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When you become a book seller with Marketplace, you will benefit from No Start-up Fees, No Listing Fees, and No Payment Processing Fees. will only claim 15% of the sale when a book sells. In addition to the price of your book, you will also receive a shipping credit to help cover your cost of shipping the book.

1. List a Book
Enter the book's ISBN on the Sell an Item page. After entering the ISBN, set the book's condition, quantity and price. Then, click the Sell This Item button. You may also Upload an FTP Inventory File.

2. Process Order
When your book sells, will process and accept payments from your buyers on your behalf. We will then inform you via email that the book has been sold. At this point all you have to do is confirm the order in the Marketplace account section, provide Tracking number associated with the shipping method. Orders must be confirmed within 3 days or they will automatically be cancelled. Buyers will be sent a "Your item has been shipped" email 1 business day after the order has been confirmed.

3. Ship Book
Package your books and ship to buyer's address. Orders must be shipped within 1 business day of order confirmation.

4. Getting Paid
You will receive payment twice a month for all funds due to you for completed sales. When you set up your Marketplace account you will have two payment options: ACH direct deposit or check.


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