Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 Administrator's Pocket Consultant

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  • Edition: 1st
  • Format: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2006-01-11
  • Publisher: Microsoft Press

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The fast-answers, daily administration guide to Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004. This pocket-sized guide Features quick-reference tables, lists, and step-by-step instructions. A handy, one-stop guide to provide fast, accurate answers on the spot-whether you're at your desk or in the field!

Author Biography

Bud Ratliff is a Microsoft MVP for ISA Server. He is a Project Management Professional (PMP), MCSE, MCT, and a principal partner for The Solarity Group.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgmentsp. xix
Introductionp. xxi
Supportp. xxi
Overview of Microsoft ISA Server 2004 Administrationp. 1
ISA Server Capabilitiesp. 1
How ISA Server Operates as a Caching and Firewall Serverp. 2
Firewall: The Secure Serverp. 3
Caching: The Acceleration Serverp. 3
Differences Between ISA Server 2000 and ISA Server 2004p. 4
Choosing the Right ISA Server for Your Environmentp. 6
Product Editions and Requirementsp. 6
ISA Server Tools and Utilitiesp. 11
The ISA Server 2004 Management Consolep. 11
ISA Server Wizardsp. 15
Toolsp. 15
Extending ISA Serverp. 16
Administering ISA Server Remotelyp. 16
ISA Management Consolep. 16
Terminal Servicesp. 16
Remote Control Applicationsp. 17
ISA Server Communityp. 17
Installing and Configuring Microsoft ISA Server 2004 Standard Editionp. 19
Before You Beginp. 19
Where Not to Install ISA Serverp. 20
Installing ISA Server 2004 Standard Editionp. 21
Functionality Available with ISA Server Configured with a Single Network Adapterp. 24
Patching ISA Server 2004 Standard Editionp. 25
Installing ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition Unattendedp. 25
ISA Server Setup Command-Line Parametersp. 27
Troubleshooting Setupp. 27
Uninstalling ISA Server 2004 Standard Editionp. 28
Installing ISA Server Administration Toolsp. 28
Installing ISA Server Administration Tools on a workstationp. 29
Installing ISA Server Administration Tools on the ISA serverp. 29
Renaming an ISA Server 2004 Serverp. 30
Joining an ISA Server to a Domainp. 31
Troubleshooting ISA Server Installationsp. 31
Problems Installing ISA Server on a Domain Controllerp. 31
Examine the Setup Log Filesp. 32
What to Expect After Installationp. 32
Know Your System Policiesp. 33
Configuring ISA Serverp. 35
Assigning ISA Server Administrative Rolesp. 36
Configuring the ISA Server Cachep. 36
Installing and Configuring Microsoft ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Editionp. 45
Before You Beginp. 45
Where Not to Installp. 46
Installing Configuration Storage Serverp. 46
Ensuring Connectivity to CSSp. 48
Creating an ISA Server Arrayp. 49
Installing ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Editionp. 49
Installing Firewall Share and Message Screenerp. 52
Adding Servers to the ISA Server Arrayp. 52
Installing CSS on a Domain Controllerp. 52
Installing a CSS from Mediap. 54
Installing Enterprise Edition Unattendedp. 54
Troubleshooting Setupp. 56
Installing ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition into a Workgroupp. 56
Workgroup Scenariop. 57
Workgroup Enterprise Scenariop. 57
Back-to-Back Scenariop. 58
Renaming the CSSp. 61
Specifying an Alternative CSS Serverp. 62
Uninstalling ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Editionp. 63
Troubleshooting Installationp. 63
Upgrading from ISA Server 2000p. 63
Examining the Setup Log Filesp. 63
Configuring ISA Server Enterprise Editionp. 64
Assigning ISA Administrative Rolesp. 65
Remote Administrationp. 66
Installing and Configuring Microsoft ISA Server 2004 Clientsp. 67
Overview of ISA Server Client Typesp. 67
Choosing the Right Clientp. 68
Working with the SecureNAT Clientp. 69
Installationp. 69
Configurationp. 71
Working with the Web Proxy Clientp. 72
Installationp. 72
Configurationp. 74
Troubleshootingp. 75
Working with the Firewall Clientp. 76
Make the Firewall Client Share Availablep. 76
Install the Firewall Clientp. 77
Configure the Firewall Clientp. 80
Using Infrastructure Servers to Automate Client Settingsp. 86
Troubleshootingp. 87
Upgrading from Microsoft ISA Server 2000p. 89
Changes When Migrating From 2000 to 2004p. 89
Performing an In-Place Upgradep. 90
Migrating an ISA Server 2000 Configuration to a Clean ISA Server 2004 Serverp. 93
Exporting the ISA Server 2000 Configurationp. 93
Installing ISA Server 2004p. 94
Importing the ISA Server Configurationp. 94
Migrating RRAS Configurationp. 95
Upgrading ISA Server Enterprise Editionp. 95
Exporting the ISA Server 2000 Enterprise Edition Configurationp. 96
Installing CSSp. 97
Importing the Configuration to the ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition Computerp. 99
Installing ISA Server 2004 on the ISA Serverp. 100
Upgrading From ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition to Enterprise Editionp. 102
Troubleshooting ISA Server Upgradesp. 103
Missing Componentsp. 103
ISA Server Migration Wizard Command Linesp. 103
Configuration Import Errorsp. 104
Monitoring and Reportingp. 105
Monitoring Componentsp. 105
Dashboardp. 105
Configuring Refresh Rate Settingsp. 106
Alertsp. 106
Viewing Predefined Alertsp. 106
Creating an Alertp. 107
Configuring an Alertp. 111
Viewing Alertsp. 112
Resetting and Acknowledging Alertsp. 112
Servicesp. 113
Starting and Stopping ISA Servicesp. 114
Sessionsp. 114
Monitoring Sessionsp. 114
Filtering Sessionsp. 115
Creating Connectivity Verifiersp. 116
Disconnecting a Sessionp. 117
Exporting and Importing Filter Definitionsp. 118
Eventsp. 118
Monitoring Eventsp. 118
Analyzing Eventsp. 118
Logsp. 119
Configuring Logging to an SQL Server Databasep. 119
Configuring Logging to MSDEp. 121
Configuring Logging to a Filep. 121
Filtering Loggingp. 122
Reportsp. 122
Report Typesp. 122
Generating a Reportp. 123
Creating a Report Jobp. 125
Publishing a Reportp. 126
Viewing a Reportp. 126
Customizing a Reportp. 127
Configuring Log Summariesp. 128
Performance Monitorp. 129
Using Performance Monitor on Your ISA Serverp. 129
Configuring Toolbox Elementsp. 131
Protocolsp. 133
Identifying Predefined Protocolsp. 133
Creating a Protocolp. 134
User Setsp. 135
Creating a User Setp. 136
Content Typesp. 136
Creating a Content Typep. 136
Schedulesp. 137
Creating a Schedulep. 138
Network Objectsp. 138
Networksp. 139
Network Setsp. 140
Configuring the Internal Network Objectp. 140
Computersp. 141
Address Rangesp. 142
Subnetsp. 143
Computer Setsp. 144
URL Setsp. 144
Domain Name Setsp. 145
Web Listenersp. 146
Creating and Configuring a Web Listener Objectp. 147
Configuring Microsoft ISA Server Firewall Policyp. 149
Understanding How ISA Server Processes Trafficp. 149
System Policyp. 150
Editing the System Policyp. 157
Exporting and Importing System Policyp. 158
An Overview of Firewall Policyp. 159
Best Practicesp. 159
Lockdown Modep. 160
Exporting and Importing Firewall Policyp. 160
Configuring FTP Filteringp. 162
Configuring HTTP Filteringp. 163
Configuring RPC Filteringp. 166
Access Rulesp. 168
Creating an Access Rulep. 169
Disabling an Access Rulep. 170
Deleting an Access Rulep. 171
Changing the Order of an Access Rulep. 172
Web Publishingp. 172
Publishing a Web Serverp. 172
Modifying an Existing Web Publishing Rulep. 174
Publishing a Secure Web Serverp. 176
Server Publishingp. 182
Creating a Server Publishing Rulep. 182
Publishing a Mail Serverp. 184
Troubleshooting Firewall Policyp. 188
Configuring Multinetworkingp. 189
Working with Network Templatesp. 189
Creating an Edge Firewallp. 190
Creating a 3-Leg Perimeterp. 192
Creating a Front Firewallp. 193
Creating a Back Firewallp. 194
Creating a Single Network Adapter Configurationp. 195
Configuring Networksp. 196
Exporting and Importing Networksp. 198
Configuring Network Setsp. 199
Network Setsp. 199
Configuring Network Rulesp. 200
Web Chainingp. 201
Creating a Web Chaining Rulep. 201
Modifying a Web Chaining Rulep. 203
Firewall Chainingp. 203
Microsoft ISA Server Security and Administrationp. 205
ISA Server Administrationp. 205
Delegating Administrationp. 205
Configuring Firewall Chainingp. 206
Configuring Dial-Up Preferencesp. 207
Certificate Revocationp. 208
Defining Firewall Client Settingsp. 209
Viewing ISA Server Detailsp. 210
Configuring Link Translationp. 211
Security Policy Administrationp. 212
Defining RADIUS Serversp. 212
Configuring Intrusion Detectionp. 214
Defining IP Preferencesp. 216
Defining Connection Limitsp. 217
Securing Virtual Private Network Accessp. 219
Remote Access Configurationp. 219
Enabling and Configuring VPN Client Accessp. 220
Configuring the User Accountsp. 228
Creating Access Rules for VPN Clients to Access Other Networksp. 228
Configuring the Client Computersp. 229
Site-to-Site Configurationp. 230
Analyzing and Selecting the VPN Protocolp. 232
Creating the VPN Gateway Dial-In Accounts for Authenticationp. 232
Creating the Primary Site VPN Gatewayp. 233
Creating a Remote Site Networkp. 234
Creating Network Rules to the Remote Sitep. 237
Creating Access Rulesp. 238
Configuring the Secondary Site VPN Gatewayp. 239
Testing the Site-to-Site VPN Connectionp. 239
VPN Quarantinep. 240
Scripting with Microsoft ISA Server 2004p. 241
Overviewp. 241
VBScript Essentialsp. 242
Preparing Your Environmentp. 243
Installing ISA Server 2004 SDKp. 243
ShowBasiclnfo1.vbsp. 244
ShowBasiclnfo2.vbsp. 249
AddComputer.vbsp. 250
CreateHTTPAllowRule.vbsp. 253
ExportServers.vbsp. 255
ImportServers.vbsp. 260
Next Stepsp. 263
Configuring Arrays Using Centralized Managementp. 265
Working with Arrays and Array Membersp. 265
Creating an Arrayp. 265
Configuring an Arrayp. 266
Renaming an Arrayp. 269
Deleting an Arrayp. 269
Moving a Server to Different Arrayp. 270
Managing an Arrayp. 270
Array Communication Explainedp. 271
Troubleshooting Array Configurationp. 273
Using Enterprise and Array Policiesp. 275
Enterprise and Array Policies Explainedp. 275
Enterprise and Array Decisionsp. 276
Configuring Enterprise Policy Settingsp. 276
Enterprise Policy Administrationp. 276
Creating Enterprise Policiesp. 277
Creating Enterprise Access Rulesp. 277
Enterprise Administration and Permissionsp. 279
Backing Up and Restoring an Enterprise Configurationp. 279
Deleting Enterprise Policiesp. 281
Connecting to Remote Enterprise and Arraysp. 282
Settings Contained in the Default Enterprise Policyp. 283
Array Policy Administrationp. 284
Rules of Effective Array Policyp. 284
Array Administration and Permissionsp. 284
Array Firewall Policy Rule Typesp. 285
Configuring Array Policiesp. 286
Backing Up, Restoring, and Deleting an Array Configurationp. 286
Working with Enterprise Technologies and Microsoft ISA Server 2004p. 287
Cache Array Routing Protocol (CARP)p. 287
Enabling Cachingp. 287
Enabling CARP for Web Requestsp. 288
Configuring and Securing Intra-Array Communicationp. 289
Configuring the CARP Load Factorp. 290
CARP and Scheduled Content Download Jobsp. 291
Network Load Balancingp. 291
Integrated and Nonintegrated Network Load Balancingp. 292
Prerequisitesp. 292
Installing and Configuring Network Load Balancingp. 292
Configuring Microsoft ISA Server with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003p. 297
Configuring DNS Resolutionp. 297
Overview of ISA Server 2004 and Exchange Server 2003 Integrationp. 298
Connecting Remote Exchange Clients with Outlook Web Accessp. 298
Publishing Outlook Web Accessp. 299
Providing Full-Featured Remote Access for Exchange Clientsp. 304
Publishing Outlook RPC for MAPI Clientsp. 306
Publishing RPC over HTTP for Outlook Clientsp. 308
Publishing Basic Mail: SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4p. 313
Configuring Microsoft ISA Server with Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003p. 315
SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services Overviewp. 315
Key SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Featuresp. 315
Key Windows SharePoint Services Featuresp. 316
How ISA Server Improves SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services Accessp. 317
Publishing Windows SharePoint Servicesp. 317
Allow Windows SharePoint Services to Connect to the Internetp. 318
Defining the Web Listenerp. 318
Creating the Web Publishing Rulep. 318
Modifying the Web.Config File for Outbound Internet Accessp. 321
Publishing SharePoint Portal Serverp. 322
Network Servicesp. 322
Authenticationp. 323
Link Translationp. 323
Publishing SharePoint Portal ServerPublishing SPS with ISA Server 2004p. 324
Configuring SharePoint Portal Server to Work With ISA Serverp. 329
Modifying the Default URL for the Portal Sitep. 329
Configuring Microsoft ISA Server with Microsoft Operations Manager 2005p. 331
Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Overviewp. 331
Getting Started with MOM 2005p. 332
Installing Microsoft Operations Manager 2005p. 333
Deploying the MOM Client to Your ISA Serversp. 333
Agent Communicationp. 335
Installing the ISA Server 2004 Management Packp. 337
Managing ISA Servers with MOM 2005p. 340
Rule Groups and Adding Custom Event Rulesp. 340
Working with Maintenance Modep. 342
Removing a Computer from Maintenance Modep. 343
Creating Computer Groupsp. 343
Monitoring ISA Server Performance with MOM 2005p. 345
Configuring Microsoft ISA Server with Microsoft Virtual Server 2005p. 347
Virtual Server 2005 Overviewp. 347
Key Features of Virtual Server 2005p. 348
Usage Scenarios for Virtual Server 2005 and ISA Serverp. 348
Virtual Disksp. 350
Virtual Networksp. 351
Configuring an ISA Server Test Environment Using Virtual Machinesp. 351
Best Practicesp. 351
Gotchasp. 352
Creating a Virtual Server Environmentp. 352
Setting Up a Production ISA Server Virtual Machinep. 361
Best Practicesp. 362
Configuring Microsoft ISA Server 2004 with Microsoft Small Business Server 2003p. 363
Overview of Small Business Server 2003 and ISA Server 2004p. 363
How Different SBS Versions Interact with ISA Server 2004p. 363
Installing ISA Server 2004 on Small Business Server 2003p. 364
Documenting and Backing Up ISA Server 2000 Settingsp. 365
Applying SBS Service Pack 1p. 365
Installing ISA Server 2004p. 366
Running the Configure E-Mail and Internet Connection Wizardp. 367
Troubleshooting ISA Server 2004 on Small Business Server 2003p. 374
Setup Issuesp. 374
You Cannot Connect to Exchange Server from Outlook After Installing SBS Service Pack 1p. 375
You Receive "Service Not Responding" Errors in the Event Logp. 375
Web Publishing Rule Is Invalidp. 375
Additional Resourcesp. 377
Indexp. 383
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