Civilization Past & Present, Volume I (to 1650), Primary Source Edition (Book Alone)

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  • Edition: 11th
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  • Copyright: 2006-01-01
  • Publisher: Longman
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With 22 primary source documents, Volume I of Civilization Past & Present, Eleventh Edition, Primary Source Edition, has everything students need to succeed in the course-a highly readable survey text that examines all aspects of world history plus a wealth of original documents that help make the material come alive. In addition, "Document Analysis" questions encourage students to delve deeper into the documents and to explore how they relate to the events of the time. Here is a sample of the primary source documents included: From Hammurabi's Law Code (1792 B.C.E.), Confucius, from The Analects (c. 500 B.C.E.), Plutarch on Alexander the Great (1st century B.C.E.), Anonymous Aztec, "The Midwife Addresses the Woman Who Has Died in Childbirth" (mid 1500s) Ieyasu Tokugawa, "Closed Country Edict of 1635" and "Exclusion of the Portugese, 1639" (1630s). A complete listing of the primary source documents can be found on the first page of this book. Book jacket.

Table of Contents

Documentsp. xvi
Mapsp. xvi
Global Issuesp. xvii
Discovery Through Mapsp. xvii
Chapter Opening Image Descriptionsp. xviii
To the Instructorp. xix
To the Studentp. xxx
Stone Age Societies and the Earliest Civilizations of the Near Eastp. 2
The Origins of Humankindp. 4
Preliterate Culturesp. 5
Preliterate Society and Religionp. 7
Mesopotamia: The First Civilizationp. 10
The Babylonian Empire, c. 2000-1600 B.C.E.p. 14
Egypt: Gift of the Nilep. 16
Mesopotamian Successors to Babylon, c. 1600-550 B.C.E.p. 26
The Persian Empire, 550-331 B.C.E.p. 33
Discovery Through Maps: The Oldest Known Map: Catul Huyukp. 8
Document: "The Great Hymn to the Aton" and Psalm 104p. 22
Document: The Majesty of Darius the Great: A Persian Royal Inscriptionp. 35
Ancient China-Origins to Empire
Prehistory to 220 C.E.p. 38
The Origins of China, 6500-221 B.C.E.p. 40
The Qin and Han Empires, 221 B.C.E.-220 C.E.p. 52
Document: The Wisdom of Confuciusp. 47
Document: Legalism: The Theories of Han Feizi (d. 233 B.C.E.)p. 51
Document: From The Book of Songs: "A Simple Rustic You Seemed"p. 60
Ancient India
From Origins to 300 C.E.p. 64
Early Indiap. 66
Dramatic Developments in Religion and Culture, 600-320 B.C.E.p. 72
The Mauryan Empire and Other Kingdoms, 320 B.C.E.-300 C.E.p. 79
Emergent Hinduism and Buddhism, 200 B.C.E.-300 C.E.p. 93
The Meeting of East and West: Networks of Exchangep. 89
Document: Rig-Veda: Creation and the Kinds of Menp. 70
Document: The Jains on the Souls in All Thingsp. 74
Document: The Ramayana: The Trial of Sitap. 87
Global Issues: Migrationp. 94
Minoan, Mycenaean, Hellenic, and Hellenistic Civilizations, 2000-30 B.C.E.p. 96
Minoan and Mycenaean Civilizations, c. 2000-1200 B.C.E.p. 98
The Rise of Hellenic Civilization, c. 1150-500 B.C.E.p. 102
The Golden Age of Greece, 500-336 B.C.E.p. 108
The Greek Cultural Achievementp. 113
The Hellenistic Age, 336-30 B.C.E.p. 120
Hellenistic Society and Culturep. 124
Document: Homer-The Iliad: Andromache and Hectorp. 103
Document: Aristophanes on the Shortcomings of Athenian Democracyp. 111
Discovery Through Maps: The World According to Herodotus, c. 450 B.C.E.p. 118
Document: Arrian: Alexander the Leaderp. 123
Roman Civilization
The Roman World, c. 900 B.C.E. to 476 C.E.p. 130
Early Italy and the Origins of Rome, c. 900-509 B.C.E.p. 132
The Republic and the Roman Conquest of Italy: 509-133 B.C.E.p. 134
The Late Republic: 133-30 B.C.E.p. 139
The Roman Empire and the Pax Romana: 30 B.C.E.-476 C.E.p. 144
The Rise of Christianityp. 150
The Roman Legacyp. 158
Document: Columella: Roman Farm Womenp. 140
Document: Plutarch-The Murder of Tiberius Gracchusp. 142
Byzantium and the Orthodox World
Byzantium, Eastern Europe, and Russia, 325-1500p. 164
Byzantium: The Latin Phase: 325-610p. 166
The Age of Consolidation: 610-1071p. 173
Western and Turkish Invasions: 1071-1453p. 181
Southeastern Europe to 1500p. 184
Russia to 1500p. 188
Document: The Ecumenical Councils and Heresiesp. 169
Discovery Through Maps: A Sixth-Century Map: The Madaba Mosaicp. 174
Document: Anna Comnenap. 178
Document: The Acceptance of Christianityp. 189
From Its Origins to 1300p. 194
Arabia Before the Prophetp. 196
Muhammad, Prophet of Islamp. 198
Islamic Faith and Lawp. 201
The Expansion of Community and Statep. 206
The Abbasid Era, Zenith of Classical Islamic Civilizationp. 210
Islamic Culturep. 214
Document: The Qur'anp. 202
Document: The Early Islamic Conquestsp. 209
Discovery Through Maps: An Islamic Map of the Worldp. 216
Document: Ibn Sina's Path to Wisdomp. 218
Global Issues: Religion and Governmentp. 222
African Beginnings
African Civilizations to 1500 C.E.p. 224
The African Environmentp. 226
African Cultural Patternsp. 226
Peopling of Africap. 229
The Bantu Dispersionp. 231
Ethiopia and Northeastern Africap. 232
Empires of the Western Sudanp. 236
West African Forest Kingdomsp. 246
Swahili City-States in East Africap. 247
Kingdoms of Central and Southern Africap. 252
Document: Emperor Zar'a Ya'kob's Coronation and His Concern for the Churchp. 237
Document: Ghana, as Described by Al-Bakrip. 241
Discovery Through Maps: Mansa Musa and the Catalan Atlas of 1375p. 243
The European Middle Ages, 476-1348 C.E.p. 256
The Church in the Early Middle Agesp. 258
The Merovingians and Carolingiansp. 260
Feudalism and Manorialismp. 266
The Revival of Trade and Townsp. 271
The Church in the High Middle Ages: 1000-1348p. 272
The Crusadesp. 275
The Development of European States: 1000-1348p. 278
Document: Charlemagne: A Firsthand Lookp. 263
Document: Muslim and Christian: Two Contemporary Perspectivesp. 277
Culture, Power, and Trade in the Era of Asian Hegemony, 220-1350p. 286
India in the Classical and Medieval Erasp. 288
China: Cultural and Political Empiresp. 294
Korea: From Three Kingdoms to Onep. 310
The Emergence of Japan in East Asiap. 312
Document: Faxian: A Chinese Buddhist Monk in Gupta Indiap. 290
Document: Bo Juyi (772-846): "The Song of Everlasting Sorrow"p. 300
Discovery Through Maps: Gog and Magog in the Ebstorf Mappamundip. 309
Document: Sei Shonagon: The Pillow Bookp. 318
The Americas to 1492p. 322
Origins of Americans and Their Culturesp. 324
Emerging Civilizations in Mesoamericap. 325
Classical Mayan Civilizationp. 327
The Postclassical Erap. 329
The Amerindians of North Americap. 336
Document: Father Bernabe Cobo, "Pachacuti, the Greatest Inca"p. 333
Global Issues Location and Identityp. 344
The Islamic Gunpowder Empires, 1300-1650p. 346
New Polities in Eurasiap. 348
The Ottoman Empirep. 349
The Safavid Empire in Persiap. 357
The Mughal Empire in South Asiap. 361
Networks of Trade and Communicationp. 367
Discovery Through Maps: The World Map of Piri Reisp. 351
Document: Evliya Celebi, "An Ottoman Official's Wedding Night"p. 355
Document: The Coming of Ismail Safavi Foretoldp. 358
Document: The Idea of Seclusion and Lady Nurjahanp. 366
East Asian Cultural and Political Systems, 1300-1650p. 370
China: The Ming Dynastyp. 373
Korea: The Making of a Confucian Societyp. 381
Japan: The Era of Shoguns and Warring Statesp. 385
Southeast Asia: States Within a Regionp. 391
Discovery Through Maps: Map of China's Ancient Heartland, circa 1500 C.E.p. 375
Document: A Censor Accuses a Eunuchp. 377
Document: Sotoba Komachi, a Fourteenth-Century Japanese No Playp. 387
Document: A Traveller's Account of Slamp. 392
European Cultural and Religious Transformations
The Renaissance and the Reformation, 1300-1600p. 396
Social Upheavalp. 398
The Italian Renaissancep. 399
Italian Renaissance Artp. 404
The Northern Renaissancep. 408
The Crisis in the Catholic Church: 1300-1517p. 413
Luther and the German Reformationp. 416
Henry VIII and the Anglican Reformationp. 419
Protestantism from Switzerland to Holland: Zwingli and Calvinp. 421
Reform in the Catholic Churchp. 426
Discovery Through Maps: The Lagoon of Venicep. 401
Document: Machiavelli, The Prince: On Cruelty and Mercyp. 403
Document: Anne Ayscough (Mrs. Thomas Kyme), English Protestant Martyrp. 422
The Development of the European State System, 1300-1650p. 432
Politics in an Age of Crisis: 1300-1500p. 434
The Religious-Political Fusionp. 442
Wars of Religions: The Spanish Habsburgs' Quest for European Hegemony, 1556-1598p. 443
Orthodox Europe: Russian Consolidation and Ottoman Expansionp. 450
The Austrian Habsburgs' Drive for Superiority and the Thirty Years' Warp. 453
Document: The Trial of Joan of Arcp. 435
Discovery Through Maps: A Pilgrim's Map of Canterburyp. 436
Document: Simplicissimus on the Horrors of the Thirty Years' Warp. 454
Global Issues Technological Exchangep. 460
Global Encounters
Europe and the New World Economy, 1400-1650p. 462
The Iberian Golden Agep. 464
The Portuguese and Africap. 469
The Growth of New Spainp. 474
Iberian Systems in the New Worldp. 477
Beginnings of Northern European Expansionp. 482
Discovery Through Maps: Savage Pictures: Sebastian Munster's Map of Africap. 471
Document: Portuguese Encounters with Africansp. 473
Document: Disease and the Spanish Conquestp. 480
Creditsp. C-1
Notesp. N-1
Indexp. I-1
Primary Source Documentsp. D-1
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