Messiah Within : A Guide to Embracing Your Inner Divinity

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  • Format: Hardcover
  • Copyright: 2012-04-20
  • Publisher: Textstream
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For two millennia, mankind has searched for The Messiah-sometimes characterized as a mythical being, sometimes a real person ... even someone who has not yet arrived in our midst. Messiah Within follows the ten-year journey of Robin Clare, a Jewish spiritual seeker, as she is guided by Yeshua ben Yosef (whom many call Jesus) to a knowing that the Messiah she had been searching for was already within her own inner divinity-as it is for all of us. In this book, Yeshua reveals a lifechanging process for each person to follow, to help you connect to your own Messiah Within. Yeshua shows us how to engage in a new way of living called the "Messiah Consciousness." Yeshua invites you to step onto the path of global Oneness and be part of a new movement to usher in an unprecedented era of personal and world peace.


Step One From your deepest point of stillness, find your inner voice that is whispering, "You are One with All" When I sat down to write this chapter, I asked Yeshua, "How do I tell the world about the spiritual journey that you guided me on to becoming my Messiah Within and what your desires are for the Jewish people and all of mankind during this time of great shift and change? Where do I start?" He responded, "At the beginning." Sometimes the beginning seems like such a long time ago. But in reality, my process began ten very short years ago. I was just like many of you. I was caught up in a corporate career that paid me well and provided significant benefits for my family. My family and I lived what might be referred to as "The American Dream." But I always knew that I was being pulled towards something greater. Ten years ago, for almost a year, I stood out on my deck every night and asked, "How can I be of the greatest service to Mankind?" While I never received a direct verbal answer, I knew there was someone listening to me, an energy that was not in physical form. Little did I know at the time that it was Yeshua, who would accompany me on a spiritual journey that would take me back to past lives and then all the way forward to visions of what the future holds for my life. What I can now say for sure is that when we truly know that we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience (as human beings), our lives are never again the same. This is my story and I hope it will give you strength to unveil your own. The pages of books and the movie screens are filled with countless love stories about the love between a man and a woman, the love of parent for a child, the love of a child and his pet. We will soon discover that the greatest love story ever told is the one between ourselves and our own divinity. This book is the story of my greatest love – my path to finding my Messiah Within. For in this awakening of my heart, I have discovered that life is incredibly simple. In the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, we learn that we come into this world to experience contrast and we seek to align ourselves with a vibration that feels good. For once we align with the abundant positive energy of the universe; our lives begin to go with the flow. For many years, I knew all the right words but I did not align my vibration to match what I truly wanted. I remember once in a channeled reading, my spiritual guidance said to me, "For someone who knows so much about the Law of Attraction, you really suck at it." And, at the time, that was incredibly true. In retrospect, I could not align my Being with the Universe because I was not ready to live what I lovingly call the Messiah Within. It required a process to get here, an intense, deep process of learning about myself, my relationships and my connection to the Divine. Carole King's classic song "Only Love is Real" has two great lines: only love is real and everything else an illusion. These two lines are also the teachings of the Great Masters and of the Divine. When we attune to this masterful inner knowing, life takes on a different meaning. This knowing first comes to us on an intellectual level, then we must transition to a belief that it is true, and finally, if we are blessed, we arrive at knowing that it is true. With the knowing that only love is real, we can accept others without judgment, we can forgive, we can love unconditionally... we can live in Oneness. We, in turn, become our Messiah Within and we are able to share this with others and live a life of peace, based in service. This all sounds so lovely and simple, doesn't it? And yet, it is the hardest work we will ever do. For eternity, from everyday people to the Great Masters, all of humanity has struggled with loving itself, with seeing the Divine within. In my years of spiritual studies, I found that I have only been able to understand a complex spiritual concept when I arrive at the simplicity of its true meaning. I have discovered that this only happens when I stop thinking about it with my mind and focus on its true meaning with my heart. Instinctively, I knew that I had in this and many other lifetimes muddied up the path to my Messiah Within. But now, I had to decide if I were going to be one of the brave ones, ready to look at "all my stuff," to attain what all of the Great Masters have promised: peace and serenity. My current life path was filled with the teachings of Great Masters past and present, from Yeshua ben Yosef to Sri AmmaBhagavhan. Throughout all my studies, the theme of Oneness with All That Is was paramount. Was that just a topic that intrigued me or is that the ultimate prize I could have? What did all this inner work look like and how did it change my life? I share within these pages what happened on my path and how people and events showed up to light up my path to my Messiah Within. The Significance of Step 1 – A Conversation with Yeshua Robin: Yeshua, I love the words of Step 1: From your deepest point of stillness, find your inner voice that is whispering, "You are one with All." If we were to break the phrase into its components, each component could stand alone and yet, in order to achieve this knowing, you must view them as a whole phrase. For example, from your deepest point of stillness is required so that you can hear or find your inner voice. Once you find your inner voice, you need to listen so that you can hear it whispering, "You are One with All," Would you like to elaborate on this exquisite phrase and its role on the path to your Messiah Within? Yeshua: The words "You are One with All" are an energetic beacon that is housed in the heart center of each man, woman and child on your planet. The goal of finding your still point is to be able to hear your inner voice (which is the beacon) that is whispering, "You are One with All." Why is it whispering and not shouting it from every core fiber of your being? Because if it were shouting, it would become just another phrase that made its way into your mainstream consciousness without doing the required work to understand its true essence. A good example of this is The Golden Rule. Did you know that there is a Golden Rule for every religious and spiritual group on the planet? "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is by far the most common interpretation of this global declaration. Yet, we don't live up to the words themselves. If we did, we would not be having this conversation nor would I have requested you to write this book. If you don't hear the calling that "You are One with All," then what would drive someone to find inner peace, follow The Golden Rule and ultimately contribute to a collective world peace?

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