Brain Quest 1st Grade Math: 750 Problems Addition and Subtraction : The Basics : Book One Ages 6-7

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  • Copyright: 2000-04-01
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Now first- and second-graders can really sharpen their skills. Announcing Brain Quest Math and Brain Quest Reading, a natural extension of Brain Quest into single-subject tutorials. Using the same curriculum-based, question-and-answer format that has made Brain Quest America's #1 educational bestseller with over 16 million copies in print, Math and Reading concentrate on the two subjects that are of paramount importance for parents, teachers, and especially the kids.Math is as focused as flash cards, but with far more range, interactivity, and educational value. Each grade comprises two decks. 1st Grade has five questions to a card, covering Numeration, or the basics of numbers; Bits & Pieces, including shapes and equivalents; Computation-addition and subtraction; Measurements; and Problem-Solving. 2nd Grade, with seven questions to a card, adds two new categories to the original five-Super Computation, which has more complicated operations, and Fun with Numbers.Reading takes a thorough approach to working on the fundamentals of reading and language arts. First comes an original one-page story illustrated in full-color, with 56 stories per grade. Following the story card is a comprehension card, quizzing the reader about the story, its characters, and content. Following that card is a second question card-five questions for 1st Grade, seven for 2nd Grade-on Grammar, Word Choice, Phonics, Vocabulary, Extensions, and Mixed Bag.A strong foundation in math, a strong foundation in reading-that's what elementary education is all about. Making it fun to learn is what Brain Quest is all about-that, and reinforcing the idea that It's O.K. to Be Smart!


SAMPLE CARD #10: Questions: 1- Find the even number: 7, 10, 11 2- Three friends want to share a burrito. Should they cut it into halves or thirds? 3- 30 plus what mystery number equals 45? 4- How many pennies equal one nickel? 5- Gil has 15 books. He has read 9 of them. How many are left to read? Answers: 1- 10 2- thirds 3- 15 (To solve: 45 - 30 = 15) 4- 5 pennies 5- 6 books (15 - 9 = 6) SAMPLE CARD #127: Questions: 1- What numbers come between 21 and 25? 2- Half the boats are in the water. The rest are tied up. What fraction are tied up? 3- What's the sum of 36 + 21? 4- What month comes between February and April? 5- Annie's cat had 8 kittens. She kept 2. How many did she give away? Answers: 1- 22, 23, 24 2- one-half (1/2) 3- 57 4- March 5- 6 (8 - 2 = 6) Excerpted from BRAIN QUEST 1st GRADE MATH. Copyright (c) 2000 by Workman Publishing Co., Inc., and Groupe Play Bac, S.A. Reprinted with permission by Workman Publishing Co. All rights reserved.

Excerpted from Brain Quest First Grade Math by Marjorie Martinelli, Brain Quest
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