Experience-Driven Leader Development Models, Tools, Best Practices, and Advice for On-the-Job Development

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  • Copyright: 2013-11-25
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Supplemental Materials

What is included with this book?


This book is written for human resource, organization development, and training professionals who need real-world best practices that show who actual workplace learning approaches work and how they can be applied. Co-published with the acclaimed Center for Creative Leadership, this important book offers a compendium of best practices, tools, techniques, processes, and other resource resources to harness the developmental power of work experiences for leadership development. In addition the book includes illustrative case studies of leadership approached that have worked in such forward thinking organizations as Boeing, Microsoft, and Heineken.

Author Biography

Cynthia McCauley is a senior fellow at the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, North Carolina. She is co-editor of The Center for Creative Leadership Handbook of Leadership Development and has been an active contributor for many years to the field of on-the-job leader development.

Scott DeRue is a management professor and director of the leadership initiative at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. Reported by CNN/Money to be one of the top forty business school professors under the age of forty, DeRue conducts research and teaches in the areas of leadership and team development.

Paul Yost is an associate professor of industrial-organizational psychology at Seattle Pacific University and principle and founder of Yost & Associates, Inc. He has worked at Microsoft, Boeing, GEICO, and Battelle Research in a variety of roles, including executive assessment, leadership development, and human resource research.

Sylvester Taylor is a director in the Research, Innovation, and Product Development Group at the Center for Creative Leadership. He has more than twenty years of experience researching, designing, and implementing leadership development initiatives, primarily helping organizations gain value from organizational and multi-rater feedback.

Table of Contents

List of Exhibits, Figures, and Tables xiii

Foreword xix

Acknowledgments xxiii

Introduction xxv

SECTION 1. Developmental Experiences: More Intentional for More People 1

Section Introduction 3

Equipping Employees to Pursue Developmental Experiences 7

1 Intensity and Stretch: The Drivers of On-the-Job Development 7
Mark Kizilos (Experience-Based Development Associates, LLC)

2 A Leadership Experience Framework 15
Paul Van Katwyk, Joy Hazucha, and Maynard Goff (Korn/Ferry International)

3 Identifying Development-in-Place Opportunities 21
Cynthia McCauley (Center for Creative Leadership)

4 Leadership Maps: Identifying Developmental Experiences in Any Organization 25
Paul Yost (Seattle Pacific University) and Joy Hereford (Yost & Associates, Inc.)

5 Building Organization-Specific Knowledge About Key Developmental Experiences 37
Paul R. Bly (Th omson Reuters) and Mark Kizilos (Experience-Based Development Associates, LLC)

6 Expression of Interest: Making Sought-After Roles Visible 45
Tanya Boyd (Payless Holdings, Inc.)

7 Designing Part-Time Cross-Functional Experiences 49
Nisha Advani (Genentech, a member of the Roche Group)

8 Creating Project Marketplaces 55
Cynthia McCauley (Center for Creative Leadership)

Leveraging Existing Experiences for Learning 57

9 Leveraging the Developmental Power of Core Organizational Work 57
Patricia M.G. O’Connor (Wesfarmers)

10 Learning Transferable Skills Through Event Planning 65
Kenna Cottrill and Kim Hayashi (Leadership Inspirations)

11 Pinpointing: Matching Job Assignments to Employees 69
Jeffrey J. McHenry (Rainier Leadership Solutions)

12 Learning from Personal Life Experiences 77
Marian N. Ruderman and Patricia J. Ohlott (Center for Creative Leadership)

Creating New Developmental Experience 81

13 Strategic Corporate Assignments to Develop Emerging Market Leaders 81
Anita Bhasin (Sage Ways, Inc.), Lori Homer (Microsoft), and Eric Rait (Honeycomb Development)

14 Full-Time Strategic Projects for High Potentials 87
Paul Orleman (SAP)

15 A Personalized Rotation Program to Develop Future Leaders 93
Bela Tisoczki and Laurie Bevier (General Electric)

16 Corporate Volunteerism as an Avenue for Leader Development 99
Shannon M. Wallis (Arrow Leadership Strategies) and Jeff rey J. McHenry (Rainier Leadership Solutions)

17 Developing Socially Responsible Global Leaders Through Service Projects 107
Mathian Osicki and Caroline Smee (IBM)

18 Stretch Assignments to Develop First-Time Supervisors 113
Sally A. Allison and Marsha Green (Duke University)

19 Executive Shadowing 119
Ritesh Daryani (Expedia, Inc.)

20 Leadership Fitness Challenge: Daily Exercise of the Leadership Muscle 123
Laura Ann Preston-Dayne (Kelly Services, Inc.)

21 Using a Video-Case-Based Collaborative Approach in Leader Development 129
Nate Allen (U.S. Army, National Defense University)

22 Cross-Company Consortiums: Tackling Business Challenges and Developing Leaders Together 133
Yury Boshyk (Th e Global Executive Learning Network)

SECTION 2. Leaders: Better Equipped to Learn from Experience 141

Section Introduction 143

Organizing Frameworks 145

23 Mindful Engagement: Learning to Learn from Experience 145
D. Scott DeRue and Susan J. Ashford (University of Michigan)

24 PARR: A Learning Model for Managers 151
Laura Ann Preston-Dayne (Kelly Services, Inc.)

25 GPS•R: A Tool for Assessing Learning Readiness 157
Paul Yost, Hillary Roche, and Jillian McLellan (Seattle Pacific University)

Learning Strategies and Tactics 165

26 Asking Questions to Foster Learning from Experience 165
Sally Beddor Nowak (Agilent Technology)

27 Using the Classroom to Create a Learning Orientation 169
Lori Homer (Microsoft) and Anita Bhasin (Sage Ways, Inc.)

28 Establishing a Learning Mindset 177
Kelly A. Bunker (Making Experience Matter)

29 Tactics for Learning from Experience 181
Maxine Dalton

30 Narrating Emotions to Enhance Learning 187
Shirli Kopelman (University of Michigan) and Ilan Gewurz (Proment Corporation)

31 Proactive Feedback Seeking: The Power of Seeing Yourself as Others See You 195
Susan J. Ashford (University of Michigan)

32 Feedback: Who, When, and How to Ask 203
Sylvester Taylor (Center for Creative Leadership)

33 Micro-Feedback: A Tool for Real-Time Learning 207
Tanya Boyd (Payless Holdings, Inc.)

Reflection and Retention 213

34 Leadership Journeys: Intentional Reflection Experiences 213
Nicole L. Dubbs, Andrew K. Mandel, Kristin Ohnstad, and Scott Taylor (Teach For America)

35 After-Event Reviews: How to Structure Reflection Conversations 221
D. Scott DeRue (University of Michigan)

36 Scaffolding Reflection: What, So What, Now What? 229
Claudia Hill (Korn/Ferry International)

37 Life Journeys: Developing for the Future by Looking at the Past 235
Kerry A. Bunker (Making Experience Matter)

38 Strategies for Facilitating Learning from Experience 239
Claudia Hill (Korn/Ferry International)

39 Teachable Point of View: Learning to Lead by Teaching Others 243
Scott McGhee (U.S. Cellular)

40 Implementation Intention: A Refi nement to Leadership Development Goal Setting 249
Luke Novelli, Jr. (Leadership Development Resources Global)

41 Twelve Questions for More Strategic Work and Learning 255
Kelly McGill (Expedia, Inc.)

Learning Communities and Support 259

42 Building a Board of Learning Advisors 259
Marisa Bossen and Paul Yost (Seattle Pacific University)

43 Building a Learning Community Through Reflection and Experimentation 265
Jennifer Jaramillo (Accenture) and Kristen Schultz (University of Michigan)

44 Using Communities of Practice to Cultivate Leaders of Integrity 273
John R. Terrill (Seattle Pacific University)

45 CompanyCommand: A Peer-to-Peer Learning Forum 279
Nate Allen (U.S. Army, National Defense University)

46 Virtual Roundtables: Using Technology to Build Learning Communities 287
Jonathan Winter (The Career Innovation Group)

SECTION 3. Human Resource Systems: Designed for Experience-Driven Development 293

Section Introduction 295

47 Integrated Talent Management and Experience-Based Development 299
Norm Tonina (Grameen Foundation)

Selection and On-Boarding 309

48 Identifying and Assessing for Learning Ability 309
Paul Yost and Jillian McLellan (Seattle Pacific University)

49 On-the-Job Development That Starts on Day One 317
Brad Borland (Kelly Services, Inc.)

50 New Leader Assimilation 321
Tanya Boyd (Payless Holdings, Inc.)

51 Virtual On-Boarding 327
Ritesh Daryani (Expedia, Inc.)

Managers as Developers 333

52 Leaders Coaching Leaders: Cascading Leadership Development Through the Organization 333
Robert J. Thomas, Claudy Jules, and Joshua Bellin (Accenture)

53 An Exercise for Managers: Developing Talent Through Assignments 341
Cynthia McCauley (Center for Creative Leadership)

54 Performance and Development Through Conversation 347
Jonathan Winter (Th e Career Innovation Group)

Performance Management 355

55 Performance Management and Leadership Development: Paradox or Potential? 355
Robert McKenna and Robleh Kirce (Seattle Pacific University)

56 Performance Management Catalysts for Experience-Driven Development 363
Paul Yost (Seattle Pacific University)

Training, Development, and Beyond 371

57 Training and Experience-Driven Development 371
Paul Yost (Seattle Pacific University)

58 Bringing the Real World into the Classroom 375
Elaine Biech (ebb associates inc)

59 Cultivating Learning Agility: Lessons from the Microfi nance Sector 381
Lyndon Rego (Center for Creative Leadership), Vandana Viswanathan (CoCoon), and Peg Ross (PCI)

60 HoTspots (HubsoTraining): A Blended Group Learning Solution to Extend Traditional Training 389
Eric Berg (LINGOs)

61 Building Experience into Simulations 397
James Chisholm, Greg Warman, and Andrew Webster (ExperiencePoint)

62 Mentoring: Building Leaders in Powerful Developmental Relationships 405
Dana Kendall (Seattle Pacific University)

Action Learning 413

63 Business Driven Action Learning 413
Yury Boshyk (Th e Global Executive Learning Network)

64 Action Learning with Community-Based Nonprofi ts 423
Lynn Fick-Cooper and Shera Clark (Center for Creative Leadership)

65 Better Together: Building Learning Communities Across Organizations 433
Jan Wilmott (Royal Bank of Canada)

66 Communities of Practice: Building and Sustaining Global Learning Communities 441
Yury Boshyk (Th e Global Executive Learning Network)

Succession Management 445

67 Succession Planning: Developing General Managers Through Experience 445
Mary M. Plunkett

68 Building Breadth and Depth Through Experience 451
Jennifer Kennedy Marchi (Sonos, Inc.)

69 Profi les for Success: Building a Framework for Internal Transitions 459
Tanya Boyd (Payless Holding, Inc.)

70 Hot Jobs-Hot People: Sharing Leadership Talent Across Organizations 463
Jeff rey J. McHenry (Rainier Leadership Solutions)

71 Multicultural Women in the Pipeline: Finding Hidden Treasure 473
Ella L.J. Edmondson Bell (Tuck School of Business and ASCENT–Leading Multicultural Women to the Top)

SECTION 4. The Organization: Enabler of Experience-Driven Development 479

Section Introduction 481

Frameworks for Assessing Organizations 483

72 Organizational Climate for Development 483
Cynthia McCauley (Center for Creative Leadership)

73 Creating the “and” Organization: Seeing Leadership Development as a Key Strategic Issue 487
Stephen R. Mercer (SRM Consulting, Ltd.)

Designing Tools for Widespread Use 493

74 Leading from Where You Are 493
Paul Yost and Emily Pelosi (Seattle Pacific University)

75 My Needs, Their Needs: Designing High-Value Development Tools 501
Rob McKenna (Seattle Pacific University), Mary M. Plunkett, and Kayode Adeuja (Heineken International)

76 Built to Last: Sustainable On-the-Job Development Interventions for the Entire Organization 509
Paul Yost and Emily Pelosi (Seattle Pacific University), and Sierra Snyder (Slalom Consulting)

Influencing Organizational Leaders 515

77 Building Support for Experience-Based Development 515
Brad Borland (Kelly Services, Inc.)

78 The Power of Stories in Leadership Development 519
Paul Yost and Jillian McLellan (Seattle Pacific University)

79 Assessing Learning’s Impact on Careers 523
Richard A. Guzzo and Haig R. Nalbantian (Mercer)

80 Teaching Senior Leaders the Dynamics of Derailment 529
Cynthia McCauley and Sylvester Taylor (Center for Creative Leadership)

Solutions to Specific Obstacles 535

81 Strengthening Executive Mobility 535
Nora Gardner and Cameron Kennedy (McKinsey & Company)

82 Talent Ecosystems: Building Talent Through Strategic Partnerships 541
D. Scott DeRue (University of Michigan)


Contributing Authors 551

About the Center for Creative Leadership 563

Index 565

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