Contemporary World Regional Geography with Interactive World Issues CD-ROM and Map

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  • Format: Hardcover
  • Copyright: 2003-08-07
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math
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Contemporary World Regional Geography provides a geographical study of world issues through analysis of nine world regions and the countries in each. It integrates the themes of "global connections" and "local voices" and is structured so that within each chapter the global and local tensions are discussed, as well as economic, political, cultural, social, and environmental issues. Each chapter will follow the same framework, allowing students to easily make comparisons from one world region to the next.Interactive World Issues CD-ROM is packaged with every new text. This CD features five case studies (Oregon, China, South Africa, Mexico, and Chicago) and allows students to view videos, complete inquiry-based exercises, mapping exercises, and quizzes.Contemporary World Regional Geography is the recommended text for the popular world regional telecourse produced and distributed by Annenberg/CPB. The video tape series that is developed by Cambridge Studios for this telecourse ties directly to this text.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Globalization and World Regions

Global Focus: 9/11

Point-Counterpoint: Facets of Globalization

Chapter 2 Human Development and World Regional Geography

Global Focus:

Point-counterpoint: HIV/AIDS

Chapter 3 Europe

Global Focus:

Living in Bosnia

Point-counterpoint: European Union

Chapter 4 Russia and It's Neighbors

Global Focus:

Living in Russia

Point-counterpoint: Population Policies

Chapter 5 East Asia

Global Focus: Hong Kong

Living in Japan

Point-counterpoint: Population Policies

Chapter 6 Southeast Asia and South Pacific

Global Focus: Singapore

Living in Malaysia

Point-counterpoint: Pacific Rim

Chapter 7 South Asia

Global Focus:

Living in Pakistan

Point-counterpoint: Afghanistan-Pakistan-Kashmir-India

Chapter 8 Northern Africa and Southwestern Aisa

Global Focus:

Living in Oman (NEW)

Point-counterpoint: Jews and Arabs in Isreal

Chapter 9 Africa South of Sahara

Global Focus:

Living in Rwanda

Point-counterpoint: Famine in Africa

Chapter 10 Latin America

Global Focus:

Living in Bolivia

Point-counterpoint: Tropical Rain Forest

Chapter 11 North America

Global Focus:

Living in Canada

Point-counterpoint: NAFTA

Chapter 12 Global Connections, Local Voices

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