Longman Academic Writing Series 1 Sentences to Paragraphs

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  • Edition: 2nd
  • Format: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2013-06-10
  • Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
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The Longman Academic Writing Series helps students master the academic writing skills needed to succeed in their academic careers. The five-level series spans writing topics from composing sentences to writing research papers. Each level covers the complete writing process from prewriting to revision.


Level 1 teaches beginning students to write sentences and paragraphs. The text’s proven approach integrates training in grammar, mechanics, vocabulary, sentence structure, and paragraph organization along with the writing process.



  • Table of Contents

    To the Teacher        

    To the Student 



    Chapter 1 Introducing Yourself                                                           



        Looking at the Models                                                                      


    Looking at Vocabulary: Words for Names                                           



        From Words to Sentences to Paragraphs                                           

        Paragraph Format                                                                


    Sentence Structure and Mechanics                                                     

        Sentence Structure                                                                      

        Statements and Questions                                                     

        Sentence Mechanics                                                              




        The Simple Present of the Verb Be                                          

        Basic Sentence Patterns with the Verb Be                                


    Applying Vocabulary: Using Words for Names                                   


        The Writing Process                                                           

        The Steps in the Writing Process                                              


    Writing Assignment A Paragraph to Introduce Yourself              





    Your Journal                                                                 


    Chapter 2 Everyday Routines                                                   



        Looking at the Models                                                              


    Looking at Vocabulary: Word Partners                                      



        Formatting the Page                                                                


    Grammar and Sentence Structure                                             


        Subject Pronouns                                                                     

        The Simple Present                                                                   


    Applying Vocabulary: Using Word Partners                                


    The Writing Process                                                                          

        Peer Review                                                                   


    Writing Assignment A Paragraph about your Morning Routine     





        On Your Own: A paragraph about your sleep habits         

        Your Journal                                                                  


    Chapter 3 Every Picture Tells a Story                                        


    Looking at the Models                                                              

    Looking at Vocabulary:  Go + -ing Verbs                                   


    Topic Sentences                                                                       

    Sentence Structure                                                                            

    Subjects of Sentences                                                              

    Writing Complete Sentences                                                     

    Grammar                                                                                  58

    Negative Verbs                                                                          58

    Adjectives                                                                                 61

    Applying Vocabulary:  Using Go + -ing Verbs                              63

    Writing Assignment A Paragraph about Someone in a Photo                 64

    Self-Assessment                                                                       67

    Expansion                                                                                 67

    On Your Own: A Paragraph about Someone You Know Well        67

    Your Journal                                                                    68

    Chapter 4 A Good Day                                                              69

    Introduction                                                                              70

    Looking at the Models                                                               70

    Looking at Vocabulary:  Phrasal Verbs                                        72

    Organization                                                                             72

    Time Order                                                                               72

    Sentence Structure and Grammar                                                       74

    Simple Sentence Patterns, Part 1                                               74

    Adverbs of Frequency                                                                75

    Using Prepositions to Show Time                                               79

    Mechanics                                                                                 81

    Using Capital Letters                                                                  81

    Capital Letters for Titles                                                             82

    Applying Vocabulary:  Phrasal Verbs                                           83

    Writing Assignment A Paragraph about a Typical Day                            84

    Self-Assessment                                                                       86

    Expansion                                                                                 86

    On Your Own A Paragraph about a Favorite Holiday          86

    Your Journal                                                                    87


    Chapter 5 Your Hometown                                                                 88

    Introduction                                                                              89

    Looking at the Models                                                               89

    Looking at Vocabulary:  Words for Directions                    91

    Organization                                                                             92

    Supporting Sentences, Part 1                                                     92

    Grammar                                                                                  94

    A, An, and The                                                                          94

    There Is and There Are                                                             97

    Using Prepositions to Describe Location                                      99

    Sentence Structure                                                                             100

    Prepositional Phrases in Sentences                                             100

    Applying Vocabulary: Using Words for Directions                         102

    Writing Assignment: A paragraph describing your hometown       103

    Self-Assessment                                                                       106

    Expansion                                                                                 106

    On Your Own: A paragraph about a favorite place                      106

    Your Journal                                                                    106


    Chapter 6 On the Job                                                                          107

    Introduction                                                                              108

    Looking at the Models                                                               108

    Looking at Vocabulary: Words for Jobs                                      110

    Organization                                                                             111

    Supporting Sentences, Part 2                                                     111

    Paragraph Unity                                                                        112

    Grammar                                                                                  114

    The Present Progressive                                                            114

    Present Progressive vs. Simple Present                                      116

    Sentence Structure                                                                             120

    Simple Sentence Patterns, Part 2                                               120

    Applying Vocabulary:  Using Words for Jobs                               123

    Writing Assignment: A paragraph describing what someone does and what he or she is doing in the photo                                                             124

    Self-Assessment                                                                       127

    Expansion                                                                                 127

    Timed Writing: A paragraph about a person with a good job       127

    Your Journal                                                                    128



    Chapter 7 Remembering an Important Event                                       129

    Introduction                                                                              130

    Looking at the Models                                                               130

    Looking at Vocabulary:  Adjectives and Prepositions                   132

    Organization                                                                             133

    Organizing Your Ideas                                                                133

    Sentence Structure and Mechanics                                             135

    Simple vs. Compound Sentences                                               135

    Grammar                                                                                  140

    The Simple Past                                                                        140

    Applying Vocabulary:  Using Adjectives and Prepositions             147

    Writing Assignment: A paragraph about an event you remember well  



    Timed Writing: A paragraph about a weekend            

    Your Journal                                                                   


    Chapter 8 Memories of a Trip                                                   


    Looking at the Models                                                              

    Looking at Vocabulary:  Word Families                            


    Concluding Sentences                                                               


    Past Time Expressions                                                              

    Sentence Structure                                                                            

    Sentences with Past Time Clauses                                            

    Sentence Fragments                                                                

    Applying Vocabulary:  Word Families                                         

    Writing Assignment: A paragraph about your memories of a trip



    Timed Writing: A paragraph about a childhood experience

    Your Journal                                                                   


    Chapter 9 Looking Ahead                                                                  


    Looking at the Models                                                             

    Looking at Vocabulary:  Adverbs of Probability                         


    Listing Order                                                                 


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