Knowledge Enterprise: Intelligent Strategies in Product Design, Manufacturing, and Management : Proceedings of PROLAMAT 2006, IFIP TC5, International Conference, June 15-17 2006, Shanghai, China

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  • Copyright: 2006-06-30
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This volume contains the edited version of the technical presentations of PROLMAT 2006, the IFIP TC5 international conference held on June 15-17, 2006 at the Shanghai University in China.Profitability is no longer only a function of price, cost, and adequate quality. The way sustained competitive advantage relates to a firm is distinctive and it is difficult to replicate competencies. The basis for a firm's core competencies is its repository of organizational knowledge. This is highly-valued knowledge that provides opportunities for adding exclusive value to products and services of an enterprise. Knowledge strategy will be related to innovation, learning, and agility. Conversion of advanced research into advanced products; acquisition of knowledge from experience; and fast response-time to the dynamic market changes, are the important rules of international industrial competition at the moment. Innovation, learning, and agility are key factors for companies, which must shift in global markets rapidly and efficiently by delivering new products in the shortest time frame, while maintaining the highest quality and the lowest costs. The successful enterprise of our century will be characterized by an organizational structure that supports thinking process, experience transferring, knowledge discovery, and intelligence exploitation, all of which are based on data and information. The success of a modern company is not based on its size but on its ability to adapt its operation to the changing environment. To answer to these constraints, the enterprise must develop a corporate culture that empowers employees at all levels and facilitates communication among related groups for constant improvement of its core competitiveness. Such an organizational structure requires a technological infrastructure that fully supports process improvement and integration, and has the flexibility to adjust to unexpected changes in corporate direction. To keep up with rapid developments in global manufacturing, the enterprise must first look at its organization and culture, and then at its supporting technologies. Too often, companies invest only in technology to compete in the global market and don't give enough attention to the training, the education, and the knowledge of their employees. This conference concentrates also on knowledge strategies in Product Life Cycle and brings together researchers and industrialists with the objectives to reach a mutual understanding of the scientific - industry dichotomy, while facilitating the transfer of core research knowledge to core industrial competencies.

Table of Contents

Preface vii
Table of Contents ix
Part 0. Keynote Papers
1. Data Mining in Manufacuring: the Nature and Implications
Kesheng Wang
2. Management and Production Control Issues of Distributed Enterprises
George L. Kovács
3. Digital Processes in Product Creation
Gustav J. Olling
4. Collaborative Networks
Luis M. Camarinha-Matos, Hamideh Afsarmanesh
5. Knowledge Management in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Wladimir Bodrow
6. Integrated Quality Information System and China Experience
Xiaoqing Tang, Guijiang Duan
Part 1. Knowledge Discovery and Management in Manufacturing
7. Agent-Based Framework for Modelling of Organization and Personal Knowledge from Knowledge Management Perspective
Janis Grundspenkis
8. Evaluation Model of Mnes' Knowledge Flow Management
Fengming Tao, Weidong Meng
9. Knowledge based manufacturine system
Gideon Halevi, Kesheng Wang
10. Knowledge Management In Manufacturing: The soft side of knowledge systems
Ove R. Hjelmervik, Kesheng Wang
11. DSM as a knowledge capture tool in CODE environment
Syed Ahsan Sharif, Berman Kayis
12. Research on Acquiring Design Knowledge Based on Association Rule
Jingmin Li, Yongmou Liu, Jiawei Yang, Jin Yao
13. Analysis of ISO 6983 NC Data Based on ISO 14649 CNC Data Model
Hiroshi Yamada, Fumiki Tanaka, Masahiko Onosato
14. Enterprise Knowledge Management Based on PLONE Content Management System
Chuanhong Zhou, Huilan Zeng
15. Knowledge Management for Process Planning
Ketil Bø
16. Adapting Manufacturing to Customer Behavior
Stephan Kassel, Kay Grebenstein
17. Approach for a Rule Based System for Capturing and Usage of Knowledge in the Manufacturing Industry
Jivka Ovtcharova, Alexander Mahl, Robert Krikler
18. Neural Network System for Knowledge Discovery in Distributed Heterogeneous Data
Timofeev A.V, Azaletskiy P.S, Myshkov P.S, Kesheng Wang
19. Assessment of Surface Roughness Model for Turning Process
Yasir Hadi, Salah Gasim Ahmed
Part 2. Product Design and Optimization
20. A Study on Product Optimization Design Based on Genetic Algorithms
Guiqin Li', Xiaojian Liu, Qinfeng Yuan, Minglun Fang
21. Design of the Body Frame of a Rail Detector
Jiangang Bao
22. The Spatial Shape Representation and 3D Modeling of Special-shape Spring
Xiangchen Ku, Runxiao Wang, Jishun Li, Dongbo Wang
23. Three-dimensional Multi-pipe Route Optimization Based on Genetic Algorithms
Huanlong Wang, Cuilian Zhao, Weichun Yan, Xiaowei Feng
24. Axiomatic Design Using Ontology Modeling For Interoperability in Small Agriculture Machinery Product Development
Jiandong Jiang, Fang Xu, Xinrong Zhen, Xian Zhang,Yangyu Wang, Libin Zhang
25. Maximum Entropy Optimum Design for Product Structure
Xu Yang, Xingyuan Wang
26. Product Robust Design with A Mixture of Random and Interval Factors
Chuntao Liu, Zhihang Lin
27. Root Cause Analysis of an Artillery Breechblock and its Improved
Wenyuan Song, Jianshe Kang, Lianyan Shi, Yabin Wang
28. A Problem-specific Genetic Algorithm for Path Planning of Mobile Robot in Greenhouse
Xuemei Liu, Jin Yuan, Kesheng Wang
29. Research on the Dynamics of Flexible Manipulators
Li Tu, Jinlian Deng, Huanya Cao', Pixuan Zhou
30. Implementation of FPC Concept in Electrical Wire Equipment Design
Hui Zhao, Lixin Lu, Limin Li, Jun Chen
31. The Designation of Cam's Contour for Piston Pump with Steady Flux
Zhongxu Tian, Xiaochuan Chen
32. A Study of System Balance and Cycle Optimization for Multi-operational Equipment and its Implementation
Huan You, Lixin Lu, Limin Li
33. Analysis on Product Technical Risk with Bayesian Belief Networks
Ming Chen, Yun Chen, Bingsen Chen, Qun Wang
34. The Application of Inverter-Driven Technology on the Crimping Machine
Runqing Zhu, Lixin Lu, Limin Li, Huan You
35. An Effective Algorithm of Shortest Path Planning in a Static Environment
Lingyu Sun, Xuemei Liu, Ming Leng
Part 3. Data Mining in Manufacturing
36. Predicting assembly quality of complex structures using data mining
Ekaterina S. Ponomareva, Kesheng Wang, Terje K. Lien
37. The Development of the Virtual Data Acquisition and Analysis System
Xiumin Yang, Weihua Tian, Ling Jiang, Yongshu Guo, Bo Wan
38. Integration of Data Mining with Game Theory
Yi Wang
39. Data Mining and Critical Success Factors in Data Mining Projects
Yun Chen, Dengfeng Hu, Guozheng Zhang
40. Customer Segmentation in Customer Relationship Management Based on Data Mining
Yun Chen, Guozheng Zhang, Dengfeng Hu, Shanshan Wang
41. An Effective Refinement Algorithm Based on Multilevel Paradigm for Graph Bipartitioning
Ming Leng, Songnian Yu, Yang Chen
42. A Framework of Analysis: Approaches in the Applications of E-CRM
Dengfeng Hu, Yun Chen, Guozheng Zhang
43. Parallel Sequence Alignment Algorithm for Clustering System
Yang Chen, Songnian Yu, Ming Leng
Part 4. Manufacturing Logistics and Supply Chain Management
44. Managing the Supply and Demand Uncertainty in Assembly Systems
Hongze Ma, Kesheng Wang
45. Study of Data Mining Technique in Colliery Equipments Fault Diagnosis
Hongxia Pan, Jinying Huang, Zonglong Xu
46. A Multi-Agent System Framework for Supply Chain Management under District Alliance Setting
Fangzhong Qi, Gengui Zhou, Yongzhu Qi
47. Research Info "Bullwhip Effect" in Supply Chain Management System Based on WSRF in Grid
Yan Kang, Shiying Kang
48. A Framework for Holistic Greening of Value Chains
Wei Deng Solvang, Elisabeth Román, Ziqiong Deng, Bjørn Solvang
49. Study on Value-Based Model of Products Package Management
Ying Liu, Fengming Tao, Fei Liu
50. Project Management Standardization and R&D Project Performance: A Cross-National Comparison
Xiaohong Zhou
51. A BPR Methodology For Product Development Processes
M. Bertoni, U. Cugini, D. Regazzoni, C. Rizzi, M. Ugolotti
52. Data Management in Group Purchasing System
Zongfeng Zou, Tao Yu
53. Supply Chain Management in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Peter Nyhuis, Katja Hasenfuß
54. An Operations Model to Support Manufacturing Logistics Processes in the Supply Chain
Jan Ola Strandhagen, Heidi Dreyer
55. Development of a Decentralized Logistics Controlling Concept
Peter Nyhuis, Felix Wriggers, Andreas Fischer
Part 5. Computer Aided Innovation
56. Modeling the Variability with UML for TRIZ Based CAI System
Jianhong Ma, Runhua Tan
57. Effect and Effect Chain in Functional Design
Guozhong Cao, Haixia Guo, Runhua Tan
58. Study on Integrating Application Method for AD and TRIZ
Zishun Chen, Runhua Tan
59. Research on Product Innovative Design Method Driven by Client Demands
Limin Li, Guiqin Li, Shi'an Huang
60. The Innovative Design of Reciprocating Seal for Hydraulic Cylinder Based on TRIZ Evolution Theory
Fuying Zhang, Hui Liu, Linjing Zhang
61. Innovative Design of the Seal Structure of Butterfly Valve Based on TRIZ
Jianhui Zhang, Runhua Tan, Ping Jiang, Jinling Dai
62. The Determination Method and Resolving Procedure of Design Conflict Based on Evolution Pattern and Prerequisite Tree
Lihui Ma, Runhua Tan
63. Research on Development of Color Sorter Using Triz
Lihong He, Zhanwen Niu, Dongliang Chen
64. Computer Aided Innovaton of Crankshafts Using Genetic Algorithms
Humberto Aguayo Téllez, Noel León Rovira
65. Development of a Cai System of Standard Solutions Based on TRIZ
Bojun Yang, Runhua Tan, Yumei Tian
Part 6. Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
66. Study on Optimization of Stir Head for FSW Based on Genetic Algorithm
Zhaoxin Meng, Hui Chen, Xihua Yue
67. Research on CNC Technology Based on CAD&CAPP
Tao Yu, Tan Liu, Shuzhen Yang, Wenbin Wang
68. Development of Enterprise Portal for Intelligent Mold Shop
B.K Choi, H.Y. Lee, D.W. Lee, and T.D. Kim
69. Realization of Intelligent Control for Roll Shape in Roll GrindER NC Machine
Liwen Yan, Tao Yu, Yi Pan
70. Application of Grey System Model to Thermal Error Modeling on Machine Tools
Yongxiang Li', Jianguo Yang, Hongtao Zhang, Hengchao Tong
71. Nozzle Design and Assistant-Gas Flow Analysis in the Co2 Laser Cutting
Jun Chen, Lixin Lu, Limin Li, Hui Zhao
72. Intelligent Metal Powder Laser Forming System
Fei Xing, Weijun Liu, Kai Zhang, Xiaofeng Shang, Tianran Wang
73. Study on Dynamic Characteristics of a New Type of Transmission
Changping Zou
74. The Application of Embedded Technology in NC System
Yong Yin, Zude Zhou, Quan Liu, Fangmin Li, Yihong Long
75. The Research of Fuzzy PID Control Strategy Based on Neural Network in the Tension System
Yongyi He, Shuai Guo, Qihong Zhou
76. An Efficiency Model of Multistage Electromechanical Machines
Lixin Lu, Limin Li, Yanjun Huang
77. Prediction of the Cutting Depth of Abrasive Suspension Jet Using a Bp Artificial Neural Network
Xiaojian Liu, Tao Yu, Wenbin Wang
Part 7. Manufacturing Monitoring and Diagnosis
78. Research and Implement of Quality Management System in ERP
Yibing Li
79. A Monitoring System for PLC Controlled Manufacturing System Based on Fieldbus
Xiaofeng Song, Shili Tan, Junjian Ding
80. Research of Parameter Monitoring System in Sugar Boiling Process
Jianjun Su, Yanmei Meng, Huaqiang Qin, Xu Kai
Part 8. Product Life Cycle Management
81. A Decision Method of Materiel Maintenance Based on Failure Life Cycle
Wenyuan Song, Lian Yan Shi, Jian She Kang
82. Discussion on CSCW Methods for Embedded Systems
Tao Yu, Tan Liu, Shuzhen Yang, Wenbin Wang
83. A System of Wine Blending Based on Neural Network
Jianping Ren, Zhimin li
84. Family Cars' life Cycle Cost (LCC) Estimation Model Based on the Neural Network Ensemble
Xiaochuan Chen, Jun Shao, Zhongxu Tian
85. A XML-based Research on Integration Technology Between PDM and Enterprise Content Management System
Chuanhong Zhou, Jigan Zhan
86. Application Research of Wireless Equipments in PLM
ChuanHong Zhou, Yong Shi, Qiang Wang
87. Methods for Calculating the Transmission Torque of Magnetic Transmission Mechanisms
Shunqi Mei, Zhiming Zhang, Renbin Xiao
88. Sustainable Industrial System (SIS)
Odd Myklebust
Part 9. Integration of CAD/CAPP/CAM/CIMS
89. Modeling Technology and Application of Repairing Bone Defects Based on Rapid Prototyping
Xusheng Yuan, Qingxi Hu, Hanqiang Liu, Chunxiang Dai, Minglun Fang
90. A Study of the Method of Reconstructing the Bionic Scaffold for Repairing Defective Bone Based on Tissue Engineering
Hanqiang Liu, Qingxi Hu, Limin Li, Minglun Fang
91. Hydraulic Cylinder CAD Design System Based on Product Disposition
Yigang Hu, Yonggang Shen
92. The Reuse Study of Small Agricultural Machinery's Product Information Model
Xuejun Sun, Jiandong Jiang, Fang Xu, Libin Zhang
93. Study of CAD-integrated Analysis for Complex Structures
Hirpa L. Gelgele
94. CAD/CAM Research on Radial Non-circular Gears
Jiang Han, Dongdong Zhang, Lian Xia
95. Special CNC Based on Advanced Controller
Junxi Bi, Tao Yu, Qiang Li
96. A Unified Decision Model for Evaluation and Selection of MES Software
Liang Chao, Qing Li
97. 3D Modeling and Capacity Calculation System in Tank Calibration
Cuilian Zhao, Minglun Fang, Zhongxu Tian, Yongsui Lin
98. Study on 3D Solid Reconstruction from 2D Views Based on Intelligent Understanding of Mechanical Engineering Drawings
Jianping Liu, Bangyan Ye, Xiaohong Wu, Miaoan Ouyang
Part 10. Manufacturing Systems and Processes
99. Bone Tissue Engineering Using B-Tricalcium Phosphate Scaffolds Fabricated via Selective Laser Sintering
Liulan Lin, Baigong Ma, Xianxu Huang, Qingxi Hu, Minglun Fang
100. Logic Programming for Machine Tools
Reggie Davidrajuh
101. Analyze and Research of Corrosion Resistance of Laser Cladding Layer on the Anti-acid Stainless Steel Surface
Geyan Fu, Jianjun Shi, Tuo Shi
102. Material Removal Mechanisms Analysis in the Finishing Machining of Engineering Ceramics
Changhe Li, Guangqi Cai
103. Investigation of Expansion Characteristics of Coronary Slot Stents Using Finite Element Analysis
Xuanzhi Wang, Syed H. Masood
104. Study on Application of High Speed Milling in Dies Manufacturing for Plate Heat Exchangers
Xiaoyang Wang, Limin Li
105. The Application of Least Square in Precision Cylindrical Grinding
Dawei Fu, Li Su, Yang Wang
106. The Application of the Genetic Algorithm to the Numerical Simulation in Sheet Metal Forming
Jingling Xu, Changdong Li, Yimin Wu, Wei Huang
107. The Coverage Form of Surface Coating and Crack of Basal Body Under Multi-Impact Loads
Shihong Shi, Keyun Di, Anjun Wang
108. Effect of Specimen Size on Strength Reliability of Fiber Reinforced Composite
Yun Lu, Hideharu Fukunaga
109. A Hybrid Intelligent Approach for Optimal Control of Seed Cleaner
Jin Yuan, Tao Yu, Kesheng Wang
110. Numerical Simulation of Transient Temperature Field for Laser Direct Metal Shaping
Risheng Long, Weijun Liu, Xiaofeng Shang
111. Fault Tolerant System Design Based Fuzzy Observer
Yihu Huang, Guangxin Zhang, Ximei Jia
112. Reliability Analysis for Manufacturing Grid
Qiming Zou, Tao Yu, Haiyang Sun
113. Construction of Forewarning Risk Index Systems of Venture Capital Based on Artificial Neural Network
Guozheng Zhang, Yun Chen, Dengfeng Hu
114. Research on Performance Test and Evaluation Method of Assembly Packaging Ammunition
Wenzhao Li, Wei Wang, Min Gao, Junbo Wang
Part 11. Production Management
115. Support Vector Regression for Financial Time Series Forecasting
Wei Hao, Songnian Yu
116. QoS Management in Manufacturing Grid
Haiyang Sun, Tao Yu, Lilan Liu, Yu'an He
117. A New Method Based on Immune Algorithm to Solve the Unit Commitment Problem
Wei Li, Deren Sheng, Jianhong Chen, Zhenfu Yuan, Kefa Cen
118. Enterprise Information Integration: State of the Art and Technical Challenges
Jingtao Zhou, Mingwei Wang, Han Zhao
119. Resource Sharing Technology in the Automobile Parts Manufacture Grid
Yufeng Ding, Zhongling Wei, Buyun Sheng
Part 12. Manufacturing Planning and Scheduling
120. Ant Colony Optimization for Manufacturing Resource Scheduling Problem
Wang Su, Meng Bo
121. Machine Work Planning Using Workpiece Agents in an Autonomous Decentralized Manufacturing System
Michiko Matsuda, Satoshi Utsumi,Yasuaki Ishikawa
122. Genetic Local Search Algorithms for Single Machine Scheduling Problems with Release Time
Jihchang Hsieh, Peichann Chang, Shihhsin Chen
123. Controlling Powder Deposition Process Using Fuzzy Logic Systems
Kesheng Wang, Paul Akangah, Qingfeng Yuan
124. Flexible dynamic scheduling based on immune algorithm
Jianjun Yu, Shudong Sun, Jinghui Hao
125. Fuzzy Decision on Traverse Speed for Abrasive Suspension Jet
Wenbin Wang, Tao Yu, Xiaojian Liu, Tan Liu
126. Research on Manufacturing Resource Discovery and Scheduling in Manufacturing Grid
Yu'an He, Tao Yu, Lilan Liu, Haiyang Sun
127. Research on WSRF-based Resource Management Model and Encapsulation in Manufacturing Grid
Yu'an He, Tao Yu, Bin Shen
128. The Performance Analysis of a Multi-objective Immune Genetic Algorithm for Flexible Job Shop Scheduling
XiuLi Wu, ShuDong Sun, GangGang Niu, YinNi Zhai
Part 13. Co-Operation Infrastructure for Virtual Enterprises
129. Towards Service Oriented Enterprise
Sodki Chaari, Frédérique Biennier, Chokri Ben amar, Joël Favrel
130. Manufacturing Resource Management for Collaborative Process Planning
Ziqiang Zhou, Mujun Li, Liguan Shen
131. The Uniform Knowledge Representation for On-line Product Semantic Reconstructions of Virtual Organization
Chengfeng Jian
132. Access Control Model of Manufacturing Grid
Hongxia Cai, Tao Yu, Minglun Fang
133. Research on Strategic Architecture of Collaborative Business System
Zhiwei Mi, Wenwu Mao, Minglun Fang
134. A Workflow Management System for Dynamic Alliance
Zhiqiang Gu, Gangyan Li, Kunpeng Wang
135. A Region Growing Algorithm for Solving CVE Partitioning Problem
Xiaomei Hu, Zhengjun Zhai, Xiaobin Cai
Part 14. Virtual Manufacturing in Design and Production
136. Visual Studies on Rice Bran Extrusion
Wenhua Zhu, Huiyuan Yao
137. Implementation of Web Resource Service to Product Design
Baoli Dong, Sumei Liu
138. Engineering Testing Process Management System Based on .NET Framework
Liang Jin, Gandi Xie, CaiXing Lin
139. Research on the Picture Collected by Microminiature Aircraft to Construct Digital Elevation Model
Likang Shao, Guangxing Wei, Qiyu Yang, Xisheng Wu
Part 15. Mass Customization
140. Analysis on Product Technical Risk with Bayesian Belief Networks
Ming Chen, Yun Chen, Bingsen Chen, Qun Wang
141. Handling Variability in Mass Customization of Software Family Product
Jianhong Ma, Runhua Tan
142. A Process Model of Product Platform Building for the Products with the Same function Structure
Huangao Zhang, Wenyan Zhao, Guoping Li, Runhua Tan
143. A Top-Down Approach To an Armoured Face Conveyor Family Design
Guoping Li, Huangao Zhang, Wenyan Zhao, Haixian Zhao, Runhua Tan
144. Study on the Response Characteristics of Automatic Welding Filter
Huifang Liu, Shiliang Jin, Huiting Xiao, Yue Hong, Longji Shen
145. Research on Module-based Variant Design for Mass Customization
Junjian Ding, Shili Tan, Haihong Zhang, Xiaofeng Song
146. Applied Research on Technologies of Design for Mass Customisation
Qiaoxiang Gu, Guoning Qi, Shaohui Su, Yujun Lu
147. Hidden Pattern of Innovation
Hansjürgen Linde, Gunther Herr, Andreas Rehklau
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