Fuentes Conversacion y gramática

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  • Edition: 3rd
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  • Copyright: 2004-11-01
  • Publisher: Heinle
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Recognizing the knowledge and skills gained in first-year Spanish, the Fuentes program builds students' language proficiency by systematically refining receptive and productive skills while encouraging students to compare, contrast, and develop an appreciation of Spanish-speaking cultures. Students gain confidence through a wealth of integrated-skills practice that not only promotes recycling of previously learned materials, but also motivates them to express, infer, and negotiate meaning in the context of real-life situations.The two volumes of this program are linked by language functions, vocabulary, and high-interest, relevant themes that serve to promote critical thinking and classroom discussion. Conversación y gramftica focuses on the development of listening and speaking skills while building on first-year grammar concepts. Lectura y redacción concentrates on the development of students' reading and writing skills through systematic practice and the presentation of a variety of cultural and literary selections. The two volumes may be used together or independently to meet course objectives.

Table of Contents

Conversaci?n y gram?tica Cap?tulo preliminar
La vida universitaria
Introducing Yourself and Others
Obtaining and Giving Information About Class Schedules
Las materias acad?micas (Vocabulario) Expressing Likes and Dislikes
Gustar and Other Verbs Describing People, Places, and Things Expressing Future Actions Comprensi?n oral
Una conversaci?n en la facultad
Nuestras costumbres Comprensi?n oral
Una cuesti?n de identidad Narrating in the Present
Regular, Stem-Changing and Irregular Verbs
Reflexive Constructions Discussing Nightlife
La vida nocturna (Vocabulario) Obtaining and Giving Information
?Qu?? and ?cu?l?
Avoiding Redundancies
Subject and Direct-Object
Pronouns Recycled Material
The Present Indicative
Ir a + Infinitive
Verbs Like Gustar Cap?tulo
Espa?a: pasado y presente Comprensi?n oral
Un anuncio hist?rico Narrating in the Past (Part One)
The Preterit
Meanings Conveyed by Certain Verbs
Indicating When Actions Took Place: Time Expressions
Indicating Sequence: Adverbs of Time
Past Actions That Preceded Other Past Actions: The Pluperfect Discussing Movies
El cine (Vocabulario) Stating Time and Age in the Past
The Imperfect Recycled Material
The Present Indicative
Telling Time Capitulo
La Am?rica precolombina Comprensi?n oral
La leyenda del ma?z Narrating in the Past (Part Two)
Preterit and Imperfect: Part One
Preterit and Imperfect: Part Two Describing People and Things
Descripci?n f?sica (Vocabulario)
Personalidad (Vocabulario)
Ser and estar + Adjective
The Past Participle as an Adjective Indicating the Beneficiary of an Action
The Indirect Object Recycled Material
The Present Indicative
The Preterit
Time Expressions Cap?tulo
Llegan los inmigrantes Comprensi?n oral
Entrevista a un artista cubano Discussing Immigration
La inmigraci?n (Vocabulario) Expressing Past Intentions, Obligations and Past Knowledge
Preterit and Imperfect
(Part Three) Expressing Abstract Ideas
Lo + Adjective and lo que Expressing Accidental or Unintentional Occurrences
Unintentional se Narrating and Describing in the Past
Summary of Preterit and Imperfect Discussing the Past with Present Relevance
The Present Perfect Recycled Material
The Present Indicative
The Preterit
The Imperfect
Time Expressions Cap?tulo
Los Estados Unidos
Sabrosa fusi?n de culturas Comprensi?n oral
En esta mesa se habla espa?ol Influencing, Suggesting, Persuading, and Advising
The Present Subjunctive
Giving Indirect Commands and Information
Decir que + Subjunctive or Indicative Giving Direct Commands
Affirmative and Negative Commands with Ud. and Uds
Affirmative and Negative Commands with t? and vosotros Discussing Food
La comida (Vocabulario) Informing and Giving Instructions
Impersonal and Passive se Recycled Material
The Imperfect
Direct-Object Pronouns
Indirect-Object Pronouns
The Preterit
Stem-Changing and Reflexive Verbs in the Present Indicative Cap?tulo
Nuevas democracias Comprensi?n oral
Nadie est? inmune Expressing Feelings, Emotions, and Opinions About Present, Future, and Past Events
The Present Subjunctive
The Present Perfect Subjunctive Discussing Politics
La pol?tica (Vocabulario) Expressing Belief, Doubt, and Denial About Present, Future, and Past Events Forming Complex Sentences
The Relative Pronouns que and quien Indicating Cause, Purpose, and Destination
Por and para Recycled Material
The Imperfect
The Present Indicative
The Preterit
Ser and estar + Adjective Cap?tulo
Nuestro medio ambiente Comprensi?n oral
Unas vacaciones diferentes Discussing Adventure Travel and the Environment
Deportes (Vocabulario)
El medio ambiente (Vocabulario) Affirming and Negating Describing the Unknown
The Subjunctive in Adjective Clauses Expressing Pending Actions
The Subjunctive in Adverbial Clauses Avoiding Redundancies
Double Object Pronouns Recycled Material
The Preterit and the Imperfect
The Present Subjunctive Cap?tulo
Hablemos de trabajo Comprensi?n oral
Un trabajo en el extranjero Discussing Work
El trabajo (Vocabulario) Expressing Restriction, Possibility, Purpose, and Time
The Subjunctive in Adverbial Clauses Reporting What Someone Said
Reported Speech Expressing Choice and Negation
O...o, ni...ni, ni siquiera Describing Reciprocal Actions
Se/Nos/Os + Plural Verb Forms Recycled Material
The Preterit
The Imperfect
The Pluperfect
Ir a + Infinitive
The Present Subjunctive
Negation Cap?tulo
Es una obra de arte Comprensi?n oral
Entrevista a una experta en artesan?as Discussing Art
El arte (Vocabulario) Expressing Past Influence, Emotions, and Other Feelings and Reactions
The Imperfect Subjunctive Shifting the Focus in a Sentence
The Passive Voice Using the Infinitive
Summary of Uses of the Infinitive Using Transitional Phrases
Expressions with por
Recycled Material
The Preterit
The Imperfect
The Present Subjunctive Cap?tulo
Las relaciones humanas Comprensi?n oral
?Que vivan los novios! Stating Future Actions
The Future Tense Expressing Conditions, Giving Advice, and Making Requests
The Conditional Tense Expressing Probability
The Future and Conditional Tenses Discussing Societal Issues
La sociedad (Vocabulario) Hypothesizing About the Future and the Present
Si Clauses (Part One) Recycled Material
The Preterit
The Imperfect
The Imperfect Subjunctive Cap?tulo
Drogas y violencia Comprensi?n oral
?Coca o coca?na?
Discussing Crime and Violence
Delitos y consecuencias (Vocabulario) Hypothesizing About the Future and the Past
The Future Perfect and the Conditional Perfect
Si Clauses (Part Two) Expressing Past Influence, Emotions, and Other Feelings and Reactions
The Pluperfect Subjunctive Linking Ideas
Pero, sino, and sino que
Aunque, como, and donde Recycled Material
The Future
The Conditional
Si Clauses
The Preterit
The Imperfect
The Present Perfect
The Imperfect Subjunctive Cap?tulo
La comunidad latina en los Estados Unidos Comprensi?n oral
Un poema Narrating and Describing in the Past, Present, and Future (A Review)
Discussing the Past
Discussing the Present
Discussing the Future Recycled Material
All Tenses and Moods Videofuentes
?C?mo te identificas?
Espa?a: ayer y hoy
Los mayas
La legendaria Celia Cruz
Entrevista a John Leguizamo
En busca de la verdad
El turismo rural
Almod?var y los estereotipos
El arte de Elena Climent
En la esquina (cortometraje)
D?a latino en Fenway Park
Estudiar en el extranjero Reference Section
Formation of Tenses
Uses of ser, estar, and haber
Gender of Nouns and Formation of Adjectives
Position of Object Pronouns
Uses of a
Accentuation and Syllabication
Thematic Vocabulary Spanish-English Vocabulary Lectura y redacci?n Cap?tulo
Los hispanos
Los anuncios personales Estrategia
Activating Background Knowledge Lectura
Contactos (Anuncios de Internet)
Panorama cultural Estrategia
Identifying Cognates Lectura
La dificultad de llamarse "hispano"
Art?culos breves Estrategia
Scanning and Skimming Lectura
Gente hispana Redacci?n
Rese?a de una entrevista Estrategia
Reported Speech Estrategia
Defining Audience and Purpose Cap?tulo
Espa?a y su historia
Un programa de cine Estrategia
Recognizing Chronological Organization Lectura
Ciclo de Cine
Historia de Espa?a
Panorama cultural Lectura
Historia abreviada de Espa?a
Literatura Estrategia
Guessing Meaning from Context Cuento
"El criado del rico mercader,"
"Dayoub, el criado del rico mercader,"
Un cuento Estrategia
Marking Sequence with Transition Words Cap?tulo
La Am?rica ind?gena: Ayer y hoy
Un art?culo de revista Estrategia
Using Sentence Structure and Parts of Speech to Guess Meaning Lectura
Autopsia de una civilizaci?n, Qu? pasa
Panorama cultural Lectura
La presencia ind?gena en Hispanoam?rica
Literatura Estrategia
Using the Bilingual Dictionary Lectura
"El eclipse," Augusto Monterroso Redacci?n
Un mito Estrategia
Using the Bilingual Dictionary Cap?tulo
?frica en Am?rica: El Caribe
Una rese?a biogr?fica Estrategia
Using Syntax and Word Order to Understand Meaning Lectura
La Reina Rumba habla de la "salsa", El Miami Herald
Panorama cultural Estrategia
Distinguishing Main Ideas and Supporting Details Lectura
El sabor africano del Caribe
Literatura Cuento
"Habanasis," Richard Blanco Redacci?n
Una biograf?a Estrategia
Providing Smooth Transitions Cap?tulo
Latinos americanos
Una entrevista Estrategia
Recognizing Symbols, similes, and metaphors Lectura
"?C?mo est?s you el d?a de today?" Entrevista con Il?n Stavans, La Vanguardia
Panorama cultural Lectura
La cara hispana de los Estados Unidos
Literatura Estrategia
Approaching Poetry Poemas: Where you from?, Gina Vald?s
Bilingual Blues, Gustavo P?rez Firmat Redacci?n
Una entrevista Estrategia
Interviewing Cap?tulo
Dictadura y democracia
Una rese?a de cine Estrategia
Dealing with False Cognates Lectura
La historia oficial, El Nuevo Herald
Panorama cultural Estrategia
Recognizing Word Families Lectura
Pol?tica latinoamericana
Pasos hacia la democracia Estrategia
Distinguishing Fact from Opinion
Literatura Cuento
Los mejor calzados, Luisa Valenzuela Redacci?n
Una rese?a de cine Estrategia
Reacting to a Film Estrategia
Using Transitions of Concession Cap?tulo
La crisis ecol?gica
Un art?culo Estrategia
Using Prefixes to Determine Meaning Lectura
Treinta formas para evitar la contaminaci?n y la ruina ecol?gica, (Tiempo) Hispanoamericano
Panorama cultural Estrategia
Using Suffixes to Distinguish Meaning Lectura
Latinoam?rica y el medio ambiente
?entre la espada y la pared?
Literatura Lectura
La Naturaleza
La tierra madre del hombre
El sol, el copal, el fuego, el agua
Rigoberta Mench? (extract from Me llamo Rigoberta Mench? y as? me naci? la conciencia) Poema
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