Clusters and Nanostructure Interfaces : Proceedings of the International Symposium, Richmond, Virginia, USA, 25-28 October 1999

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  • Copyright: 2000-09-01
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The Proceedings of the International Symposium on Cluster and Nanostructure Interfaces, held in Richmond, Virginia, October 25-28, 1999. Focuses on the role of interface on the properties of cluster-assembled and nanostructured materials.

Table of Contents

Preface vii
Ultrafast Dynamics
Theoretical Exploration of Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Small Clusters
V. Bonacic-Koutecky
M. Hartmann
J. Pittner
H. Van Dam
Decoherence of Quantum Interferences in Potassium-Doped Helium Droplets
F. Stienkemeier
P. Claas
C. P. Schulz
Covariance Mapping Studies of 7-Azaindole Fragments
D. A. Card
D. E. Folmer
E. S. Wisniewski
A. W. Castleman, Jr.
Synthesis and Characterization
Nanoparticle Arrays as Model Catalysts: Microstructure, Thermal Stability and Reactivity of Pt/SiO2 and Ag/Al2O3 Fabricated by Electron Beam Lithography
G. A. Somorjai
A. Eppler
J. Zhu
Noble Metal Row Growth on Si (5 5 12)
K. M. Jones
K. M. Saoud
A. A. Baski
Nucleation, Growth, and Properties of Nanoparticles Produced by Borohydride Reduction
I. D. Dragieva
K. J. Klabunde
Z. B. Stoynov
P. K. Stoimenov
S. I. Stoeva
G. D. Ivanova
S. K. Bliznakov
Structural Evolution of High-Energy Ball-Milled Nanocrystalline La0.67Ca0.33MnO3-L Using Extended X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure
S. Islam
M. B. Liou
V. M. Browning
D. J. Gillespie
W. T. Elam
V. G. Harris
Density Functional Study of CdS Nnoparticles Capped with MoS2-4
N. A. Kotov
J. Robles
D. Diaz
T. Ni
S. Castillo-Blum
Photoluminescence Study of ZnO Nanoparticles Prepared by Sol-Gel, Reverse Micelle and Laser Vaporization Techniques
I. N. Germanenko
S. Li
W. Z. Wang
M. S. El-Shall
Nanocrystalline Rare Earth Metals and Oxides: Nanoparticles of Gadolinium and Gadolinium Oxide
W. Z. Wang
I. N. Germanenko
G. Glaspell
M. S. El-shall
Colloidal Bismuth Nanoparticles: Synthesis and UV-VIS Absorption
J. Fang
K. L. Stokes
W. L. Zhou
J. A. Wiemann
J. Dai
C. J. O'Conner
Mobility of Solvated Ions and Pre-critical Clusters in Supersaturated Vapors
D. Kane
M. Rusyniak
M. S. El-Shall
Generation and Characterization of Copper Nanoparticles
P. T. Murray
K. D. Leedy
E. Schumaker
S. Sathish
L. Shen
M. J. O'Keefe
Ballistic Magnetoresistance in Ferromagnetic Nanocontacts
N. Garcia
M. Munoz
I. G. Saveliev
Y.-W. Zhao
Electronic Conductance of Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes Having Reliable Electrical Contacts
E. Graugnard
R. Reifenberger
B. Walsh
P. J. De Pablo
Magnetism and Magnetic Isomers in Chromium Clusters
L. A. Bloomfield
J. Deng
H. Zhang
J. W. Emmert
Magnetism of Transition Metal Clusters and Their Compounds
B. V. Reddy
Quantum Effects in Single-Molecule Nanomagnets
R. Sessoli
A. Caneschi
D. Gatteschi
C. Sangregorio
A. Cornia
W. Wernsdorfer
Atomic, Electronic, and Vibrational Structure and Magnetic Anisotropy of Mn12O12-Acetate Nanomagnets
M. R. Pederson
J. Kortus
S. N. Khanna
Vapor Phase Synthesis of Intermetallic Nanoparticles
Y. B. Pithawalla
M. S. El-Shall
S. C. Deevi
Nature of Magnetism in Cr Nanoparticles Produced by Ball Milling
W. Abdul-Razzaq
A. Manivannan
M. S. Seehra
Speciation of Ho(III) and Gd(III) in Magnetic Polyimide Films
K. Esperdy
D. D. Shillady
On the Energy Structure Peculiarities of Two-Dimensional Electronic Clusters in External Magnetic Fields
S. Ya. Goroshchenko
Ordered Colloidal Magnetic Particles by Magnetophoretic Deposition
M. Giersig
M. Hilgendorff
Orbital Magnetism and Dynamics in Alkali Metal Clusters
V. O. Nesterenko
W. Kleinig
F. F. De Souza Cruz
J. R. Marinelli
Magnetic Properties of Cobalt Clusters Embedded in a Nonmagnetic Matrix (Ag, Cu, and SiO2)
Y. Qiang
R. Morel
D. Eastham
J. M. Meldrim
J. Kraft
A. Fert
H. Haberland
D. J. Sellmyer
Influence of Chemisorption on the Magnetism of Interacting Ferrihydrite Nanoparticles
M. S. Seehra
V. S. Babu
P. Roy
A. Manivannan
High Temperature Magnetic Properties of Partially Re-crystallized Cobalt Substituted Finemet-Type Alloys
R. S. Taylor
K. M. Unruh
Beyond Moore's Law: Quantum Computing with RF Squids
J. R. Anderson
A. J. Dragt
C. Lobb
F. C. Wellstood
M. Gubrud
M. Ejrnaes
M. M. Gorska
T. Rusin
Optical Properties
Chemical Reactions at and Through Nanoparticle Interfaces
U. Kreibig
M. Gartz
A. Hilger
S. Kunneke
M. Tenfelde
Optical Excitations in Nanostructures: Application of Time Dependent Density Functional Theory to Sin (n = 3 - 10) Clusters
I. Vasiliev
S. Ogut
J. R. Chelikowsky
Nanostructured Polymeric Photonic Crystals
S. G. Romanov
T. Maka
C. M. Sotomayor Torres
M. Muller
R. Zentel
Photodepletion Experiment on Rare Gas Metal Cluster Complexes: An Alternative Technique
J. M. Antonietti
S. Fakra
M. Bourdin
S. Fedrigo
A. Chatelain
Micrographic Analysis of Heat Treated Silicate Glasses Containing CdSxSe1-x Using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)
P. Mukherjee
Internal Structure and Interface Effects of Oxide-Covered Silicon Nanocrystallites by Various Gas Phase Processes
H. Hofmeister
U. Kahler
F. Huisken
B. Kohn
Electronic Structure
Temperature Effects in Anion Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Metal Clusters
L.-S. Wang
X. Li
A Novel Network Structure of Organometallic Clusters in Gas Phase
K. Kaya
S. Nagao
Y. Negishi
K. Judai
A. Kato
Y. Nakamura
A. Nakajima
Superhalogen Behavior of FeO4 and MnO4
G. L. Gutsev
B. K. Rao
S. N. Khanna
P. Jena
Alkalization of Aluminum Clusters: Every Electron Counts
B. K. Rao
S. N. Khanna
P. Jena
Electronic Structure and Transport Properties of Fe1-xAlx
B. V. Reddy
S. C. Deevi
A. C. Lilly
P. Jena
Hadronically-Correlated-SCF Treatment of Li4: A Test Case for Correlated Energy of Metal Clusters
D. D. Shillady
R. M. Santilli
On the Nature of Bonding in Small Mg Clusters
J. M. Sin
S. Nayak
G. Scoles
Effect of the Ion Charge and of the Electronic Correlation on the Excitation Energy in Ion-Cluster Collision
R.-J. Tarento
P. Joyes
J. Van De Walle
N. Benseba
D. Mekki
Exact Diagonalization Method Applied to the Photoemission Spectra of Clusters
R.-J. Tarento
P. Joyes
J. Van De Walle
N. Benseba
D. Mekki
Soft X-Ray Emission Generated from Electron Excited Atomic Cluster Target
S. A. Ter-Avetisyan
V. O. Papanyan
Non-adiabatic Time-Dependent Processes in C20, C60, and C110 Fullerenes: Application to K Photoemission
P. Joyes
R.-J. Tarento
J. Van De Walle
Spin Unrestricted Electronic Structure Calculations of 4d Transtion Metal Dopants in InP and
P. K. Khowash
Isomers in Al13-nInn (n = 0---4) Clusters
C. Ashman
S. N. Khanna
J. Kortus
M. R. Pederson
Metal Chalcogenide Nanotubes---Structure and Electronic Properties
G. Seifert
G. Jungnickel
T. Frauenheim
H. Terrones
M. Terrones
Morphology and Electronic Structure of Oxidized Silicon Nanoclusters
J. A. Carlisle
I. N. Germanenko
Y. Pithawalla
M. Dongol
M. S. El-Shall
Self Assemblies
Synthesis and Self-Organization of Gold Nanoparticles into Superlattices from CTAB Reverse Micelles
J. Lin
W. L. Zhou
C. J. O'Connor
Nanotubes, Fullerenes, Metcars, and Other Carbon-Based Nanostructures
Electronic Effects of Oxygen Adsorption on Carbon Nanotubes
P. G. Collins
M. Ishigami
A. Zettl
Infrared Absorption of ``Interstellar'' Nanodiamonds in the Two-Phonon Range
H. G. M. Hill
L. B. D'Hendecourt
W. Kress
C. Carabatos-Nedelec
Thermionic Emission from Negatively Charged Metcars: The Exceptional Behavior of Ti13C22
N. Blessing
S. Burkart
D. Kreisle
G. Gantefor
Collisional Formation of Metallofullerenes
R. Deng
R. Maccrimmon
O. Echt
Measurement of Electrical Properties of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Making Contact with a Scanning Force Microscopy Tip
P. J. De Pablo
J. Colchero
J. Gomez-Herrero
A. M. Baro
M. T. Martinez
W. Maser
A. M. Benito
E. Munoz
J. Muster
S. Roth
M. Burghard
Surface-Induced Reactions of Singly and Multiply Charged Parent and Fragment Ions of C60
O. Echt
T. Fiegele
F. Biasioli
C. Mair
Z. Herman
P. Scheier
T. D. Mark
Bulk Production, Isolation, and Characterization of Metallocarbohedrenes
M. E. Lyn
G. S. Mccarty
D. E. Bergeron
E. R. Statz
A. D. Korman
P. S. Weiss
A. W. Castleman, Jr.
Wave Packet Dynamical Simulation of Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy of Supported Nanostructures
G. I. Mark
L. P. Biro
J. Gyulai
P. A. Thiry
P. Lambin
Scanning Kelvin Probe Microscopy of Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes
B. Walsh
D. B. Janes
E. Graugnard
R. Reifenberger
P. J. De Pablo
R. P. Andres
Reactions and Catalysis
Size-Specific Reactions of Iron Cluster Cations with Ammonia
R. Liyanage
J. B. Griffin
P. B. Armentrout
The Formation of Metal-Centered Si Clusters
H. Hiura
T. Kanayama
The Effects of Water Solvation of Double Proton Transfer Reactions
D. E. Folmer
E. S. Wisniewski
A. W. Castleman, Jr.
Spectroscopy of (Benzene) (Acetic Acid)n Clusters, Even/Odd Alternation and Unusual Abundance of the (Benzene)2+(Acetic Acid)8 Cluster
I. N. Germanenko
H. Mahmoud
Y. Ibrahim
I. McComish
M. S. El-Shall
Influence of Solvation on Ion Cluster Reactions
J. J. Gilligan
B. D. Leskiw
A. W. Castleman, Jr.
Ionization Dynamics of Transition Metal-Carbon Clusters
S. E. Kooi
B. D. Leskiw
A. W. Castleman, Jr.
The Interplay Between the Electronic Structure and Reactivity of Aluminum Clusters
B. D. Leskiw
A. W. Castleman, Jr.
Zinc and Cadmium Doped Rare Gas Cluster Cations
J. Opitz
B. Stegemann
B. Kaiser
K. Rademann
Adsorption and Reactions of Nin+ Clusters with Methanol Molecule: Internal and Collision Energy Perspectives
R. T. Yadav
T. Hanmura
M. Ichihashi
T. Kondow
Reactions of Group V Transition Metal Oxide Clusters with 1,3-Butadiene
K. A. Zemski
R. C. Bell
A. W. Castleman, Jr.
Supported Clusters
3d Impurities on the (001) Surface of Fe
B. Nonas
N. Papanikolaou
K. Wildberger
R. Zeller
P. H. Dederichs
Stability, Electronic Structure, and Magnetic Properties of Transition Metal Atoms Supported on Organic Templates
R. Pandey
B. K. Rao
P. Jena
1-D Monte Carlo Simulation of Cluster Growth
E. S. Bowman
Marilyn F. Bishop
T. Mcmullen
A. A. Baski
Formation of 1D Ca Rows on Si(111)
M. S. Turner
K. M. Jones
A. A. Baski
J. A. Carlisle
How the Shape of Nanoparticles Affects Their Adsorption Properties
K. J. Klabunde
S. Decker
E. Lucas
O. Koper
Granular Films Assembled of Con, Crm, and Mixtures of Co and Crm Clusters: Structure and Electron Transport Properties
L. T. Kuhn
F. Vanhoutte
M. Cannaerts
S. Neukermans
G. Verschoren
W. Bouwen
C. Van Haesendonck
P. Lievens
R. E. Silverans
B. Pauwels
G. Van Tendeloo
Theoretical Study on the Modification of Active Sites in Gold Surfaces Modeled as Finite Clusters: Influence of Structural Defects and the Applied Overpotential
L. H. Mendoza-Huizar
J. Robles
J. S. Dominguez
Morphology of Platinum Nanoparticles Protected by Poly (n-isopropylacrylamide)
A. Miyazaki
Y. Nakano
Investigation of the Mobility of Small Antimony Clusters on HOPG with Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
B. Stegemann
J. Opitz
B. Kaiser
K. Rademann
Defect Structures on the Si(5 5 12)-2X1 Surface
A. S. Sun
K. M. Jones
A. A. Baski
Deposition of Cluster Ions on Solid Surface and Observation by STM: Development of Apparatus
H. Yasumatsu
S. Koizumi
T. Kondow
Computational Studies on Si7 Clusters Deposited on a Graphite Substrate
F. Hagelberg
P. Scheier
B. Marsen
M. Lonfat
K. Sattler
Deposition of Hydrogenated Si Clusters on Si Surfaces
N. Uchida
T. Kanayama
M. O. Watanabe
L. Bolotov
K. Kimura
Quantum Dots
Strain, Morphology, and Self-Organization in the Growth of Si/Ge ``Quantum Dot'' Nanoclusters
A. Woll
J. Sullivan
F. Liu
M. G. Lagally
Ab Initio Simulation of Transport Properties of Molecular Structures
M. Di Ventra
S. T. Pantelides
N. D. Lang
Phase Changes and Molecular Dynamics
Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Thiol Influence on the Behavior of Gold Nanoparticles
J. A. Ascencio
M. J. Yacaman
Caloric Curves of Atomic Clusters---Solid--liquid Phase Transitions
M. Schmidt
R. Kusche
T. Hippler
J. Donges
B. V. Issendorff
H. Haberland
New Insights into Phase Transitions from Cluster Behavior
R. S. Berry
A. Proykova
Tailoring the Shape of Small Metal Particles Through Laser Irradiation During and After Growth
J. Bosbach
F. Stietz
T. Wenzel
F. Trager
The Oxide Melts Nanostructure Research by a ``Covalent Bonds Network Covering'' Method
L. I. Voronova
V. I. Voronov
J. V. Gluboky
Prospects for Large-Scale Neural Network Computation Using DNA Molecules
A. P. Mills, Jr.
B. Yurke
Molecular Assembly of Nanostructures: Towards Nano-computers
A. M. Rawlett
S. Huang
E. T. Mickelson
W. A. Reinerth
L. Jones, II
T. P. Burgin
J. M. Tour
J. Chen
C.-W. Zhou
C. J. Muller
M. R. Deshpande
M. A. Reed
Design and Analysis of Molecular Electronic Components and Circuits
D. A. Buzatu
J. A. Darsey
Organization 709(2)
Participants 711(14)
Author Index 725

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