Mathematics All Around with Integrated Review, Loose-Leaf Version Plus MyLab Math -- Access Card Package

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  • Edition: 6th
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  • Copyright: 2017-06-23
  • Publisher: Pearson

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Tom Pirnot’s  Mathematics All Around with Integrated Review, Loose-Leaf Version, 6th Edition is a new co-requisite course solution, offering a complete intermediate algebra MyLab  Math course with integrated review of select topics from developmental algebra. This course solution may be used in a co-requisite course model, or simply to help under prepared students master prerequisite skills and concepts.

Mathematics Within Reach: Approachable, Relevant Math for Liberal Arts Students

Given their widely varying backgrounds, students in Liberal Arts Math often enter the course with math anxiety. Pirnot’s  Mathematics All Around with Integrated Review, Loose-Leaf Version offers the supportive and patient writing style that students need to overcome that apprehension, developing useful skills through realistic applications that can be seen in the world around them. Relevant and approachable, the author’s tone resembles the support students would receive during an instructor’s office hours. The author emphasizes a problem-solving approach, reinforcing problem-solving methods and how to apply them throughout the text. The 6th Edition keeps students engaged with updated real-world applications, while also providing more support as they learn with new measurable objectives, revised exercise sets, significant enhancements to each chapter, as well as a new student Workbook.

Personalize learning with MyLab Math.

MyLab  Math is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to work with this text to engage students and improve results. Within its structured environment, students practice what they learn, test their understanding, and engage with media resources to help them absorb course material and understand difficult concepts.


0134764781 / 9780134764788 Mathematics All Around with Integrated Review, Loose-Leaf Version Plus MyLab Math -- Access Card Package, 1/e


Package consists of:   

  • 0134462440 / 9780134462448 Mathematics All Around, Loose-Leaf version
  • 0134467698 / 9780134467696 Workbook including Integrated Review Worksheets for Mathematics All Around (Cost Accumulator)
  • 0134751779 / 9780134751771 MyLab Math with Pearson eText -- Standalone Access Card -- for Mathematics All Around with Integrated Review

Table of Contents

1. Problem Solving

Skill Review Topics

Objective: Percent conversions

Objective: Translate algebraic expressions to word phrases and word phrases to algebraic expressions
Objective: Evaluating an algebraic expression

Objective: Evaluate a formula

1.1 Problem Solving

1.2 Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

1.3 Estimation

2. Set Theory

Skill Review Topics

Objective: Exponents and order of operations

Objective: Compare real numbers

Objective: Solve linear equations using the addition property

2.1 The Language of Sets

2.2 Comparing Sets

2.3 Set Operations

2.4 Survey Problems

2.5 Looking Deeper: Infinite Sets

3. Logic

3.1 Statements, Connectives, and Quantifiers

3.2 Truth Tables

3.3 The Conditional and Biconditional

3.4 Verifying Arguments

3.5 Using Euler Diagrams to Verify Syllogisms

3.6 Looking Deeper: Fuzzy Logic

4. Graph Theory

4.1 Graphs, Puzzles, and Map Coloring

4.2 The Traveling Salesperson Problem

4.3 Directed Graphs

4.4 Looking Deeper: Scheduling Projects Using PERT


5. Numeration Systems

Skill Review Topics

Objective: Decimals

Objective: Add real numbers

Objective: Subtract real numbers

Objective: Multiply real numbers

Objective: Divide real numbers

5.1 The Evolution of Numeration Systems

5.2 Place Value Systems

5.3 Calculating in Other Bases

5.4 Looking Deeper: Modular Systems

6. Number Theory and the Real Number System

Skill Review Topics

Objective: Square roots

Objective: Solve applied problems involving algebraic expressions or formulas

6.1 Number Theory

6.2 The Integers

6.3 The Rational Numbers

6.4 The Real Number System

6.5 Exponents and Scientific Notation

6.6 Looking Deeper: Sequences

7. Algebraic Models

Skill Review Topics

Objective: Solve a linear inequality using the addition and multiplication properties of inequalities

Objective: Find the slope of a line that passes through two given points

Objective: Determine whether the slope of a given line is positive, negative, zero, or undefined

Objective: Solve a proportion

Objective: Solve quadratic equations by using the square root property

7.1 Linear Equations

7.2 Modeling with Linear Equations

7.3 Modeling with Quadratic Equations

7.4 Exponential Equations and Growth

7.5 Proportions and Variation

7.6 Modeling with Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities

7.7 Looking Deeper: Dynamical Systems

8. Consumer Mathematics

Skill Review Topics

Objective: Solve linear equations using the multiplication property

Objective: Evaluate exponential functions

Objective: Write equivalent exponential and logarithmic equations

Objective: Evaluate logarithms

Objective: Solve logarithmic equations

8.1 Percents, Taxes, and Inflation

8.2 Interests

8.3 Consumer Loans

8.4 Annuities

8.5 Amortized Loans

8.6 Looking Deeper: Annual Percentage Rate

9. Geometry

9.1 Lines, Angles, and Circles

9.2 Polygons

9.3 Perimeter and Area

9.4 Volume and Surface Area

9.5 The Metric System and Dimensional Analysis

9.6 Geometric Symmetry and Tessellations

9.7 Looking Deeper: Fractals

10. Apportionment

10.1 Understanding Apportionment

10.2 The Huntington−Hill Apportionment Principle

10.3 Other Paradoxes and Apportionment Methods

10.4 Looking Deeper: Fair Division

11. Voting

11.1 Voting Methods

11.2 Defects in Voting Methods

11.3 Weighted Voting Systems

11.4 Looking Deeper: The Shapley-Shubik Index

12. Counting

Skill Review Topics

Objective: Fractions

12.1 Introduction to Counting Methods

12.2 The Fundamental Counting Principle

12.3 Permutations and Combinations

12.4 Looking Deeper: Counting and Gambling

13. Probability

Skill Review Topics

Objective: Solve a linear equation using both the addition and multiplication properties

13.1 The Basics of Probability Theory

13.2 Complements and Union of Events

13.3 Conditional Probability and Intersections of Events

13.4 Expected Value

13.5 Looking Deeper: Binomial Experiments

14. Descriptive Statistics

Skill Review Topics

Objective: Find the opposite and absolute value of real numbers

Objective: Identify and plot points on a coordinate plane

Objective: Identify the slope and y-intercept of an equation written in slope-intercept form

Objective: Graph a line using its slope and y-intercept

14.1 Organizing and Visualizing Data

14.2 Measures of Central Tendency

14.3 Measures of Dispersion

14.4 The Normal Distribution

14.5 Looking Deeper: Linear Correlation

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