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The Nature of Disease Pathology for the Health Professions

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  • Edition: CD
  • Format: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2006-12-15
  • Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
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This textbook is based on the premise that students learn better when material is easy to read, lively, and engaging. The author's readable style easily guides you through the causes and consequences of common diseases and is punctuated by humor, case studies, and absorbing tales from the history of medicine. You'll gain an understanding of pathology and the skills needed to use what you've learned in clinical settings, with just the right amount of scientific detail to meet your needs.

Table of Contents

Dedicationp. v
Prefacep. vii
Additional Learning Resourcesp. xi
User's Guidep. xii
Acknowledgmentsp. xvi
Reviewersp. xvii
Guide to Case Studiesp. xxvi
General Pathology
The Nature of Disease: How to Think about Illnessp. 2
The Nature of Diseasep. 3
Bodily Structure and Function in Diseasep. 5
Healthy Is Not the Same as Normal; Sick Is Not the Same as Abnormalp. 6
Defining Normalp. 6
The Extent of Abnormalityp. 8
Test Sensitivity and Specificityp. 8
The Usefulness of Tests in Diagnosisp. 8
The Effect of Disease Prevalence on Test Usefulnessp. 10
Initial Tests and Follow-up Testsp. 10
Disease and Diagnosisp. 11
Cell Injury, Adaptation, and Deathp. 14
Back to Basicsp. 15
The Origins of Cells and the Organization of Tissuesp. 15
The Nucleusp. 16
The Cytoplasmp. 17
The Cell Membranep. 20
The Cell Cyclep. 20
Cellular Communicationp. 23
Biologic Agingp. 24
Cell Injury and Diseasep. 24
Mild Cell Injuryp. 26
Intracellular Accumulationsp. 26
Adaptations of Cell Growth and Differentiationp. 28
Severe Cell Injury and Cell Deathp. 29
Inflammation: The Reaction to Injuryp. 34
The Inflammatory Response to Injuryp. 35
The Cellular Response in Inflammationp. 36
The Vascular Response in Inflammationp. 39
Molecular Mediators of Inflammationp. 40
Acute Inflammationp. 41
The Pathogenesis of Acute Inflammationp. 41
The Anatomic Characteristics of Acute Inflammationp. 42
The Consequences of Acute Inflammationp. 43
Chronic Inflammationp. 44
The Pathogenesis of Chronic Inflammationp. 44
The Anatomic Characteristics of Chronic Inflammationp. 45
The Consequences of Chronic Inflammationp. 45
Distant Effects of Inflammationp. 46
Lymphangitis, Lymphadenitis, and Lymphadenopathyp. 46
Systemic Effects of Inflammationp. 46
The Inflammatory Response to Infectionp. 46
Repair: Recovery from Injuryp. 51
Definitionsp. 52
Replacement of Injured Cellsp. 52
The Importance of Tissue Structurep. 55
The Control of Cell Reproduction and Tissue Growthp. 56
Wound Healing and Fibrous Repairp. 56
Cell Migration into the Woundp. 57
The Growth of New Blood Vesselsp. 57
Scar Developmentp. 57
Healing by First Intentionp. 58
Healing by Second Intentionp. 59
Abnormal Wound Healingp. 61
Host Factors Interfering with Wound Healingp. 61
Pathologic Wound Healingp. 61
Overview of Injury, Inflammation, and Repairp. 62
Disorders of Fluid Balance and Blood Flowp. 65
Back to Basicsp. 66
Blood Pressurep. 66
Osmotic Pressurep. 67
The Circulation of Blood and Lymphp. 68
The Anatomy of Blood Vessels and Lymphaticsp. 69
Body Water and Fluid Compartmentsp. 69
Edemap. 72
Low-protein Edemap. 73
High-protein Edemap. 74
Clinical Aspects of Edemap. 74
Hyperemia and Congestionp. 74
Hemorrhage, Thrombosis, and Embolismp. 75
Hemorrhagep. 75
Thrombosisp. 76
Embolismp. 79
Blood Flow Obstructionp. 80
Infarctionp. 80
The Development of an Infarctp. 81
The Collapse of Circulation: Shockp. 81
Types of Shockp. 81
Stages of Shockp. 82
Neoplasmsp. 86
The Language of Neoplasiap. 87
Types of Neoplasmsp. 89
The Molecular and Genetic Basis of Neoplasiap. 90
Mutationsp. 90
Cell Growth Control Genesp. 90
DNA Repairp. 91
The Causes of Cancerp. 91
The Structure of Neoplasmsp. 92
The Gross Anatomy of Neoplasmsp. 92
The Microscopic Anatomy of Neoplasmsp. 93
Premalignant States and Conditionsp. 94
The Biology of Neoplastic Growthp. 95
The Differentiation of Tumor Cellsp. 95
Clones of Cellsp. 96
The Speed of Tumor Growthp. 96
The Nourishment of Tumorsp. 97
Tumor Cell Variationp. 98
The Spread of Neoplasmsp. 98
The Immune Defense Against Neoplasiap. 99
The Epidemiology of Cancerp. 100
The Clinical Picture of Cancerp. 101
Clinical and Laboratory Assessment of Neoplasmsp. 101
Clinical Historyp. 101
Obtaining Tissues and Cells for Diagnosisp. 102
Grading and Staging of Malignanciesp. 103
Early Detection of Cancerp. 105
Tumor Markersp. 106
Developmental Genetic, and Pediatric Diseasep. 110
Developmental Abnormalitiesp. 111
Embryologic Developmentp. 112
Congenital Malformationsp. 114
Congenital Deformationsp. 115
Genetic Disordersp. 116
Mutationsp. 118
The Broad Influence of Genetics in Diseasep. 118
Disease of Single Genes (Monogenic Disorders)p. 119
Disease Caused by Defective Dominant Autosomal Genesp. 120
Disease Caused by Defective Recessive Autosomal Genesp. 121
Disease Caused by Defective Genes on Sex Chromosomesp. 122
Clinical Expression of Single-Gene Defectsp. 122
Cytogenetic Diseasesp. 125
Disease Associated with Abnormal Numbers of Autosomesp. 126
Disease Associated with Abnormal Numbers of Sex Chromosomesp. 129
Genetic Diagnosisp. 130
Pediatric Diseasesp. 132
Perinatal and Neonatal Diseasep. 132
Intrauterine Growth Restrictionp. 134
Prematurityp. 134
Birth Injuryp. 136
Fetal and Newborn Infectionsp. 136
Infections in Childrenp. 136
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)p. 137
Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn (Erythroblastosis Fetalis)p. 137
Cystic Fibrosisp. 138
Tumors and Tumor-like Conditions of Childrenp. 139
Diseases of the Immune Systemp. 144
Back to Basicsp. 145
Nonimmune Defense Mechanismsp. 145
The Normal Immune Systemp. 147
Immunity in Blood Transfusionp. 152
Classification of Immune Diseasep. 153
Mechanisms of Immune Reactionp. 153
Immune Reaction: Immediate Hypersensitivityp. 154
Immune Reaction: Cytotoxic Hypersensitivityp. 154
Immune Reaction: Immune-complex Hypersensitivityp. 154
Immune Reaction: Cellular (Delayed) Hypersensitivityp. 158
Hypersensitivity Diseasep. 159
Allergic Diseasep. 159
Autoimmune Diseasep. 159
Immunity in Organ and Tissue Transplantationp. 164
Immunity in Blood Transfusionp. 165
Amyloidosisp. 167
Immunodeficiency Diseasesp. 167
Inherited Immunodeficiency Diseasesp. 167
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)p. 168
Malignancies of Immune Cellsp. 172
Infectious Diseasep. 176
Back to Basicsp. 177
Infectionp. 182
Contagionp. 184
The Spread of Organisms in Tissuep. 185
Mechanisms of Microbiologic Injuryp. 186
The Inflammatory Response to Infectionp. 186
Infections of Organ Systemsp. 186
Respiratory Infectionsp. 186
Gastrointestinal Infectionsp. 188
Genitourinary Infectionsp. 189
Skin Infectionsp. 191
Infections by Pyogenic Bacteriap. 191
Infections by Clostridium Organisms and Other Necrotizing Agentsp. 193
Opportunistic and AIDS-related Infectionsp. 193
Tropical, Vector-borne, and Parasite Infectionsp. 194
Vector-borne Infectionsp. 195
Parasitic Infectionsp. 195
The Natural Course of an Infectionp. 197
Signs and Symptoms of Infectionp. 199
Laboratory Toolsp. 199
Disorders of Daily Life and Dietp. 205
Injury Resulting from Traumap. 207
Injury Resulting from Extremes of Temperaturep. 208
Thermal Burnsp. 208
Cold Injuryp. 209
Heat Cramps, Heat Exhaustion, and Heat Strokep. 209
Pollution and Occupational Diseasep. 210
Exposure to Toxic Materialsp. 211
Chemicalsp. 211
Adverse Reactions to Therapeutic Drugsp. 213
Radiationp. 215
Inhalant Lung Diseasep. 215
Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugsp. 216
Cigarette Smokingp. 216
Alcohol Abusep. 217
Drug Abusep. 219
Nutritional Diseasep. 221
Malnutritionp. 221
Obesityp. 222
The Metabolic Syndromep. 227
Diseases of Organ Systems
Diseases of Blood Cells and Blood Coagulationp. 234
Diseases of Blood Cellsp. 235
Back to Basicsp. 235
Normal Blood Production (Hematopoiesis)p. 236
Cell Compartments and Life Spanp. 236
Laboratory Assessment of Blood Cellsp. 237
Too Little Hemoglobin (Anemia)p. 240
The Anemia of Hemorrhagep. 240
Anemia of Red Cell Destruction (Hemolytic Anemias)p. 241
Anemia of Insufficient Red Cell Productionp. 245
Too Many Red Cells-Polycythemiap. 248
Too Few White Cells-Leukopenia and Agranulocytosisp. 249
Too Many White Cells-Benign and Malignant Disorders of Leukocytesp. 249
Peripheral Leukocyte Responses to Infection or Injuryp. 250
Lymph Node Response to Injury or Infectionp. 251
Lymphoid Neoplasmsp. 252
Myeloid Neoplasmsp. 257
Disorders of the Spleen and Thymusp. 260
Bleeding Disordersp. 260
Back to Basicsp. 260
Bleeding Disordersp. 263
Vascular or Platelet Deficiencyp. 264
Coagulation Factor Deficiencyp. 264
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC)p. 265
Thrombotic Disordersp. 266
Diseases of Blood Vesselsp. 270
Back to Basicsp. 271
The Normal Vascular Systemp. 271
Regulation of Blood Pressurep. 273
Lipid Classification and Metabolismp. 275
Desirable Plasma Lipid Concentrationsp. 275
Nomenclature of Blood Vessel Diseasep. 277
Atherosclerosisp. 277
The Causes and Consequences of Atherosclerosisp. 277
The Pathogenesis of Atherosclerosisp. 278
Risk Factors for Atherosclerosisp. 279
The Pathologic Anatomy of Atherosclerosisp. 280
Clinical Manifestations of Atherosclerosisp. 281
Hypertensionp. 282
Types of Hypertensionp. 283
Pathogenesis of Hypertensionp. 283
The Pathology of Hypertensionp. 283
Clinical Aspects of Hypertensionp. 284
Aneurysms and Dissectionsp. 285
Vasculitisp. 286
Raynaud Phenomenonp. 286
Diseases of Veinsp. 287
Tumors of Blood and Lymphatic Vesselsp. 287
Diseases of the Heartp. 292
Back to Basicsp. 293
The Normal Heartp. 293
The Coronary Circulationp. 294
The Cardiac Cyclep. 295
Arrhythmiasp. 297
Congestive Heart Failurep. 298
Pathophysiologyp. 298
Etiologyp. 300
Clinical Featuresp. 300
Ischemic Heart Disease (Coronary Artery Disease)p. 302
Epidemiology of Ischemic Heart Diseasep. 302
Causes of Coronary Ischemiap. 303
Angina Pectorisp. 304
Myocardial Infarctionp. 304
Chronic Myocardial Ischemiap. 307
Sudden Cardiac Deathp. 308
Hypertensive Heart Diseasep. 309
Valvular Heart Diseasep. 309
Rheumatic Heart Diseasep. 309
Calcific Aortic Stenosisp. 310
Myxomatous Degeneration of the Mitral Valvep. 312
Endocarditisp. 312
Nonbacterial Thrombotic Endocarditisp. 312
Infective Endocarditisp. 313
Primary Myocardial Diseasesp. 314
Myocarditisp. 314
Cardiomyopathiesp. 314
Congenital Heart Diseasep. 315
Malformations With Shuntsp. 315
Malformations With Obstruction to Flowp. 318
Pericardial Diseasep. 319
Diseases of the Respiratory Systemp. 324
Back to Basicsp. 325
The Normal Respiratory Tractp. 325
Lung Volume, Air Flow, and Gas Exchangep. 328
Diseases of the Upper Respiratory Tractp. 330
Atelectasis (Collapse)p. 330
Obstructive Lung Diseasep. 331
Asthmap. 331
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)p. 332
Restrictive Lung Diseasep. 335
Interstitial Fibrosis without Granulomatous Inflammationp. 336
Interstitial Fibrosis with Granulomatous Inflammationp. 336
Vascular and Circulatory Lung Diseasep. 336
Pulmonary Edemap. 337
Pulmonary Thromboembolismp. 337
Pulmonary Hypertensionp. 337
Adult Respiratory Distress Syndromep. 338
Pulmonary Infectionsp. 339
Pneumoniap. 339
Lung Abscessp. 341
Pulmonary Tuberculosisp. 341
Pulmonary Fungus Infections (Deep Mycoses)p. 345
Other Lung Infectionsp. 346
Lung Neoplasmsp. 347
Bronchogenic Carcinomap. 347
Bronchial Carcinoid Tumorp. 349
Diseases of the Pleurap. 349
Diseases of the Gastrointestinal Tractp. 354
Back to Basicsp. 355
The Mouth and Esophagusp. 358
The Stomachp. 358
The Small Intestinep. 358
The Large Bowelp. 359
Intestinal Bacteriap. 359
Intestinal Bleedingp. 359
Intestinal Obstruction and Ileusp. 361
Diseases of the Oral Cavityp. 361
Diseases of Salivary Glandsp. 365
Diseases of the Esophagusp. 365
Diseases of the Stomachp. 367
Gastritisp. 367
Gastric and Duodenal Ulcersp. 367
Carcinoma of the Stomachp. 369
Nonneoplastic Diseases of the Small Bowel and Large Bowelp. 369
Congenital Anomaliesp. 369
Vascular Diseasesp. 370
Diarrheal Diseasesp. 371
Malabsorption Syndromesp. 374
Inflammatory Bowel Diseasep. 374
Colonic Diverticulosis and Other Conditionsp. 377
Peritonitisp. 379
Neoplasms of the Large and Small Bowelp. 379
Nonneoplastic Polypsp. 380
Neoplastic Polyps (Adenomas)p. 380
Carcinoma of the Colonp. 381
Diseases of the Appendixp. 384
Diseases of the Liver and Biliary Tractp. 389
Back to Basicsp. 390
Liver Anatomyp. 392
Liver Functionp. 392
The Liver Response to Injuryp. 394
Anatomic Patterns of Liver Injuryp. 394
Functional Patterns of Liver Injuryp. 394
Cirrhosisp. 397
Anatomic Types of Cirrhosisp. 398
The Pathophysiology of Cirrhosisp. 398
Clinical Features of Cirrhosisp. 398
Viral Hepatitisp. 401
Clinicopathologic Syndromesp. 402
Hepatitis A Virus (HAV) Infectionp. 402
Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Infectionp. 404
Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infectionp. 406
Hepatitis D Virus (HDV) Infectionp. 406
Hepatitis E virus (HEV) Infectionp. 406
The Anatomic Pathology of Hepatitisp. 407
Autoimmune Hepatitisp. 407
Liver Abscessp. 408
Toxic Liver Injuryp. 408
Alcoholic Liver Diseasep. 408
Fatty Liverp. 409
Alcoholic Hepatitisp. 410
Alcoholic Cirrhosisp. 410
Inherited Metabolic and Pediatric Liver Diseasep. 410
Hemochromatosisp. 410
Wilson Diseasep. 412
Hereditary Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiencyp. 412
Neonatal Cholestasis, Biliary Atresia, and Hepatitisp. 412
Reye syndromep. 412
Disease of Intrahepatic Bile Ductsp. 413
Primary Biliary Cirrhosisp. 413
Primary Sclerosing Cholangitisp. 413
Circulatory Disordersp. 413
Tumors of the Liverp. 414
Primary Carcinomas of the Liverp. 414
Cholangiocarcinomap. 415
Diseases of the Gallbladder and Extrahepatic Bile Ductsp. 415
Diseases of the Gallbladderp. 415
Diseases of Extrahepatic Bile Ductsp. 417
Diseases of the Pancreasp. 422
Back to Basicsp. 423
The Digestive (Exocrine) Pancreasp. 423
The Hormonal (Endocrine) Pancreasp. 424
Diseases of the Digestive (Exocrine) Pancreasp. 427
Pancreatitisp. 427
Carcinoma of the Pancreasp. 431
Diseases of the Hormonal (Endocrine) Pancreasp. 433
Diabetes Mellitusp. 433
Pancreatic Endocrine Neoplasmsp. 442
Diseases of Endocrine Glandsp. 448
Back to Basicsp. 449
Homeostasisp. 449
The Pituitary Glandp. 450
The Thyroid Glandp. 452
The Parathyroid Glandsp. 453
The Adrenal Glandsp. 454
Diseases of the Pituitary Glandp. 455
Diseases Affecting the Anterior Pituitaryp. 455
Disease of the Posterior Pituitaryp. 458
Diseases of the Thyroid Glandp. 459
Overactivity of the Thyroid Gland (Hyperthyroidism)p. 459
Underactivity of the Thyroid Gland (Hypothyroidism)p. 462
Goiterp. 463
Thyroiditisp. 463
Neoplasms of the Thyroid Glandp. 464
Diseases of the Parathyroid Glandsp. 465
Overactivity of the Parathyroid Glands (Hyperparathyroidism)p. 465
Underactivity of the Parathyroid Glands (Hypoparathyroidism)p. 467
Diseases of the Adrenal Glandp. 468
Diseases of the Adrenal Cortexp. 468
Diseases of the Adrenal Medullap. 474
Diseases of the Kidneyp. 479
Back to Basicsp. 480
Renal Functionp. 480
The Normal Glomerulusp. 483
Formation of the Glomerular Filtratep. 484
Tubular Processing of the Glomerular Filtratep. 485
The Language of Renal Diseasep. 486
Normal Urine and Urinalysisp. 487
Clinical Syndromes of Renal Diseasep. 490
Inherited, Congenital, and Developmental Diseasep. 493
Glomerular Diseasep. 494
The Initiation and Progression of Glomerular Diseasep. 494
Glomerulonephritisp. 494
Secondary Glomerular Diseasep. 498
Diseases of Renal Vasculaturep. 498
Acute Tubular Necrosisp. 499
Tubulointerstitial Nephritisp. 500
Obstruction, Reflux, and Stasisp. 500
Pyelonephritis and Urinary Tract Infectionp. 500
Drugs, Toxins, and Other Causes of Tubulointerstitial Nephritisp. 503
Renal Stonesp. 503
Tumors of the Kidneyp. 505
Diseases of the Lower Urinary Tract and Male Genitaliap. 509
Back to Basicsp. 510
Diseases of the Lower Urinary Tractp. 514
Congenital Anomaliesp. 514
Urinary Obstruction, Reflux, and Stasisp. 514
Infection and Inflammationp. 515
Neoplasmsp. 516
Diseases of the Male Genitaliap. 517
Erectile Dysfunction and Infertilityp. 517
Diseases of the Penis and Urethrap. 517
Diseases of the Scrotum and Groinp. 518
Diseases of the Testis and Epididymisp. 519
Diseases of the Prostatep. 520
Sexually Transmitted Diseasep. 525
Syphilisp. 525
Gonorrheap. 530
Nongonococcal Urethritisp. 531
Genital Herpes and Other Sexually Transmitted Diseasesp. 531
Diseases of the Female Genital Tract and Breastp. 536
Diseases of the Female Genital Tractp. 537
Back to Basicsp. 537
The Pituitary-Ovarian Cyclep. 540
Ovulationp. 540
The Menstrual Cyclep. 542
Menopausep. 543
Sexually Transmitted Diseasep. 544
Vaginitis and Other Vaginal Conditionsp. 545
Vulvar Diseasep. 545
Diseases of the Cervixp. 546
Ectropion, Polyps, and Cervicitisp. 548
Dysplasia and Carcinoma of the Cervixp. 549
Diseases of the Endometrium and Myometriump. 554
Abnormal Endometrial Bleedingp. 555
Endometriosisp. 555
Endometrial Polyps, Hyperplasia, and Adenocarcinomap. 556
Other Conditions of the Uterus and Pelvisp. 558
Diseases of the Fallopian Tubep. 560
Diseases of the Ovaryp. 560
Nonneoplastic Ovarian Cystsp. 560
Tumors of the Ovaryp. 561
Diseases of Reproductionp. 565
Infertilityp. 565
Ectopic Pregnancy and Abortionp. 565
Placental Diseasep. 566
Diseases of the Breastp. 568
Back to Basicsp. 568
Inflammatory Diseasep. 569
Fibrocystic Changep. 569
Benign Tumorsp. 571
Breast Cancerp. 571
Types of Breast Cancerp. 572
Factors Affecting the Risk of Developing Breast Cancerp. 573
Prognostic Factors for Patients with Breast Cancerp. 574
Clinical Presentation and Behaviorp. 574
Diagnosis and Treatmentp. 575
Diseases of the Male Breastp. 576
Diseases of Bones, Joints, and Skeletal Musclep. 581
Diseases of Bonep. 582
Back to Basicsp. 582
Skeletal Deformities and Disorders of Bone Growthp. 585
Fracturesp. 585
Bone Infectionp. 587
Bone Infarctp. 589
Osteoporosisp. 589
Osteomalaciap. 591
Bone Tumorsp. 591
Bone-forming Tumorsp. 592
Cartilage-forming Tumorsp. 593
Fibrous Tumors and Tumor-like Conditionsp. 593
Other Tumors of Bonep. 594
Diseases of Joints and Related Tissuesp. 594
Back to Basicsp. 594
Osteoarthritisp. 595
Rheumatoid Arthritisp. 596
Spondyloarthropathiesp. 599
Other Types of Arthritisp. 600
Injuries to Ligaments, Tendons, and Jointsp. 601
Periarticular Pain Syndromesp. 601
Tumors and Tumor-like Lesions of Jointsp. 602
Diseases of Skeletal Musclep. 603
Back to Basicsp. 603
Muscle Atrophyp. 605
Muscular Dystrophyp. 606
Myositis and Myopathyp. 606
Myasthenia Gravisp. 607
Tumors and Tumor-like Lesions of Soft Tissuep. 608
Diseases of the Nervous Systemp. 612
Back to Basicsp. 613
The Central Nervous Systemp. 613
Vascular Supplyp. 618
The Peripheral Nervous Systemp. 618
The Autonomic Nervous Systemp. 619
Cells of the Nervous Systemp. 620
Nerve Cell Connections and Signalsp. 622
Congenital and Perinatal Diseasep. 624
Increased Intracranial Pressurep. 624
Intracranial Hemorrhagep. 627
Bleeding on the Surface of the Brainp. 627
Bleeding Directly Into the Brainp. 630
Ischemia and Infarctionp. 630
Brain and Spinal Cord Traumap. 633
Infections of the Central Nervous Systemp. 633
Infections of the Meninges and Cerebrospinal Fluidp. 634
Infections of Brain Parenchymap. 636
Degenerative Diseasesp. 637
Degenerative Diseases of Gray Matterp. 637
Degenerative Diseases of White Matterp. 639
Metabolic and Toxic Disordersp. 639
Neoplasmsp. 640
Diseases of Peripheral Nervesp. 642
Neuropathiesp. 643
Neoplasmsp. 643
Diseases of the Skinp. 648
Back to Basicsp. 649
Nonneoplastic Diseases of Skinp. 651
The Uniqueness of Skin Diseasep. 651
General Conditions of Skinp. 652
The Effects of Sunlightp. 652
The Effects of Pregnancyp. 652
Disorders of Hair Growthp. 652
The Skin in Systemic Diseasep. 654
Diseases of the Epidermisp. 656
Disorders of Pigmentationp. 656
Other Diseases of the Epidermisp. 658
Diseases of the Basement Membrane Zonep. 659
Diseases of the Dermisp. 660
Noncontact Dermatitisp. 660
Contact Dermatitisp. 661
Inflammatory Diseases of Subcuticular Fatp. 663
Acnep. 663
Infections and Infestationsp. 664
Neoplasms of Skinp. 665
Tumors of the Epidermisp. 665
Keratosesp. 666
Malignant Tumors of the Epidermisp. 668
Tumors of Subepidermal Tissuep. 669
Tumors of Melanocytesp. 670
Nevip. 670
Malignant Melanomap. 671
Diseases of the Eye and Earp. 677
Diseases of the Eyep. 678
Back to Basicsp. 678
The Anterior Segmentp. 679
The Posterior Segmentp. 680
Disorders of Alignment and Movementp. 682
Disorders of Refractionp. 682
Disorders of the Orbitp. 684
Disorders of the Eyelid, Conjunctiva, Sclera, and Lacrimal Apparatusp. 684
Disorders of the Corneap. 685
Cataractp. 686
Disorders of the Uveal Tractp. 687
Disorders of the Retina and Vitreous Humorp. 689
Disorders of the Optic Nervep. 692
Glaucomap. 693
Neoplasmsp. 695
Diseases of the Earp. 696
Back to Basicsp. 696
Disorders of the External Earp. 697
Disorders of the Middle Earp. 698
Disorders of the Inner Earp. 699
Deafnessp. 699
Glossaryp. 704
Index of Case Studiesp. 723
Indexp. 725
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