Java Software Solutions

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  • Edition: 5th
  • Format: Paperback w/CD
  • Copyright: 2009-01-01
  • Publisher: Addison Wesley
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This book takes an object-oriented approach to Java using it in a way that is appropriate for those just learning to write high-quality programs. The book features both text-based and GUI-based examples to demonstrate computing concepts and provide readers with maximum versatility. This title has an early evolution of object concepts, developed in a way that capitalizes on the power of objects without overwhelming beginning programmers. It places less empahsis on applets and more emphasis on GUI-based applications, while still maintaining a clean division between graphical and non-graphical topics. This book is appropriate for beginning programmers who want to learn to program with Java as well as experienced programmers who want to add Java to their skill-set.

Table of Contents

Computer Systems
Basic Computer Processing
Software Categories
Digital Computers
Binary Numbers
Hardware Components
Computer Architecture
Input/Output Devices
Main And Secondary Memory
The Central Processing Unit
Network Connections
Local-Area And Wide-Area Networks
The Internet
The World Wide Web
Uniform Resource Locators
The Internet Vs. The World Wide Web
Problem Solving
The Java Programming Language
A Java Program
Identifiers And Reserved Words
White Space
Programming Languages
Programming Language Levels
Compilers And Interpreters
Syntax And Semantics
Language Evolution
Coordinate Systems
Representing Color
Objects And Primitive Data
Introduction To Objects
Using Objects
The Print And Println Methods
String Literals
String Concatenation
Escape Sequences
Variables And Assignment
The Assignment Statement
Primitive Data Types And Expressions
Integers And Floating Points
Arithmetic Expressions
Operator Precedence
Data Conversion
Creating Objects
The String Class
Class Libraries And Packages
The Import Declaration
The Random Class
Invoking Class Methods
The Math Class
The Keyboard Class
Formatting Output
The Numberformat Class
The Decimalformat Class
Introduction To Applets
Executing Applets Using The Web
Drawing Shapes
The Graphics Class
The Color Class
Program Statements
Program Development
Control Flow
The If Statement
Equality And Relational Operators
The If-Else Statement
Using Block Statements
Nested If Statements
The Switch Statement
Boolean Expressions Revisited
Logical Operators
Comparing Characters And Strings
Comparing Floats
More Operators
Increment And Decrement Operators
Assignment Operators
The Conditional Operator
The While Statement
Infinite Loops
Nested Loops
The Stringtokenizer Class
Other Loop Controls
The Do Statement
The For Statement
Comparing Loops
Program Development Revisited
Drawing Using Conditionals And Loops
Writing Classes
Objects Revisited
Anatomy Of A Class
Instance Data
Uml Diagrams
Encapsulation And Visibility Modifiers
Anatomy Of A Method
The Return Statement
Local Data
Method Overloading
Method Decomposition
Object Relationships
Association Between Objects Of The Same Class
Applet Methods
Graphical Objects
Enhancing Classes
References Revisited
The Null Reference
The This Reference
Garbage Collection
Passing Objects As Parameters
The Static Modifier
Static Variables
Static Methods
Wrapper Classes
Keyboard Input Revisited
Nested Classes
Inner Classes
The Comparable Interface
The Iterator Interface
Dialog Boxes
Graphical User Interfaces
Essential Gui Elements
Creating Guis
Gui Applications
Vents And Listeners
Listener Interfaces
The Timer Class
Arrays And Vectors
Array Indexing
Declaring And Using Arrays
Alternate Array Syntax
Initializer Lists
Arrays As Parameters
Arrays Of Objects
Arrays Of String Objects
Command-Line Arguments
Filing Arrays Of Objects
Selection Sort
Insertion Sort
Sorting An Array Of Objects
Comparing Sorts
Two-Dimensional Arrays
Multidimensional Arrays
The Arraylist Class
Arraylist Efficiency
Polygons And Polylines
The Polygon Class
Other Button Components
Check Boxes
Radio Buttons
Creating Subclasses
Derived Classes
The Protected Modifier
The Super Reference
Multiple Inheritance
Overriding Methods
Shadowing Variables
Class Hierarchies
The Object Class
Abstract Classes
Indirect Use Of Noninherited Members
References And Class Hierarchies
Polymorphism Via Inheritance
Interfaces Revisited
Interface Hierarchies
Polymorphism Via Inheritance
Inheritance And Guis
Applets Revisited
The Component Class Hierarchy
Mouse Events
Extending Event Adapter Classes
Exceptions And Input/Output Streams
Exception Messages
The Try Statement
The Finally Clause
Exception Propagation
The Exception Class Hierarchy
Checked And Unchecked Exceptions
Input/Output Streams
Character Streams Versus Byte Streams
Data Streams Versus Processing Streams
The Ioexception Class
Standard I/O
The Keyboard Class Revisited
Text Files
Reading Text Files
Writing Text Files
Object Serialization
The Transient Modifier
Files And Guis
File Choosers
Color Choosers
Image Icons
Key Events
The Timer Class
Graphical User Interfaces
Gui Review
Gui Design
Layout Managers
Flow Layout
Border Layout
Grid Layout
Box Layout
Graphics In Applications
Labels And Image Icons
Combo Boxes
Layout Managers
Flow Layout
Border Layout
Box Layout
Special Features
Gui Design
Software Engineering
Software Development Models
Software Life Cycle
Development Process Models
Iterative Processes
Throw-Away Prototypes
Defect Testing
Evolutionary Development
Establish Refinement Scope
Identifying Classes And Objects
Identifying Relationships
Detailed Design
Unit And Integration Testing
The Paintbox Project
Recursive Thinking
Infinite Recursion
Recursion In Math
Recursive Programming
Recursion Vs. Iteration
Direct Vs. Indirect Recursion
Using Recursion
Traversing A Maze
The Towers Of Hanoi
Recursion In Graphics
Mirrored Pictures
Data Structures
Separating Interface From Implementation
Implementing Data Structures
Dynamic Structures
A Dynamically Linked List
Other Dynamic List Implementations
Classic Data Structures
Example: Message Decoding
Collection Classes
Number Systems
The Unicode Character Set
Java Operators
Java Bitwise Operators
Java Modifiers
Java Coding Guidelines
Review Checklist
Comparing Java To C++
An Html Tutorial
Java Exceptions And Errors
Java Syntax
The Java Class Library
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