Living By Chemistry

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  • Edition: 1st
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Copyright: 2012-01-01
  • Publisher: W. H. Freeman

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Living By Chemistry makes rigorous chemistry accessible to all students. Designed to help all students to learn real chemistry, Living By Chemistryis a full-year high school curriculum that exceeds state and national standards. Using a standards-based, guided-inquiry approach, students ask questions, collect evidence, and think like scientists.

Table of Contents

UNIT 1 Alchemy: Matter, Atomic Structure,and Bonding
SECTION I Defining Matter

Lesson 1 Tools of the Trade: Lab Equipment and Safety
Demo A Penny for Your Thoughts
Lesson 2 A Penny for Your Thoughts: Introduction to Chemistry
Lesson 3 What’s the Matter?: Defi ning Matter
Lesson 4 Mass Communication: Mass and Volume
Lesson 5 All That Glitters: Density
Section I Summary
SECTION II Basic Building Materials
Lesson 6
A New Language: Chemical Names and Symbols
Lab The Copper Cycle
Lesson 7 Now You See It: The Copper Cycle
Lesson 8 What Goes Around Comes Around: Conservation of Matter
Activity Create a Table
Lesson 9 Create a Table: Properties of the Elements
Lesson 10 Breaking the Code: The Periodic Table
Section II Summary
Project Element Profile
SECTION III A World of Particles
Lesson 11
Atomic Pudding: Models of the Atom
Lesson 12 Atoms By Numbers: Atomic Number and Atomic Mass
Lesson 13 Subatomic Heavyweights: Isotopes
Lesson 14 Isotopia: Stable and Radioactive Isotopes
Activity Nuclear Quest
Lesson 15 Nuclear Quest: Nuclear Reactions
Lesson 16 Old Gold: Formation of Elements
Section III Summary
Project Nuclear Power
SECTION IV Moving Electrons
Lab Flame Tests
Lesson 17 Technicolor Atoms: Flame Tests
Lesson 18 Life on the Edge: Valence and Core Electrons
Lesson 19 Noble Gas Envy: Ions
Lesson 20 Getting Connected: Ionic Compounds
Activity Salty Eights
Lesson 21 Salty Eights: Formulas for Ionic Compounds
Lesson 22 Isn’t It Ionic?: Polyatomic Ions
Lesson 23 Alchemy of Paint: Transition Metal Chemistry
Lesson 24 Shell Game: Electron Confi gurations
Section IV Summary
SECTION V Building With Matter
Lab Classifying Substances
Lesson 25 You Light Up My Life: Classifying Substances
Lesson 26 Electron Glue: Bonding
Lab Electroplating Metals
Lesson 27 Electrons on the Move: Electroplating Metals
Section V Summary
UNIT 1 Review
UNIT 2 Smells: Molecular Structure and Properties
SECTION I Speaking of Molecules

Lesson 1 Sniffi ng Around: Molecular Formulas
Lesson 2 Molecules in Two Dimensions: Structural Formulas
Lesson 3 HONC if You Like Molecules: Bonding Tendencies
Activity Connect the Dots
Lesson 4 Connect the Dots: Lewis Dot Symbols
Lesson 5 Eight Is Enough: Octet Rule
Lesson 6 Where’s the Fun?: Functional Groups
Lab Ester Synthesis
Lesson 7 Create a Smell: Ester Synthesis
Lesson 8 Making Scents: Analyzing Ester Synthesis
Section I Summary
Project Functional Groups
SECTION II Building Molecules
Lesson 9
New Smells, New Ideas: Ball-and-Stick Models
Activity Two’s Company
Lesson 10 Two’s Company: Electron Domains
Lesson 11 Let’s Build It: Molecular Shape
Lesson 12 What Shape Is That Smell?: Space-Filling Models
Lesson 13 Sorting It Out: Shape and Smell
Lesson 14 How Does the Nose Know?: Receptor Site Theory
Section II Summary
Project Other Smell Classifi cations
SECTION III Molecules in Action
Lab Attractions Between Molecules
Lesson 15 Attractive Molecules: Attractions Between Molecules
Lesson 16 Polar Bears and Penguins: Electronegativity and Polarity
Lesson 17 Thinking (Electro)Negatively: Electronegativity Scale
Lesson 18 I Can Relate: Polar Molecules and Smell
Lesson 19 Sniffi ng It Out: Phase, Size, Polarity, and Smell
Section III Summary
Project Sense of Smell Study
SECTION IV Molecules in the Body
Lesson 20
Mirror, Mirror: Mirror-Image Isomers
Lesson 21 Protein Origami: Amino Acids and Proteins
Section IV Summary
Project Modeling a Receptor Site
UNIT 2 Review
UNIT 3 Weather: Phase Changes and Behavior of Gases
SECTION I Physically Changing Matter
Lesson 1
Weather or Not: Weather Science
Lesson 2 Raindrops Keep Falling: Measuring Liquids
Lesson 3 Having a Meltdown: Density of Liquids and Solids
Lab Thermometers
Lesson 4 Hot Enough: Thermometers
Lesson 5 Absolute Zero: Kelvin Scale
Lesson 6 Sorry, Charlie: Charles’s Law
Activity Density, Temperature, and Fronts
Lesson 7 Front and Center: Density, Temperature, and Fronts
Section I Summary 2
Project Different Thermometers
SECTION II Pressing Matter
Lesson 8
It’s Sublime: Gas Density
Lesson 9 Air Force: Air Pressure
Lab Boyle’s Law
Lesson 10 Feeling Under Pressure: Boyle’s Law
Lesson 11 Egg in a Bottle: Gay-Lussac’s Law
Lesson 12 Be the Molecule: Molecular View of Pressure
Lesson 13 What Goes Up: Combined Gas Law
Lab High and Low Air Pressure 316
Lesson 14 Cloud in a Bottle: High and Low Air Pressure
Section II Summary
Project High and Low Pressure
SECTION III Concentrating Matter
Lesson 15
n Is for Number: Pressure and Number Density
Lesson 16 STP: The Mole and Avogadro’s Law
Lesson 17 Take a Breath: Ideal Gas Law
Lesson 18 Feeling Humid: Humidity, Condensation
Lesson 19 Hurricane!: Extreme Physical Change
Section III Summary
Project Global Climate Change
UNIT 3 Review
UNIT 4 Toxins: Stoichiometry, Solution Chemistry, and Acids and Bases
SECTION I Toxic Changes
Lesson 1
Toxic Reactions: Chemical Equations
Lesson 2 Making Predictions: Observing Change
Lesson 3 Spare Change: Physical Versus Chemical Change
Lesson 4 Some Things Never Change: Conservation of Mass
Lesson 5 Atom Inventory: Balancing Chemical Equations
Lesson 6 What’s Your Reaction?: Types of Reactions
Section I Summary
Project Toxins in the Environment
SECTION II Measuring Toxins
Lesson 7
Lethal Dose: Toxicity
Activity Counting by Weighing
Lesson 8 Make It Count: Counting by Weighing
Lesson 9 Billions and Billions: Avogadro’s Number
Lesson 10 What’s in a Mole?: Molar Mass
Lesson 11 Mountains Into Molehills: Mass-Mole Conversions
Lesson 12 How Sweet It Is: Comparing Amounts
Section II Summary
Project Lethal Dose of a Toxic Substance
SECTION III Toxins in Solution
Lab Solution Concentration
Lesson 13 Bearly Alive: Solution Concentration
Lesson 14 Drop In: Molecular Views
Lesson 15 Holey Moley: Preparing Solutions
Lesson 16 Is It Toxic?: Mystery Solutions
Section III Summary
Project Types of Bonding
SECTION IV Acidic Toxins
Lab Acids and Bases
Lesson 17 Heartburn: Acids and Bases
Lesson 18 Pass the Proton: Acid-Base Theories
Lesson 19 pHooey!: 
Lesson 20 Watered Down: Dilution
Lab Neutralization Reactions
Lesson 21 Neutral Territory: Neutralization Reactions
Lesson 22 Drip Drop: Titration
Section IV Summary
Project Dissolving Toxins
SECTION V Toxic Cleanup
Lesson 23
Solid Evidence: Precipitation Reactions
Lab Mole Ratios
Lesson 24 Mole to Mole: Mole Ratios
Lesson 25 Mole Tunnel: Stoichiometry
Lesson 26 Get the Lead Out: Limiting Reactant and Percent Yield
Section V Summary
Project Removing Toxins
UNIT 4 Review
UNIT 5 Fire: Energy, Thermodynamics, and Oxidation-Reduction
SECTION I Observing Energy
Lesson 1
Fired Up!: Energy Changes
Lesson 2 Not So Hot: Exothermic and Endothermic
Lesson 3 Point of View: First and Second Laws
Lab Heat Transfer
Lesson 4 Heat Versus Temperature: Heat Transfer
Lesson 5 The Heat Is On: Specifi c Heat Capacity
Lesson 6 Where’s the Heat?: Heat and Phase Changes
Section I Summary
Project Uses of Fire
SECTION II Measuring Energy
Lesson 7
You’re Fired!: Combustion
Lab Calorimetry
Lesson 8 Now We’re Cooking: Calorimetry
Lesson 9 Counting Calories: Calorimetry Calculations
Lesson 10 Fuelish Choices: Heat of Combustion
Section II Summary
SECTION III Understanding Energy
Activity Make It or Break It
Lesson 11 Make It or Break It: Bond Energy
Lesson 12 Over the Hill: Reversing Reactions
Lesson 13 Speed Things Up: Rate of Reaction
Lesson 14 Make It Work: Work
Section III Summary
Project Uses of Fire
SECTION IV Controlling Energy
Lesson 15
Metal Magic: Oxidation
Lesson 16 Pumping Iron: Heat of Formation
Lesson 17 Electron Cravings: Oxidation-Reduction
Lesson 18 The Active Life: Activity of Metals
Lab Electrochemical Cell
Lesson 19 Current Events: Electrochemical Cell
Section IV Summary
Project Alternative Energy
UNIT 5 Review
UNIT 6 Showtime: Reversible Reactions and Chemical Equilibrium
SECTION I Chemical Equilibrium
Lesson 1
How Awesome: Chemical Demonstrations
Lab Reversible Reactions
Lesson 2 How Backward: Reversible Reactions
Lesson 3 How Dynamic: Dynamic Equilibrium
Lesson 4 How Favorable: Equilibrium Constant K
Lesson 5 How Balanced: Equilibrium Calculations
Section I Summary
Project Chemistry and Magic
SECTION II Changing Conditions at Equilibrium
Lesson 6
How Pushy: Le Châtelier’s Principle
Lab Applying Le Châtelier’s Principle
Lesson 7 How Colorful: Applying Le Châtelier’s Principle
Section II Summary
Project It’s Showtime!
UNIT 6 Review

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