Corporatism : The Secret Government of the New World Order

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  • Edition: 2nd
  • Format: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2009-01-08
  • Publisher: Progressive Pr
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Corporations control all basic resources of the world, all the governments and institutions, and prevent us from solving humanity's problems. Their New World Order plan is the global 'prison planet' that Hitler was aiming for.

Author Biography

Jeffrey Grupp is an adjunct lecturer at Indiana and Purdue Universities. He is a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy at Purdue with an MA in philosophy from Western Michigan University, and a BA in anthropology from the University of New Mexico. His professional research specializations are Buddhism, quantum physics, and economic and political issues in philosophy. Grupp has published a dozen articles in top philosophy journals on quantum physics, Buddhism, and attacks on metaphysics. He is the originator of the mereological nihilist interpretation of quantum mechanics, which is a new interpretation of quantum physics meant to replace the largely metaphysical ones offered by Feynman and other physicists. Corporatism is his first publication on economic, anthropological, and political philosophical issues. His website is http://abstractatom.com/

Table of Contents

Corporatism: The New World Orderp. 11
American Education and Media: Fiat Educationp. 16
The Unverifiability of the Account of Reality Given in American Education and Mediap. 22
Believe the Unverifiable Account of Reality that You are Taught In School and On TV, or You are a "Conspiracy Theorist"p. 26
In America, Empirical Research is Now Often Called "Conspiracy Theory" or "Terrorism"p. 27
Brainwashing: Being Tricked into Believing that Non-Reality is Realityp. 29
Corporatists vs. Workersp. 30
A Coup of the US Government in the Late 1800sp. 34
9/11: Initiation into the New World Orderp. 36
The Corporatistsp. 38
Corporatist Governance Means a Fascist Worldp. 41
Corporatist Methodsp. 43
The Terrorist Hoax: It is Irrefutable that No Jetliner Hit the Pentagon on 9/11p. 46
The Details of the Pentagon Before the Roof Collapsedp. 47
Attempts to Overturn the No-Plane Pentagon Evidencep. 48
How can there be a Mass Media Cover-up of 9/11?p. 51
The Secret Governmentp. 52
Hints of the Existence of a Demented Secret Governmentp. 54
Reality Only Makes Sense when One's Theorization About Reality Includes the Secret Governmentp. 57
Proof of the Existence of the Secret Governmentp. 58
More Proofp. 62
The Corporatists are the New World Orderp. 63
The Visible Government and the Invisible (Secret) Governmentp. 64
The US Government: The Visible Government is Only a Made-For-TV Dramap. 67
The Mechanics of the Secret Governmentp. 68
Planned Failure of the Visible Governmentp. 69
Icke's P-R-S Thesisp. 72
The Core of the Secret Government: The Global Corporatistsp. 74
Conclusion: The Family and Corporatismp. 77
Corporatismp. 79
The Corporatist Structure of the United States (and the World)p. 79
Structural Interpretation - Step 1p. 80
Structural Interpretation - Step 2p. 85
Structural Interpretation - Step 3p. 87
Lived Corporatism: The Tyrannized Experience of Everyday Lifep. 89
Abstract Corporatism: A Corporation is Only an Ideap. 93
Worker Against Worker, Fighting for the Corporatistsp. 96
Corporatized Existence is the End of Lifep. 96
The Rise of Anarchism Corporatismp. 98
The Helpless, Infantine Workers of the Abstract Corporatist Death Starp. 99
Ultimate Corporatist Power: Basic Life Needs are Monopolized by Corporationsp. 100
USA-Style Tyrannyp. 101
Objection: Consumers Control Demand, and Thus Control Corporations.p. 104
Control of Resources is Control of Thought, Behavior, and Life of the RPp. 107
Conclusionp. 109
Corporate Communismp. 111
The Mechanics of a Corporatist Nationp. 111
The Systems of Governmentp. 111
If there is Government, then Government Oppression is Inevitablep. 112
Fractal Corporatismp. 113
Progressing from Weak Corporatism to Strong Corporatismp. 115
Weak Corporatism (1870-September 11, 2001)p. 115
Moderate Corporatism (September 11, 2001 - 2007)p. 115
Full or Genuine Corporatism (estimated to commence some time between 2008-2014)p. 116
Communist Americap. 117
Orwellian Americap. 118
American Ideas of Communismp. 119
How American Ideas of Communism are Createdp. 121
The Characteristics of Communismp. 125
Corporatist Genocide and Terrorismp. 126
Atheistic Corporatismp. 127
Big Pharma and Soma: Corporatized Religion and the Creation of Super-Cogsp. 130
Classlessnessp. 134
The Myth of Private Ownership in the United Statesp. 137
In Corporatist America, Ownership = Government Ownershipp. 139
The Mythical Idea that One Owns "Their" Thought and Behaviorp. 141
The Ownership of the Subjectivity of the corporatized Personp. 143
Brainwashing and the Unison of the Big Media Agendap. 145
The Media and 9/11p. 147
Big Media Uniformityp. 149
Media Absurdity and Controlp. 151
Controlled, Implanted, Repeating Language in the Mass Mediap. 153
Indirect Rulep. 154
Thought, Behavior, and Self Created by Corporatismp. 155
Televisual "Education"p. 158
Brainwashing Versus Sciencep. 159
Case Study: Big Pharma and Brainwashingp. 160
Total Enslavement of the Citizenryp. 167
There is no Capitalism in Corporatist America (Except for the Corporastists)p. 170
Money is the Ultimate Weapon and Tool of the Corporatistsp. 172
American Communismp. 173
Corporatist Economy is Monopolistic Non-Local Economyp. 174
Monopolization of the World's Industries and Resources Involves the Creation of Artificial Scarcityp. 175
The Fabricated Business Cyclep. 177
The Communist Economics of No-Capital: The Debt-Money Systemp. 183
The "Unpredictable" Business Cycles Occur Predictablyp. 185
Monopolization and the Myth of "Supply and Demand"p. 188
Big Oil: An Example of a Fabricated "Supply and Demand" Marketp. 193
Conclusion: America: Communism with Lots of Distractionsp. 195
Secrecy, Terror, Theft, and Destruction: Corporatist Strategies, Tactics, and Economicsp. 197
Wealth-Power, the New World Order, and Think Tanks: The Mechanics of Corporate Tyrannyp. 198
Think Tanksp. 200
Think Tank Solecismp. 203
Secret Power Via Corporatist Wealthp. 204
The Key to Corporatist Power: Domination of Washington, D. C.p. 208
According to Homeland Security, Americans are al-Qaedap. 212
Corporatists Control Government, and Therefore Corporatism is Governmentp. 213
Lobbyistsp. 214
Economics of Destructionp. 216
Profit off of Destructionp. 219
Babylonp. 220
"Economic Growth"p. 222
Global Poverty and Slavery: Free Trade and the New World Orderp. 223
"Free Trade"p. 223
The New World Order: Present-Day World Governmentp. 224
Education of Ignorancep. 226
Medicated Nation: All Behavior is "Mental Illness," where the Person is Blamed, Rather than the Corporatized Culturep. 227
Corporatist Education: "No Child Left Behind"p. 229
The Little Child vs. the Massive Corporatocracyp. 233
Corporatist Education is Military Educationp. 234
Corporate Terrorismp. 235
DU, Population Reduction, Robots, Transhumanism, and Secret Technologyp. 235
Pollution Terrorism: The Largest Chemical Weapons Terrorist Attacks in Historyp. 237
Global Warmingp. 240
Health Carep. 245
Industrial Toxic Waste is Food, Water, and Medicinep. 245
Privatized Military Forces (PMFs) and Secret Warp. 246
Secret Warp. 247
Rearrangement of the World for the Corporatistsp. 249
False-Flag Terror: The Principal Tactic of the Corporatistsp. 250
The Pentagon on 9/11: Irrefutable Proof of False Flag Terrorp. 252
The Proof: No Pentagon Plane Means There are No Muslim Terrorists Out there to be Fearedp. 254
Government Response and Eyewitness Accounts.p. 262
The History of False Flag Terrorp. 263
9/11 and Brainwashingp. 265
Proof of Foreknowledge of 9/11 by American Corporatists and the Visible Government Corporatistsp. 267
Osama Bin Laden is a Corporatist, and the "Terror Economy" is a Trillion Dollar Corporatist Economy.p. 273
Proof of Complicity in 9/11 by American Corporatistsp. 277
Invisible Cave-Dwelling Warriorsp. 282
Nothing Can Be Verified in the Terror Warp. 284
Planned, Fabricated War: The Military-Industrial Complex and Globalizationp. 287
Private Contractorsp. 288
Mental Disorderp. 288
Conclusionp. 292
The Global Contamination of Humanity: The Primary New World Order Tacticp. 293
Introductionp. 293
Vaccinesp. 294
Doctorsp. 294
A Note About the State of Scientific Researchp. 295
Why No Vaccine has Ever Eradicated or Reduced the Frequency of Any Diseasep. 297
Media and Education Blackout of Empirical Data on Vaccinesp. 308
Correlation and Causationp. 310
Frequency of Occurrencep. 311
When It's Correlation and When It's Causationp. 311
Vaccination vs. Immunizationp. 312
Effectiveness of Studyp. 313
Data on Smallpoxp. 313
Data on Poliop. 316
Data on Hepatitis Bp. 318
Data on DTaP Vaccinep. 320
Data on Pneumococcal Disease and Prevnarp. 323
Data on Haemophilus Influenza type B (HIB)p. 323
Data on the MMR Vaccinep. 325
Why is Mercury Bad for the Nervous Systemp. 328
What Does Mercury Do to the Nervous System?p. 330
How to Prove Mercury in Vaccines Causes Autismp. 331
Nazification of Medicinep. 332
Chemtrailsp. 335
Introductionp. 335
How do we Really Know we are being Sprayed?p. 337
The US Code of Lawp. 337
Space Preservation Act: H.R. 2977 of the 107thp. 340
Admission of Spraying by the US Governmentp. 343
Visual Evidence: Contrails Vs. Chemtrailsp. 345
NASA Says Contrails Do Not Dissipatep. 347
Chemtrails Characteristicsp. 348
So What's Getting Sprayed on Americans?p. 352
Conclusion of Chemtrails Discussionp. 353
Morgellons Diseasep. 354
Conclusionp. 372
The Corporatist Dream-State: A World of Death Campsp. 373
The Machine Worldp. 376
How Will the Transformation into Global Death-Camp Occur?p. 379
The Pre-Planning and Execution of a Society of Death Campsp. 382
KBR/Halliburton "Detention Camps"p. 383
Why the Camps Are For Ordinary Americansp. 387
Martial Lawp. 390
The Rounding-Up of Millionsp. 392
Works Citedp. 393
Indexp. 403
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