The Ghost-Dance Religion and Wounded Knee

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  • Format: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2011-11-10
  • Publisher: Dover Publications

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Classic of American anthropology explores messianic cult behind Indian resistance, from Pontiac to the 1890s. Extremely detailed, thorough account, citing many primary documents as well as Mooney's own anthropological data. Originally published in 1896 as Part Two ofBureau of American Ethnology Report XIV. 38 plates, 49 other illustrations.

Table of Contents

The narrative
  I Paradise lost
  II The Delaware prophet and Pontiac
  III Tenskwatawa the Shawano prophet
  IV Tecumtha and Tippecanoe
  V Känakûk and minor prophets
      The Potawatomi prophet
      Cheez-tah-paezh the Sword-bearer
  VI The Smohalla religion of the Columbia region
      Joseph and the Nex Percé war
  VII Smohalla and his doctrine
  VIII The Shakers of Puget sound
  IX Wovoka the messiah
  X The doctrine of the Ghost dance
        The Mormons and the Indians
        Porcupines's account of the messiah
        The Ghost dance among the Sioux
        Selwyn's interiew with Kuwapi
  XI The Ghost dance west of the Rockies
  XII The Ghost dance east of the Rockies-among the Sioux
      Appendix: Causes of the outbreak
        Commissioner Morgan's statement
        Ex-Agent McGillycuddy's statement
        Statement of General Miles
        Report of Captain Hurst
        Statement of American Horse
        Statement of Bishop Hare
  XIII The Sioux outbreak-Sitting Bull and Wounded Knee
      Appendix: The Indian story of Wounded Knee
  XIV Close of the outbreak - The Ghost dance in the south
  XV The ceremony of the Ghost dance
      Among the northern Cheyenne
      Among the Sioux
      Song rehersals
      Preparations for the dance
      Giving the feather
      The painting of the dancers
      The ceremony
      The crow dance
      The hypnotic process
      The area covered by the dance
      Present condition of the dance
  XVI Parallels in other systems
      The Biblical period
      Joan of Arc
      Dance of Saint John
      The Flagellants
      "Ranters, Quakers, and Fifth-Monarchy men"
      French prophets
      Kentucky revival
      Other parallels
        Patterson and Brown's mission
        Wilderness worshipers
        Heavenly recruits
      Appendix: Hypnotism and the dance among the Dervishes
The songs
  The Arapaho
    Tribal synonymy
    Tribal signs
    Sketch of the tribe
    Songs of the Arapaho
    1. "Opening song: Eyehe´! nä´nisa´na - O, my children!"
    2. Se´icha´ heita´wuni´na - The sacred pipe tells me
    3. Ate´be tiawu´nanu´ - When at first I liked the whites
    4. A´bä´ni´hi´ - My partner
    5. A´-nisûna´a´hu - My father
    6. E´yehe´! Wû´nayu´uhu´ - E´yehe´! They are new
    7. Hi´sähi´hi - My partner! My partner
    8. Ä´-nani´ni´bi´nä´si waku´na - The wind makes the head-feathers sing
    9. He´! Näne´th bishiqa´wa - When I met him approaching
    10. Häna´na´wunanu - I take pity on those
    11. "A-ni´qu wa´wanä´tia´ - Father, now I am singing it"
    12. Ha´yana´-usi´ya´ - How bright is the moonlight!
    13. Ha´ti ni´bät - The cottonwood song
    14. Eyehe´! A´nie´sa´na´ - The young Thunderbirds
    15. "A´he´sûna´nini naya´qûti´hi - Our father, the Whirlwind"
    16. "A´he´sûna´nini naya´qûti´ - Our father, the Whirlwind"
    17. Ninaä´niahu´na - I circle around
    18. Ha´nahawu´nen beni´ni´na - The Hanahawunen gave it to me
    19. Ate´be´ tana´-ise´ti - When first our father came
    20. A-ni´äne´thahi´nani´na - My father did not recognize me
    21. Ni´-athu´-a-u´ a´hakä´nith´ii - The whites are crazy
    22. Na´ha´ta bi´taa´wu - The earth is about to move
    23. Ahe´sûna´nini ächiqa´ha´wa-û - I am looking at my father
    24. Ha´anake´I - The rock
    25. Wa´wa´na´danä´dia - I am about to hum
    26. A-te´be dii´netita´nieg - At the beginning of existence
    27. Tahu´na´änä´nia´huna - It is I who make the thunder
    28. "Ani´qu ne´chawu´nani´ - Father, have pity on me"
    29. A-ni´niha´niahu´na - I fly around yellow
    30. Niha´nata´yeche´ti - The yellow hide
    31. A-bää´thina´hu - The cedar tree
    32. Wa´wa nû´nanû´naku´ti - Now I am waving an eagle feather
    33. A-ni´qana´ga - There is a solitary bull
    34. A-neä´thibiwa´hana - The place where crying begins
    35. Thi´äya´ he´naa´awa - When I see the thi´äya
    36. A-hu´hu ha´geni´sti´ti - The crow is making a road
    37. Bi´taa´wu hu´hu´ - The crow brought the earth
    38. Ni´nini´tubi´na hu´hu´ (I) - The crow has called me
    39. Nû´nanû´naa´tani´na hu´hu´ (I) -The crow is circling above me
    40. "Iyu hä´thäbe´nawa´ - Here it is, I hand it to you"
    41. "Hanae´hi ya´ga´ahi´na - Little boy, the coyote gun"
    42. He´sûna´ na´nahatha´hi - The father showed me
    43. Nänisa´taqu´thi Chinachi´chibä´iha´ - The seven venerable priests
    44. Nä´nisa´taqi Chi´nachi´chibä´iha´ - The seven venerable priests
    45. Nû´nanû´naa´tani´na hu´hu´ (II)
    46. Na´tanu´ya che´bi´nh - The pemmican that I am using
    47. "Häi´nawa´ hä´ni´ta´quna´ni - I know, in the pitfall"
    48. Bä´hinä´nina´tä ni´tabä´na - I hear everything
    49. A-bä´qati´ hä´nichä´bi´hinä´na - With the wheel I am gambling
    50. Ani´äsa´kua´na - I am watching
    51. Ni´chi´a i´theti´hi - (There) is a good river
    52. Ni´nini´tubi´na hu´hu´ (II)
    53. Anihä´ya atani´ta´nu´nawa´ - I use the yellow (paint)
    54. Ni´naä´niahu´tawa bi´taa´wu - I am flying about the earth
    55. I´nita´ta´-usä´na - Stand ready
    56. Wa´wäthä´bi - I have given you magpie feathers
    57. "Ani´qa he´tabi´nuhu´ni´na - My father, I am poor"
    58. Nä´nisa´taqu´thi hu´na - The seven crows
    59. Ahu´nä he´sûna´nin - There is our father
    60. "Ga´awa´hu - The ball, the ball"
    61. Ahu´ ni´higa´hu - The Crow is running
    62. Ya´thä-yû´na - He put me in five places
    17. "A´ga´ch ehe´e´ye´ ! - The crow, the crow"
    18. "Nä´niso´näsi´stsi he´e´ye´ ! - My children, my children"
    19. Agu´ga´-ihi - The crow woman
    Cheyenne glossary
  The Comanche
    Tribal synonymy
    Tribal sign
    Sketch of the tribe
    Songs of the Comanche
    1. Heyo´hänä häe´yo
    2. Ya´hi´yû´niva´hu
    3. Yani´tsini´hawa´na
    4. Ni´nini´tuqi´na
  "The Paiute, Washo, and Pit River tribes"
    Paiute tribal synonymy
    Sketch of the Paiute
      Genesis myth
    The Washo
    The Pit River Indians
    Songs of the Paiute
    1. Nüvä ka ro´rani´ - The snow lies there
    2. Dena´ gayo´n - A slender antelope
    3. Do ti´mbi - The black rock
    4. Päsü´ wi´noghän - The wind stirs the willows
    5. Pägüinäväi - Fog! Fog!
    6. Wûmbi´ndomä´n - The whirlwind
    7. Kosi´ wûmbi´ndomä´ - There is dust from the whirlwind
    8. Dombi´na so´wina´ - The rocks are ringing
    9. Su´ng-ä ro´yonji´ - The cottonwoods are growing tall
    Paiute glossary
  The Sioux
    Tribal synonymy
    Tribal sign
    Sketch of the tribe
    Songs of the Sioux
    1. Opening song: A´te he´ye e´yayo - The father says so
    2. "Michi´nkshi nañpe - My son, let me grasp your hand"
    3. He tuwe´cha he - Who think you comes there?
    4. Wana´yañ ma´niye - Now he is walking
    5. Lechel miyo´qañ-kte - This is to be my work
    6. Michinkshi´yi tewa´qila che - I love my children
    7. Mila kiñ hiyu´michi´chiyana - Give me my knife
    8. Le he´yahe´ - This one says
    9. Niya´te-ye´ he´u´we - It is your father coming
    10. Miyo´qañ kiñ wañla´ki - You see what I can do
    11. Michinkshi mita´waye - It is my own child
    12. A´te he´ u-we - There is the father coming
    13. Wa´sna wa´tiñ-kta - I shall eat pemmican
    14. A´te lena ma´qu-we - The father gave us these
    15. "Ina´ he´kuwo´ - Mother, come home"
    16. Wa´na wanasa´pi-kta - Now they are about to chase the buffalo
    17. He! Kii´ñyañka a´gali´-ye - He! They have come back racing
    18. Mi´ye wañma´yañka-yo! - Look at me!
    19. Maka´ sito´maniyañ -The whole world is coming
    20. Le´na wa´kañ - These sacred things
    21. Miyo´qañ kiñ chichu´-che - I have given you my strength
    22. "Michi´nkshi tahe´na - My child, come this way"
    23. Wana wiche´ shka - Now set up the tipi
    24. "A´te mi´chuye - Father, give them to me"
    25. Hañpa wecha´ghe - I made moccasins for him
    26. Waka´ñyañ iñya´ñkiñ-kte - The holy (hoop) shall run
    Sioux glossary
  The Kiowa and Kiowa Apache
    Kiowa tribal synonymy
    Kiowa tribal sign
    Sketch of the Kiowa
    The Kiowa Apache
    Songs of the Kiowa
    1. Da´ta-i so´da´te - The father will descend
    2. Da´k'iñ´ago (im) zä´nteähe´dal - The spirit army is approaching
    3. Gu´ato ädâ´ga - I scream because I am a bird
    4. Da´ta-i nyä´hoânga´mo -The father shows me the road
    5. Dak'iñ´a bate´yä - The spirit (God) is approaching
    6. Na´da´g äka´na - Because I am poor
    7. Ze´bät-gâ´ga igu´ânpa´-ima´ - He makes me dance with arrows
    8. Be´ta! To´ngyä-gu´adal - Red Tail has been sent
    9. Da´ta-i änka´ñgo´na - My father has much pity for us
    10. Da´ta-i iñka´ñtähe´dal - My father has had pity on me
    11. Dak'iñ´ago äho´ähe´dal - The spirit host is advancing
    12. E´hyuñ´I degia´ta - I am mashing the berries
    13. Go´mgyä-da´ga - That wind shakes my tipi
    14. Dak'iñ´a dakañ´tähe´dal - God has had pity on us
    15. Anso´gyätä´to - I shall cut off his feet
    Kiowa glossary
  The Caddo and associated tribes
    Caddo tribal synonymy
    Caddo tribal sign
    Sketch of the Caddo
    "The Wichita, Kichai, and Deleware"
    Songs of the Caddo
    1. Ha´yo ta´ia´ a´a´ -Our father dwells above
    2. Wû´nti ha´yano´ di´witi´a - All our people are going up
    3. Nûna i´tsiya´ - I have come
    4. Na´tsiwa´ya - I am coming
    5. Na´-iye´ ino´ ga´nio´sit - My sister above
    6. Na´a ha´yo ha´wano - Our father above (has) paint
    7. Wû´nti ha´yano ka´ka´no´ - All the people cried
    8. Ba´wi i´na - We have our mother below
    9. Ni´ika´ na´a - Our grandmother and our father above
    10. Hi´na ha´natobi´na - The eagle feather headdress
    11. Na´ aa´ o´wi´ta´ - The father comes from above
    12. Na´iwi´ o´wi´ta´ - See! The eagle comes
    13. A´nana´ hana´nito´ - The feather has come back
    14. Na´iwi´ ha´naa´ - There is an eagle above
    15. "Wi´tu´ Ha´sini´ - Come on, Caddo"
    Caddo glossary
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