Gaia Speaks : Solutions for a Small Planet, Volume 1

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  • Edition: 1st
  • Format: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2010-07-01
  • Publisher: Light Technology Pub
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Gaia says: As you read through these pages, some messages will stand out more than others. It is likely that you will hear my voice speaking directly to you and through you. When this happens, let your imagination stoke the bonfire of truths that was born within you long ago. Like a flame that cannot be extinguished, you will reawaken long forgotten memories and movements of the soul. You will revive and regenerate moments such as the one when your soul selected this life as potent and pivotal-a bright light against a dark backdrop.

Author Biography

Pepper Lewis is a natural intuitive, a gifted full-body channel and a recognized writer, speaker and teacher of metaphysics, who travels the world sharing Gaia's wisdom at conferences, seminars, and in personal sessions. The unique and distinctive channeled messages brought forth by Pepper have become favorites of readers all over the world. Most popular are the featured articles authored by the sentience of our planet, Mother Earth, affectionately known as Gaia, which also appear in the pages of the monthly Sedona Journal of Emergence! and in these books.

Table of Contents

Prefacep. xv
Introductionp. xix
En Route: Our Personal Journeys
An Entity and Channel Interviewedp. 1
Immoral Actsp. 1
The Rebuilding of New Orleansp. 2
The Language of Naturep. 4
Timep. 4
Ascensionp. 5
Political Affiliationp. 5
Antidepressantsp. 6
Earth Changesp. 7
"Safe" Placesp. 7
Science and Religionp. 8
The Channeling Process: Delightful Communicationp. 9
What to Expect in the Next Year: Earth Changes and Morep. 9
On Making Predictions: Accuracy and Purposep. 10
Making Sense of Surplus Wisdomp. 13
Many Beings Are Speaking to Youp. 13
Councils and Teachersp. 14
Spirits and Their Channelsp. 15
Take Care in What You Ask Forp. 16
Reconciling Spiritual Controversyp. 19
Conflict Arises in the Mindp. 19
Teachers and Teachings Open New Doorsp. 21
The Dark Night of the Soulp. 23
The Dark Nightp. 25
The Withdrawal of Spiritp. 26
Exalting the Undeservingp. 27
The Perpetual Nightp. 28
The Restoration of Lightp. 29
Keeping It All by Giving It All Awayp. 31
Keeping What You Learnp. 32
Work, Toil and Strugglep. 34
Repeating Patterns and Mistakesp. 35
Preparing for Next Timep. 36
Words for the Wisep. 37
The Struggle for Integrityp. 39
Feed Your Soul with Universal Lawp. 39
Represent Your Present with Appropriate Symbolsp. 40
Amend Your Thoughts to Shape Your Futurep. 41
Accelerate Your Way to Spiritual Masteryp. 42
Respect for the Journey and the Journeymanp. 45
The Restless Desires of Discontentp. 45
Effects of Discontentp. 46
A Problem, a Solution and a Challengep. 47
Another Problem, Another Solution, Another Challengep. 48
The Problem of Those Who Desire Attentionp. 49
Who Is Responsible?p. 51
A Soldier's Storyp. 53
Who Is Gaia?p. 54
War and God Exist Simultaneouslyp. 55
Weapons and Technologyp. 56
Beliefs Are Associated with Judgments of Right and Wrongp. 58
The Angelic Realm Is Incapable of Choosing a Sidep. 58
If You Wish to Be Judged, You Will Bep. 59
You Cannot Do to Others What They Don't Themselves Invitep. 60
Your Future Changes Moment to Momentp. 60
Your Fears Do Not Diminish You!p. 61
War Is a Commodity and a Way of Lifep. 63
Make a Place for Peacep. 64
Religions Are Approximations of a Greater Truthp. 66
Finding Truth in Ancient Mythp. 68
Confusion Is an Opportunity for Growthp. 69
Sleepwalking between Dimensionsp. 70
Guidance from "Up There"p. 72
Our Perceptions of Securityp. 74
Future Military Employment Optionsp. 74
Military Involvement with Civil Projectsp. 75
Trust in the Seen and the Unseenp. 76
Family Relationships Evolvep. 77
Family and Relationships
Spirit and Genderp. 81
Gender Is a Description, Not a Definitionp. 81
Celebrating Diversity as an Act of All That Isp. 82
The Beginning of the Difficultiesp. 83
Entering the Time of Precessional Evolutionp. 84
Finding Your Spiritual Familyp. 87
Those Who Birth into Dysfunction Are Teachersp. 88
Searching for Your Spiritual Familyp. 91
Maintaining Connection while on Your Pathp. 93
Defining Dysfunctionp. 94
A Family Called Sourcep. 98
All Beings Are Assisting the Evolution of Earthp. 98
Animals Can Be Part of Your Spiritual Familyp. 99
On Earth There Is No Such Thing as Love or Hatep. 100
Collective Consciousnessp. 101
Words of Comfort for the Grievingp. 102
Heaven and Hellp. 103
A Simple Answer to a Simple Questionp. 104
The Third Dimension Is the Game within the Gamep. 106
Offer Your Presencep. 106
Venus Disrobed: Gender, Love and Relationshipsp. 109
On Terrestrial Planets and Water Cyclesp. 110
Venus Is Still Little Understoodp. 111
Two Symbols Are Associated with Venusp. 112
Living Examples of Wholenessp. 113
Venus and Her Consortp. 114
The Indigo Generation: Maturity in Adolescencep. 117
When You Were Bornp. 118
Generations and Periods of Spiritual Awakeningp. 119
Your Future, Your Heritagep. 120
Traits of Your Senses and Perceptionsp. 121
Life and Its Perilsp. 122
Does this Make You an Indigo?p. 124
The Other Side
Endings and Beginningsp. 127
Crossing Overp. 129
A More Refined Youp. 130
Leaving Judgment Behindp. 132
The Embodiment of Spiritp. 134
Dimensions Beyond Death and Rebirthp. 137
Defining Heaven and Hellp. 138
Gaia Loves All Humans Unconditionallyp. 139
The Short-Lived Supremacy of Kings and Tyrantsp. 140
The Natural Progression of the Soulp. 141
Your Beingness Is Purpose in Itselfp. 143
Global Change
The Global Warming Phenomenonp. 145
You Are All Part of a Grand Schemep. 146
All Things Must and Do Remain in Balancep. 146
Universal Law Requires That Balance Reignp. 148
Change Is at Handp. 149
An Ending Is No More than the Next Beginningp. 150
The Dimensions Are Now in a Schismp. 151
Global Warming Is a Choice that Has Already Been Madep. 152
You Must Be Prepared to Ask for Guidancep. 154
Look to Those with a Simple Wisdomp. 156
A Natural Evolution of the Elementsp. 157
Earth Is a Tool for Growthp. 158
There Will Be a Shift in What Humanity Consumesp. 159
Science versus Industryp. 160
Humankind Will Continue to Extract from the Earthp. 162
Grand Schemes Will Be Presentedp. ,
All Planets Are Earth's Teachersp. 165
The Race of Maldekp. 168
Listening to the Inner Voice and Being in Bodyp. 169
Advanced Energy Sourcesp. 170
The Race of Bigfootp. 172
Earth Shifting and the Dimensionsp. 173
Your Future and Your Future Selvesp. 175
Reality Quaking: Redefining the 2012 Phenomenonp. 179
The Doomsday Argumentp. 180
The 2012 Phenomenonp. 181
The Adaptation Principlep. 183
Leaps in Evolutionp. 184
How We Choose the Cities We Call Homep. 187
California Is Part of a Sentient Wholep. 187
The Living Earth Must Be Understoodp. 188
California Has Atlantean and Lemurian Energyp. 189
Past and Present Exist Side by Side and Create the Futurep. 190
It Takes More than One Element to Create an Earth Eventp. 191
Why Do You Make One of the Most Seismic Places Your Home?p. 191
How Do You Know If and When It Is Time to Leave?p. 192
The Future of Los Angelesp. 193
National Parks Are Great Reserves of Energyp. 193
You Experience Only What Is in Youp. 195
The Architects and Builders of Future Environmentsp. 196
Choosing Home Is Never Random But it Is Not Always Consciousp. 197
Timescapes and Landscapes Change Frequentlyp. 197
The Land Creates That Which Is in Youp. 198
Cities and Their Relationships toward Extraterrestrialsp. 198
Conscious Awareness Comes Before and After Physicalityp. 199
Warriors of Peace and the Far Eastp. 201
The Ever-Developing Earthp. 201
Your Connection to the People of Indonesiap. 202
Be Guided by the Language of Changep. 204
Your Effect on the Landp. 204
The Mother Watersp. 206
Nourish the Earthp. 206
Look beyond the Turmoilp. 207
The Metaphor of the Tigerp. 208
The Latest Buzz on Beesp. 211
The Incomparable Disciplep. 211
Do Not Fear the Sting of the Beep. 212
Bees Are the Alchemists of Nature, and Wasps Are Trapped in Illusionp. 213
Bees Are Responding to Nature's Call: A Reflection of Human Metamorphosisp. 214
A New Balance of Naturep. 215
A Cooperative World Is the Answerp. 216
An Artificial Look at Naturep. 219
Synthetic Livingp. 219
Vegetative Expressionsp. 220
Harmonic Companionsp. 221
Floral Restorationp. 223
Mutual Consciousnessp. 224
Swine Flu and the Future of Viral Biologyp. 227
Viruses Are Part of Our Evolutionp. 228
Swine Flu and Global Societyp. 229
Build Health with Your Thoughtsp. 231
Don't Underestimate Nature's Rolep. 232
An Ounce of Preventionp. 234
Viruses and the Future of Technologyp. 235
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