Linguistics for Everyone An Introduction

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  • Edition: 1st
  • Format: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2009-03-06
  • Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing
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LINGUISTICS FOR EVERYONE: AN INTRODUCTION, First Edition contains many elements relating the study of linguistics to the language of communication in the real world. The text is organized to make the material easy to find and the content interesting and relevant to your life. The first chapter gives you the basics such as how to define language, new ways to look at grammar, your innate knowledge about language, animal communication systems, and so on. Later chapters address core linguistics areas in depth (phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics). The many innovative and varied activities help you review and practice the content and offer ample opportunities to apply the knowledge immediately. Anyone with an interest in language will find much to enjoy in this new book by two respected educators.

Table of Contents

What Is Language And How Do We Study It?
What is language?
Knowledge of Language
Our Language Expertise
Acquiring versus Learning a Language
Human Language and Animal Communication
Can Other Animals Learn Language?
Did you know . . .?
Rico, the Talking Border Collie
Two Case Studies: Washoe and Nim
What Is Grammar?
The Components of Grammar
What Is Grammatical?
Prescriptive and Descriptive Grammar
When Prescription and Description Overlap
Modification: Another Overlap
Grammar across Space and Time
Linguistics in the News: The Language Blog and Eggcorns
Universal Grammar
Sign Language Grammar
Sign Language versus Body Language
Language Alive! Sign Language Diversity
The Scientific Study of Language
Noam Chomsky and Generative Grammar
Did you know . . . ?
Noam Chomsky
Influences on Modern Linguistics
Rationalism and Empiricism
Structural Linguistics
Linguistics Today
Accent on The Linguistic Society of America
Sources and Resources
Review, Practice, and Explore
The Human Capacity For Language
Our Capacity to Acquire Language
What Children's "Mistakes" Tell Us
Mouses and Foots: Overgeneralizing Rules
Language Alive! One Wug and Two . . . Wugs?
Evidence for Universal Grammar
Children Don't Learn by Analogy
Stages of First Language Acquisition
Prelinguistic Stage: The Early Months
Babbling Stage: 4-8 Months
Did You Know . . .?
How Do You Study an Infant?
The One-Word Stage (9-18 Months)
The Two-Word Stage: 18-24 Months
Language Alive! Hardwired for Words
Early Multiword Stage: 24-30 Months
Later Multiword Stage: 30 Months and Older
Did You Know . . .?
Baby Talk and Parentese
Did You Know . . .?
What about Baby Einstein?
A Critical Period for Language Acquisition?
Acquisition and Isolation: Victor and Genie
Sign Language Acquisition
Second Language Acquisition
Is It Learning or Acquisition?
Interlanguage Grammar
Social Aspects of Second Language Acquisition
Second Language Acquisition and Universal Grammar
Two Native Languages: Bilingualism
Misperceptions about Bilingualism
Our Capacity to Create Language
Pidgins and Creoles
Linguistics in the News: A Gene for Language?
Nicaraguan Sign Language
Language and the Brain
Language Intelligence?
Specific Language Impairment
Linguistic Savants
Williams Syndrome
A Language Center in the Brain?
Did You Know . . .?
Poor Phineas Gage
Broca's Aphasia
Wernicke's Aphasia
More Evidence for Lateralization
Dichotic Listening
Split-Brain Patients
Brain Imaging
Accent on Clinical Linguistics
Sources and Resources
Review, Practice, and Explore
Phonetics: Describing Sounds
Sounds and Symbols
Did You Know . . .?
Visible Speech
Voiced and Voiceless Consonants
Place of Articulation
Language Alive! A Disappearing Sound
Linguistics in the News: Ladefoged, Pioneer in Phonetics
Manner of Articulation
Stops Fricatives
Language Alive! Why do we spell words with -ough?
Did You Know . . .?
Mom Is Bob?
Language Alive! Forgotten Clusters
Why All These Distinctions?
Slips of the Tongue
Language Alive! Do Dawn and Don Rhyme?
Syllabic Consonants
Other Vowel Distinctions
Language Alive! Double Is Not Long Vowel Shifts
The Great Vowel Shift
The Northern Cities Chain Shift
The Southern Vowel Shift
Phonemes and Allophones
Accent on Product Naming
Sources and Resources
Review, Practice, and Explore
Phonology: The Sound Pattern Of language
Phonemes and Allophones
Did You Know . . .?
Babies Are Better at Language
Language Alive! Long-Lost English Allophones
Assimilation Rules
Vowel Nasalization
Alveolar Nasal Assimilation
Alveolar Stop Assimilation
Did You Know . . .?
Invented Spelling
Voicing Assimilation
Dissimilation Rules
Dissimilation of Liquid and Nasal Sounds
Dissimilation of Fricative Sounds
Insertion Rules
Insertion of Vowels
Insertion of Consonants
Insertion of Voiceless Stop
Insertion of /y/
Deletion Rules
Language Alive! Where the Heck Is /h/?
Deletion of /r/ after Vowels
Deletion of Fricative Next to Fricative
Did You Know . . .?
Where Do You Get Tenashoes?
Deletion of Like Sounds or Syllables
Deletion of Consonant Clusters
Deletion of Syllable-Final-Consonant Clusters
Fronting Rules
Fronting of Velar Nasal to Alveolar Nasal
Fronting in Child Language
Fronting of /x/
Exchange Rules
Exchanging /s/ and a Consonant
Language Alive! What's Wrong with Aks?
Exchanging /r/ and Vowel
Exchanging Syllable Onsets
Language Alive! "Going Nucular"
Mispronunciation is the topic
Multiple Rule Processes
Structure of the Syllable
Children's Syllables
Syllable Structure Variety
Slips of the Tongue and Syllables
Linguistics in the News: Tone Languages and Perfect Pitch
Did You Know . . .?
Abbish vs. Ubby Dubby
Accent on Linguistics and Reading
Sources and Resources
Review, Practice, and Explore
Morphology: Words And Their Parts
Morphemes and Meaning
Morphemes and Syllables
Recognizing Morphemes
Word Classes
Content Words
Function Words
Did You Know . . .?
Pooh on Pronouns
Word Classes and Our Mental Lexicon
Free and Bound Morphemes
Language Alive! Embiggen His Soul! Roots
Language Alive! What about Cranapple?
Derivational AffixationLanguage Alive! Word-orama!Affixation and Our Mental Lexicon
Drawing Word Trees
Word Trees and Ambiguity
Inflectional Affixation
Linguistics in the News: Arkansas's Apostrophe
Inflectional Affixation of English Nouns
Number Case
Pronouns and Genitive Case
Language Alive! The Battle over Whom
Inflectional Affixation of English Verbs
Infinitives, Present Tense, and Past Tense
Present and Past Participles
Participles as Markers of Social Class
Suppletive Verbs and Adjectives
Language Alive! Ain't had it easy! Accent on Field Linguistics
Sources and Resources
Review, Practice, and Explore
Morphology: Typology And WORD FORMATION
Morphological Typology
Synthetic Languages
Did You Know . . . ?
Solid Roundish Objects and Mushy Matter
Analytic Languages
Mixed Typological Systems
Morphology of Other Languages
Word Formation Processes
Slang vs. New Words
Linguistics in the News: F*ing Brilliant! FCC Rulings on Profanity
Recent New Words
Did You Know . . .?
The Truth about Truthiness
Language Alive! Blimey! Acronyms
Language Alive! Ms
Accent on Lexicographers
Sources and Resources
Review, Practice, and Explore
Syntax: Heads And Phrases
Table of Contents provided by Publisher. All Rights Reserved.

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