Fire Bolt

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  • Format: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2012-05-30
  • Publisher: Trafford on Demand Pub
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Years after the entire world was nearly destroyed by a vast meteor, the world falls into war. Brother against brother; family against friends; all fight to be accepted in the world. One lonely, young man, with no memory of his past, or his family, discovers a special power within him that can change that deceitful era. With this discovery, he begins to unlock the secrets of his past, meeting others like him and getting himself into another war. Take part in this grand adventure of love, betrayal, war, and supernatural occurrences where Kai Ash must fulfill his destiny by saving the world, his people, and his one and only love.


A gun was fired. The yells of soldiers, in misery and pain, flowed with the wind, whistling. One part of the both armies has fallen. Their drops of sweat were small, black marbles. Smooth and silky, that became smaller as they slithered through the steep mountain of their faces, leaving behind a strip of their skin color, on their gray, dirt-dusted face. More soldiers have fallen. The sounds of swords and rifles clashing each other became unlimited. The dirt rose as a blinding mist of sand. It burned through the eyes of the soldiers turning them scarlet red of color. Through the dirt midst, blood red lines were seen after every sound of a swinging, slicing sword. The lines glided and reached its destination as it touched the ground. All that could be heard of the soldiers in that soul stealing mist was their slight screams of immense pain and their bodies smashing on the ground. The viewers' attention focused on only one soldier. He would be surrounded by the other soldiers of the offense army and wipe them out in a single move. Out of all the timeless battles, why was this one the most difficult? I guess this army longs for their survival and acceptance, but I cannot allow that to happen. Not as long as I am here to do something about it. The great warrior thought in anguish and exhaustion as he took down all who came before him. They referred him as a warrior for God. No one can fight or have the ability as great as he had. Many thought if his army was to lose, he would be the last one standing. His name was Kai Ash. "Kai" was all he could remember of his name from his troubling past. He was a great, young, attractive, six feet high, twenty-year-old warrior in the Cobra army. He had spiky, brown hair with red highlights, had a very thin mustache right above his upper lip, and a slim-cut goatee. He also was very strong physically and mentally as well. He was fighting in a battle against a great army called, "Lions." The soldiers, in the Lion Army, would wear a light brown and green uniform, as the Cobra Army wore pure black. The uniforms, for all armies, were just a sleeveless shirt, with baggy pants, and gun, sword, dagger, and weapon holders with the knives, guns, swords and daggers in them. The battle lasted three whole months. Kai just wished that he could live in the past 2,730 years ago where there barely were any fights or battles. And everyone lived in a wonder-filled and beautiful world; while the world he lived in was filled with ruins and different people. It was a dark and traitorous future the people grew up in. The year was 5730 and everyone was fighting for his or her survival and to be accepted in this faithless world. In the year 5562, there was a huge explosion caused by vast meteors. It was one of the largest ever seen in world history. The impact was so great; it created a change in the climate and the world. The sun turned red. The plants, animals, and people began to die. Half the population of that scenic planet survived. In the year 5590, most of the people started adapting to the new way of life by living off the food they grew underground. They lived in stumpy places where the climate didn't have much intensity. After some decades, they began to build their new home with plants and animals above ground. They lived mostly near oceans and places where plants and animals were found along with clean and unpolluted air. The people started to think that this world might become better than the one before and started thanking the explosion and change of the planet. After a while they just forgot about the people they once loved and lost in that explosion and continued their lives as if the world was just created and they were the first people to walk it. Near the 58th century, after the towns and cities were built, the climate started changing again. It took them a matter of years to finally realize what was occurring. At last, many grew mad and began to supply for those who can really assimilate in the new world. As for the rest who couldn't, they were thrown out as if they were pebbles in someone's shoes. They started fighting each other with anger, grief, and blame. As it went on, they fought for survival and acceptance and it has been that way ever since. Day after day, Kai would always be in the front, armed with his sword, and daggers. His weapons were one of a kind, for Kai makes them himself and only for himself because he knew that he was the only one who can use it professionally and correctly. One by one, people fell, on both sides. Yet, many still stand and continue on, 'til the end. Like it was mentioned before, it was a long battle. The days seemed like Tulips that open and close, but not being able to see a new morning or dream a different night. As they fought in the same trench, it always seemed like they walked back and forth in the trench as well, not being able to change their direction. The war seemed like a routine. Kai went to the Head Commanding Officer's Tent, walked up to the Commanding General, looked him straight in the eye, and said in fury, "We must end this battle, sir. This will never end if we continue in the same route. More will be lost." "Then what do you propose, young soldier?" asked the general. "Tomorrow morning, we should have the soldiers on each side of the compass: the North, East and West, as the main section, stays in the South," Kai said. "Since the Lions come from the North, I suggest that the Cobra army, assigned to go north, hide underground in dirt tunnels, just about one foot under, that way it can be easy for them to quickly rise to the surface. After all the Lions go in their positions, the Cobra soldiers in the north shoot up under the ground and surprise them with an underground attack. Then, the other sections come in for the strike, taking them by surprise. I bet you anything, with this plan, the Lions will surrender." "But what if they fight back, young soldier?" "I doubt it, general. It would be suicide if they fight back, sir. They will be completely surrounded. But if they do, the Lion Army will most certainly fall." The general agreed and did exactly what Kai said. The plan did work and the Lions surrendered. So, the Cobra army, because of Kai, won the battle. The warriors in the Cobra army were so jealous of Kai because the Commanding General adored him and claimed him the best of all, even above his own two sons, Sam and Jo. Cowards were the two sons. The general always said that they should always be an example, especially in the position they were in—as sons of a general. But the best example they showed was hiding in the farthest trench, away from the fight, like they did ever since the war started. So, they planned out a way to get rid of the "best soldier of all." Kai, at twenty-two hundred hours, went outside with his weapons to practice his fighting skills. Sam, Jo and other invidious soldiers snuck up on him and surrounded him. "Hey guy's, are you here to practice with me to be ready for another victory? We'll be sure to gain respect on this fight," Kai told them. "We might be here to practice, right guys?" Jo asked. "Yeah, but we need someone to practice on," Sam added. The soldiers huddled around Kai. "And guys, what do you know? We found the perfect person for that job," Sam finished. The envious soldiers began to beat Kai viciously. Some kicked and punched him while the others ripped his army uniform. Once they thought it was enough, the jealous soldiers took all his weapons, and left him to suffer in the dark, cold, rainy night.

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