492
Non-Caucasian Rhinoplastyp. 494
Mentoplasty and Malarplasty
Mentoplasty Outlinep. 496
Chin Implantp. 498
Genioplasty: Horizontal Position Changesp. 500
Genioplasty: Vertical Position Changesp. 502
Malar Implantsp. 504
Rhytidectomy and Related Procedures
Rhytidectomy Incisionsp. 506
Rhytidectomy Using Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System Plication and a Short Flap or Long Flapp. 508
Liposuction of the Neck with Power Elevation of the Facelift Flapsp. 512
Submental Tuck for the Aging Neckp. 514
Analysis of the Upper One Third of the Face and Neckp. 518
Browlifts: Coronal, Trichophytic, and Pretrichalp. 520
Browlifts: Direct, Indirect, and Midforeheadp. 522
Injections of Collagen or Fatp. 524
Dermabrasionp. 526
Chemical Peelsp. 528
Laser Skin Resurfacingp. 530
Upper Lid Blepharoplastyp. 534
Upper Lid Blepharoplasty for the Asian Eyep. 536
Lower Lid Blepharoplastyp. 538
Midface Liftp. 546
Eyelid Laceration Repairp. 550
Upper Eyelid Defect Repairp. 552
Lower Eyelid Defect Repairp. 556
Surgical Treatment of Lower Lid Malposition after Blepharoplastyp. 558
Facial Trauma
Closed Reduction of Nasal Fracturesp. 560
Nasal Septal Fracture-Dislocationp. 562
Zygomatic Arch Reductionp. 564
Zygomatic-Trimalar Reduction and Fixationp. 566
Wiring and Plating of a Palatal Fracturep. 568
Use of Centripetal Suspensionp. 370
Le Fort I Fracture Repair (Guerin's Fracture Repair)p. 574
Le Fort II Repair of Pyramidal Fracturep. 576
Le Fort III Fracture Repair (Craniofacial Disjunction)p. 578
Orbital Blowout Fracturep. 582
Nasoethmoid Fracturep. 584
Medial Canthal Tendon Repairp. 586
Nasolacrimal System Evaluation and Repairp. 588
Anterior Wall Frontal Sinus Fracturep. 592
Posterior Wall Frontal Sinus Fracturep. 594
Frontonasal Duct Injuryp. 596
Use of Calcium Phosphate Cement for Sinus Obliteration and Bone Replacementp. 598
Late Repair of Traumatic Enophthalmousp. 600
Pediatric Facial Fracturep. 602
Intermaxillary Fixationp. 604
Mandibular Fractures: Open Reduction and Internal Fixation with Compression Platingp. 606
Mandibular Fractures: Open Reduction and Internal Fixation with Noncompression Platingp. 608
Mandibular Fractures: Open Reduction and Internal Fixation with Lag Screwsp. 610
Mandibular Fractures: External Fixation with a Biphase Apparatusp. 612
Mandibular Fractures: Use of Dentures and Splintsp. 614
Mandibular Fractures: Special Problems with Childrenp. 616
Laryngoplasty and Tracheoplasty
Anterior Laryngotracheal Decompression (Anterior Cricoid Split)p. 618
Posterior Glottic Split with Cartilage Graftp. 620
Anterior and Posterior Laryngotracheal Reconstructionp. 622
Laryngeal Websp. 626
Repair of Congenital Laryngotracheal Cleftp. 628
Stroboscopyp. 630
Office Indirect Laryngeal Biopsyp. 632
Office Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Vocal Cord Injectionp. 634
Thryoplasty (Phonosurgery) Type Ip. 636
Thryoplasty (Phonosurgery) Type IIp. 640
Thryoplasty (Phonosurgery) Type IIIp. 642
Thryoplasty (Phonosurgery) Type IVp. 644
Vocal Cord Injection for Paralysisp. 646
Laryngeal Fracture Repairp. 648
Local and Regional Flaps
Nasolabial Flapp. 650
Bilobed Flapp. 652
Median Forehead Flapp. 654
Glabellar Flapsp. 656
Cheek-Neck Rotation Flapp. 658
Rhomboid Flapp. 660
Deltopectoral Flapp. 662
A-to-T Flapp. 664
Z-plastyp. 666
Advancement Flapsp. 668
Triple Rhomboid Flapsp. 670
Pericranial Flapp. 672
Tissue Expansionp. 674
Pectoralis Major Myocutaneous Flapp. 678
Superior Trapezius Flapp. 682
Lateral Island Trapezius Flapp. 684
Lower Island Trapezius Flapp. 686
Latissimus Dorsi Myocutaneous Flapp. 690
Temporoparietal Fascia Flapp. 694
Temporalis Muscle Flapp. 696
Platysma Flapp. 698
Sternocleidomastoid Flapp. 700
Grafts and Free Flaps
Skin Grafts, Dermal Grafts, and Mucosal Graftsp. 702
Cartilage Grafts from the Septump. 706
Ear Cartilage Graftsp. 708
Composite Grafts from the Earp. 710
Harvesting Rib Graftsp. 712
Harvesting Calvarial Bone Graftsp. 714
Nerve Grafts Using the Greater Auricular and Sural Nervesp. 716
Microvascular Surgeryp. 720
Scapular Free Flap, with and without Bonep. 722
Iliac Crest Internal Oblique Free Flapp. 726
Radial Forearm Flapp. 730
Lateral Arm Free Flapp. 732
Fibular Osteocutaneous Free Flapp. 734
Inferior Rectus Abdominis Free Flapp. 736
Free Jejunal Transferp. 738
Facial Reanimation and Facial Sling
Cross Facial Nerve Graftp. 740
Nerve-Muscle Pediclep. 742
Static Slingsp. 744
Dynamic Temporalis and Masseter Muscle Transpositionp. 748
Mandibular Surgery, Cleft Lip/Palate, and TMJ Surgery
Sagittal Osteotomy of the Mandibular Ramusp. 752
Le Fort I Osteotomy and Advancementp. 754
Transnasal Repair of Choanal Atresiap. 756
Transpalatal Repair of Choanal Atresiap. 758
Unilateral Cleft Lip Repair Using a Rotation-Advancement Techniquep. 762
Bilateral Cleft Lip Repairp. 766
Complete Secondary Palatal Cleft Repair (Two-Flap Palatoplasty with Intravelar Veloplasty)p. 768
Incomplete Secondary Palatal Cleft Repairp. 770
Complete Unilateral Cleft Palate Repair (Two-Flap Palatoplasty with Intravelar Veloplasty)p. 772
Oronasal and Oroantral Fistula Repairp. 774
Superiorly Based Pharyngeal Flapp. 776
Surgical Approaches to the Temporomandibular Jointp. 778
Temporomandibular Joint Articular Disc Repositioningp. 780
Bone Graft Reconstruction of the Temporomandibular Jointp. 782
Skeletal Correction of Hemifacial Microsomiap. 784
Excision of Skin Lesions and Scar Revision
Aesthetic Facial Subunitsp. 786
Local Excision and Primary Closurep. 788
Scar Excisionp. 790
Complex Facial Laceration Repairp. 794
Aesthetic Reconstruction
Grafts for Hair Transplantationp. 796
Fleming-Mayer Flap Procedurep. 800
Scalp Reductionp. 804
Tissue Expansionp. 808
Endoscopyp. 811
Direct Laryngoscopy with and without Biopsyp. 812
Nasopharyngoscopyp. 814
True Vocal Cord Injection for Paralysisp. 816
Laser Laryngoscopy of Papilloma Removalp. 818
Microdebriders in Pediatric Airway Surgeryp. 822
Laser Arytenoidectomyp. 826
Microsuspension Laryngoscopy and Laser Excision of Early-Stage Vocal Cord Carcinomap. 828
Microsurgery for Vocal Cord Polyps, Cysts, and Nodulesp. 830
Esophagoscopyp. 832
Esophagoscopy for Foreign Body Removalp. 834
Esophagoscopy for Caustic Ingestionp. 836
Esophagoscopic Dilation under Direct Visionp. 838
Antegrade Esophageal Dilationp. 840
Retrograde Esophageal Dilationp. 842
Diagnostic Bronchoscopyp. 844
Bronchoscopy for a Foreign Bodyp. 846
Bronchoscopic Stricture Dilationp. 850
Laser Techniques for Bronchoscopyp. 852
Flexible Bronchoscopyp. 854
Pediatric and General Otolaryngologyp. 857
Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy, and UPPP
Tonsillectomyp. 858
Lingual Tonsillectomyp. 860
Adenoidectomyp. 862
Uvulopalatopharyngoplastyp. 864
Extended Uvulopalatopharyngoplastyp. 866
Radiofrequency of the Soft Palate for OSAp. 868
Radiofrequency of the Tongue Basep. 870
Hyoid Myotomy Suspension and Genioglossus Advancementp. 872
Lingual Suspension and Hyoid Myotomy and Suspension Procedures Using Implantable Screw and Suture Techniquesp. 874
Rhinologyp. 881
Nasal Polypectomy and Septal Surgery
Nasal Polypectomyp. 882
Endoscopic Excision of Antrochoanal Polypsp. 884
Submucous Resection of the Nasal Septump. 886
Septoplastyp. 888
Extracranial Closure of Cerebrospinal Fluid Rhinorrhea Using a Mucoperiosteal Flapp. 890
Septal Dermoplastyp. 894
Repair of Septal Perforationp. 896
Septal Resection for Benign and Malignant Neoplasiap. 898
Nasal Cavity Examination with Nasal Biopsy or Foreign Body Removalp. 900
Submucous Resection of the Turbinatep. 902
Radiofrequency of the Nasal Turbinatesp. 904
Endoscopic Management of Nasal Encephaloceles and Meningocelesp. 906
Nasal Congenital Dermoid Cyst and Sinus Openingp. 910
Sublabial and Septal Incisionsp. 912
Maxillary, Ethmoid, and Sphenoid Sinuses
Intranasal Antrostomy through the Inferior Meatusp. 916
Sublabial Antrostomy (Caldwell-Luc Procedure)p. 918
Transantral Ligation of the Internal Maxillary Arteryp. 920
Vidian Neurectomyp. 922
Intranasal Ethmoidectomyp. 926
External Ethmoidectomyp. 928
External Frontoethmoidectomyp. 930
Transantral Ethmoidectomyp. 932
Intranasal Sphenoidectomyp. 934
Transethmoidal Sphenoidectomyp. 936
Transsphenoidal Hypophysectomyp. 938
Ligation of the Anterior Ethmoid Arteryp. 940
Maxillary Decompression for Exophthalmusp. 942
Midfacial Degloving Procedurep. 944
Endoscopic Maxillary, Ethmoid, Sphenoidectomy in Adultsp. 948
Endoscopic Frontal Sinusotomyp. 952
Endoscopic Drainage of a Subperiosteal Orbital Abscessp. 956
Management of Orbital Hemorrhage with Lateral Canthotomy and Cantholysisp. 958
Frontal Sinus
Frontal Sinus Trephinationp. 960
Osteoplastic Frontal Sinusotomy Procedure and Fat Obliterationp. 962
Frontal Sinus Ablation and Collapsep. 966
Intranasal Dacryocystorhinostomyp. 970
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery in Childrenp. 972
Frontal Defect Reconstructionp. 976
Dacryocystorhinostomyp. 978
Miscellaneousp. 981
Incisional and Excisional Biopsyp. 982
Needle Biopsyp. 984
Endoscopic Biopsyp. 986
Punch Biopsyp. 988
Common Injection Sites for Local Anesthesiap. 990
Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomyp. 992
Figure Creditsp. 996
Subject Indexp. 997
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