How to Write Exceptional Resumes and Cover Letters to Forward Your Career Professional Guidance to Support You Step By Step

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  • Copyright: 2018-01-14
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Here's How This Book will Help you, Specifically.Inside this book you will find a simple Blueprint for making successful job applications. It is the guiding light, the logic that underpins everything we do, making for an easy and sensible process to follow. You'll find plenty of examples, tips and advice to support you in creating exceptional job applications focussed on one thing: advancing your career.Here's the Blueprint:•Align the job application precisely with the job advertisement•Communicate directly to the recruiter•Make it easy for the recruiter to find the information they want•Produce clean, simple documents that are easy to read•Eliminate errorsHitting on these 5 points will improve your chances of success and the simple step by step guide covers these points and much more. Here's what you'll find inside:IntroductionHow to get the most out of this book, the job application process, the Successful Applications Formula, rookie mistakes.Module 1Who job applications are targeted to, how recruiters deal with multiple applications, Automatic Tracking Systems, Blueprint for making successful job applications.Module 2The job advertisement, Selection Criteria, capturing all information, company information.Module 3Providing evidence - this is all about supporting your skills and experience with numbers, results and facts that back up your claims. A host of examples, ideas and tips are provided to help you come up with as much evidence as possible. Everyone uses the obvious numbers like KPI scores, performance to target percentages, amount of revenue responsible for etc. And there's so much more! With some thought and effort, you'll find there's a lot more information you could be bringing to the table. Module 4The cover letter – first impressions, cover letter structure, structure in detail, example cover letters with notes. Module 5The Resume Part 1 – The structure. Every component of the structure shown and explained with plenty of examples, guidance and advice. Includes how to use job history dates, how to deal with gaps in your job history, optimising company descriptions, how to describe each job in your work history, Results with plenty of examples and explanation, education/professional qualifications/development, the finished product, re-cap.Module 6 The Resume Part 2 – What not to put in your resume, where to put education/professional qualifications/development, how much space to allocate to each job, how to use company information, how to cover as many of the Selection Criteria as possible, what if you have a limited job history, addressing weaknesses (we all have them)!, summary, checklist, a reality check!Will this Book Work for You?Think about this: you have a logical framework that drives every step of this book - the Blueprint. It's a simple and sensible process over 6 Modules that describes each step, with a stack of tips, examples and ideas to show how every component works and why. This is a practical book, no fluff and bubble here!BUT….THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!This book cannot write your cover letters and resumes/CV's for you. It's for people prepared to understand the concepts and implement them. It's for people prepared to invest some time to maximise their chances of career progression.If you are dissatisfied with your current job applications in any way, I sincerely hope that this book can be a valuable resource for you. Wishing you well with your career aspirations!

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During my business career, from start-ups to a global Fortune 500 company, I've read thousands of cover letters and resumes/CV's, conducted hundreds of interviews and hired more than one hundred people. Importantly, this recruitment was done as the hiring manager, not as a recruitment agent. In other words, these people worked with me in the business – that's having real skin in the recruitment process! Over time it dawned on me that few people crafted their job application documents to what I wanted to see. It's like they got their old resume/CV and updated it with their latest job and that was it. Not surprising really, we've all done it before and it accounts for why sifting through job applications can be a pain because most people are not providing the right information. I have no doubt that some excellent candidates never made it to interview because their cover letters and resumes/CV's weren't crafted properly.It became clear that most people could do a much better job of their job application documents. Here's how:Give the recruiter what they want!That's exactly how this book started – all based on that one sentence. Have a look at the Blueprint and the contents, it all comes back to that concept. If I could articulate it and make it easy for people to understand, then a book could be a great resource to really help people progress their careers. You'll find everything you need in this book to help you create resumes/CV's and cover letters that are not only tailored to job advertisement requirements, but also gives the recruiter exactly what they want. Use this book to maximise your chances of landing the interview!

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