Multirate Signal Processing for Communication Systems

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  • Edition: 1st
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Copyright: 2004-05-14
  • Publisher: Prentice Hall
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-Provides communication engineers with the signal processing techniques needed to develop efficient algorithms for the design of various systems.-Written by an authority in the field with real world industry design experience.-Includes MATLAB script files for the demonstrations as well as for the design routines that are included as software to accompany the text.

Author Biography

Fredric J. Harris is Professor to Electrical and Computer Engineering at San Diego State University, where he holds the CUBIC Signal Processing Chair of the Communication Systems and Signal Processing Institute.

Table of Contents

Prefacep. ix
Purpose of Bookp. x
Organization of Bookp. xi
Acknowledgementsp. xii
Why Multirate Filters?p. 1
Compact Disc 4-to-1 Oversamplep. 2
Anti-alias Filteringp. 6
The Resampling Processp. 13
The Sampling Sequencep. 15
Modulation Description of Resampled Sequencep. 19
What Is a Multirate Filter?p. 20
Properties of Resamplersp. 23
Examples of Resampling Filtersp. 26
Useful Perspectives for Multirate Filtersp. 28
Nyquist and the Sampling Processp. 32
Digital Filtersp. 39
Filter Specificationsp. 40
Windowingp. 43
The Remez Algorithmp. 52
Equiripple vs. 1/f Ripple Designsp. 60
Acceptable In-band Ripple Levelsp. 66
Useful Classes of Filtersp. 81
Nyquist Filter and Square-root Nyquist Filterp. 82
The Communication Pathp. 86
The Sampled Cosine Taperp. 89
Root-raised Cosine Side-lobe Levelsp. 91
Improving the Stop band Attenuationp. 92
Half-band Filtersp. 97
Systems That Use Resampling Filtersp. 107
Filtering with Large Ratio of Sample Rate to Bandwidthp. 108
Partial Sum Accumulator: The Dual Formp. 111
Generate Baseband Narrowband Noisep. 116
Generate Narrowband Noise at a Carrier Frequencyp. 119
Workload of Multirate Filterp. 121
Polyphase FIR Filtersp. 127
Channelizerp. 128
Transforming the Band-pass Filterp. 134
Separating the Aliasesp. 142
Resampling Filtersp. 153
Interpolatorsp. 154
Simple 1-to-M Interpolatorp. 154
Interpolator Architecturep. 161
Polyphase Partitionp. 161
Band-pass Interpolatorp. 164
Rational Ratio Resamplingp. 169
Arbitrary Resampling Ratiop. 171
Nearest Neighbor Interpolationp. 172
Two Neighbor Interpolationp. 181
Farrow Filterp. 185
Classical Interpolatorp. 185
Polynomial Approximationp. 189
Farrow Filterp. 192
Half-band Filtersp. 201
Half-band Low Pass Filtersp. 202
Half-band High pass Filterp. 204
Window Design of Half-band Filterp. 205
Remez Algorithm Design of Half-band Filtersp. 207
Half-band Remez Algorithm Design Trickp. 208
Hilbert Transform Band-pass Filterp. 210
Applying the Hilbert Transform Filterp. 212
Interpolating with Low Pass Half-band Filtersp. 214
Dyadic Half-band Filtersp. 217
Polyphase Channelizersp. 225
Demodulator Channel Bankp. 226
Arbitrary Output Sample Ratesp. 229
Comparison of Design Optionsp. 240
Recursive Polyphase Filtersp. 257
All-pass Recursive Filtersp. 258
Properties of All-pass Filtersp. 260
Implementing First-order All-pass Networksp. 266
Two-path All-pass Recursive Filtersp. 270
Two-path Half-band Filters: Nonuniform Phasep. 271
Two-path Half-band Filters: Linear Phasep. 281
Comparison of Nonuniform and Equal-ripple Phase Two-path Filtersp. 283
Pass band and Stop band Response in Half-band Filtersp. 289
Transforming Half-band to Arbitrary Bandwidthp. 290
Low pass to Low-pass Transformationp. 291
Low pass to Band-pass Transformationp. 296
Multirate Considerations of Recursive Half-band Filtersp. 301
Hilbert-transform Filter Variant of Two-path All-pass Filterp. 309
M-path Recursive All-pass Filtersp. 314
Iterated Half-band Filtersp. 318
Final Comparisonsp. 321
Cascade Integrator Comb Filtersp. 325
A Multiply-free Filterp. 326
Binary Integers and Overflowp. 333
Multistage CICp. 336
Hogenauer Filterp. 341
Accumulator Bit Widthp. 342
Pruning Accumulator Widthp. 344
CIC Interpolator Examplep. 356
Coherent and Incoherent Gain in CIC Integratorsp. 359
Cascade and Multiple Stage Filter Structuresp. 369
Interpolated FIR (IFIR) Filtersp. 370
Interpolated FIR Examplep. 372
Spectral Masking Filters Based of Half-band Filtersp. 375
Spectral Masking Filters Based on Complementary Filtersp. 380
Proportional Bandwidth Filter Banksp. 383
Octave Partitionp. 384
Proportional Bandwidth Filtersp. 385
Communication Systems Applicationsp. 395
Conventional Digital Down Convertersp. 396
Aliasing Digital Down Convertersp. 400
IF Subsampling Examplep. 401
Timing Recovery in a Digital Demodulatorp. 409
Modem Carrier Recoveryp. 417
Backgroundp. 418
Modern Carrier Recoveryp. 419
Digitally Controlled Sampled Data Delayp. 425
Recursive All-pass Filter Delay Linesp. 426
Interpolated Shaping Filterp. 433
Sigma-delta Decimating Filterp. 446
Sigma-delta Filterp. 450
FM Receiver and Demodulatorp. 459
FM Band Channelizerp. 460
FM Demodulatorp. 465
Stereo Decodingp. 466
Indexp. 473
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