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  • Nine Interesting Alexander Hamilton Facts

    August 11th, 2020

    Alexander Hamilton was a statesman, politician, legal scholar, military commander, lawyer, banker, and economist who rose from obscurity to become one of the most influential Founding Fathers of the United States. He was the United States’ first Secretary of the Treasury, and is known for the creation of a national bank. There’s a good chance […]

  • How Do College Classes Work? How to Add Them, Drop Them, and Endure Them

    August 6th, 2020

    In college, registration is probably one of the most difficult tasks a student faces. While it gets easier with each year of gained experience, the unknowns are what make the decisions hard. When you sign up for a class, you don’t know much about it beyond the scheduled time, professor’s name, and a brief description […]

  • Political Activism for College Students

    August 4th, 2020

    Despite making up more than half of the population, young adults (ages 18-30) often find themselves marginalized from mainstream politics and decision making.  When given an opportunity to organize, voice our opinions and play a meaningful role in political decision making, young adults consistently demonstrate our willingness and ability to foster positive, lasting change. We […]

  • When Should I Buy My College Textbooks?

    July 30th, 2020

    This is a question that is often asked by first-time college students. Being a new college student can be overwhelming and intimidating. On top of adjusting to a new environment and navigating campus is the task of buying textbooks. For most incoming freshmen, this is a completely new experience. One of the biggest stressors when […]


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