The Ozone Is Gone and So Went Racism

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  • Format: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2012-09-27
  • Publisher: Textstream
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This story began in 2015 in a country that is divided politically, socially, and economically. Sound familiar? So consequently, the national government is paralyze to act on anything. Suddenly the ozone depletion rates reached-a- critical level that allows a flood of ultraviolet light upon the planet causing millions of skin cancer deaths and suffering. The ultraviolet rays become so intense that it causes genetic mutations in newborn children. But what is unique about this man-made natural disaster is that it only affects people with lighter skin and people of European descent. The nature of the crisis forces people of European descent, people with lighter skin, and all the people of the world to re-examine long hailed prejudices regarding people with very dark skin. The ozone depletion crisis of death and great destruction becomes the instrument in which racism is addressed for once and for all. There is something mysterious about when humans go through death and destruction it seems to bring the very best out of humanity, more love, more caring for one another. Likewise, through the ozone crisis, a crisis that affects skin color becomes the catalysts in which racism is forever destroyed. See how the ozone depletion problem leads mankind to better racial understanding-and the brotherhood of-all mankind is boldly proclaimed in-all-his public discourses-as-a-result-of-the-crisis. It is my most fervent hope that humanity will realize that we are truly- our brother's keeper: May mankind be elevated to the highest level of consciousness without death and destruction forcing him in that direction. However, I fear that our time-as a specie, for- getting it right; is running out-IF-we continue to remain deaf to our higher ideals, that calls upon us to reflect the goodness of humanity under the best of social and environmental circumstances: then I fear intervention-by a higher power; -GOD, nature, or fate will surely confront us with some sort of catastrophe that will compel whatever goodness we have inside of-us, to come to the surface of our consciousness. We -must-not-wait for another catastrophe to force righteousness out of us. THIS- book,'' THE O zone is gone and so went racism'', tells us a story about a time when disastrous-circumstances-forces mankind to elevate his RACE CONSCIENCOUSNESS-TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL..


In the year 2015; the people of America woke up to this startling news, the O zone is gone. The president of the nation-paused as-if to give the nation a chance to brace itself for his following comments, all fair skinned individuals must seek out-and remain in a shelter now. The day we have all dreaded has finally come with the old ozone depletion problem;, consequently, skin cancer has become a new worldwide epidemic surpassing all the known killers of peoples of the world, the chief executive continued, the Caucasian community has been hit the hardest by this unfortunate condition the president-Paused', and said, let us all pray that this nightmare will end quickly. a few days later the president came before the nation again and began saying, I regret to report to you that skin cancer has now become a worldwide epidemic that is out of our control, the Mighty-sun that has been an unfailing friend-to all living things since time began has become the enemy to all-fair skinned people. I repeat the president-said, fair skin people must seek shelter now, the president continued, the top-scientist of the world-have all been called together to help find a solution to this worldwide problem, the people were astonished by the president's announcement and fair skinned people around the world were devastated by what they heard. The European Community was hit the hardest of all the peoples of the world. The previous year the world had been informed of the increasing deaths within the Caucasian community and other fair skinned communities. Their children were advised not to play outside doing daylight hours,-however, white supremacy groups considered this catastrophe a government conspiracy designed to eliminate all white people. They ordered all of their members to ignore this government announcement. You just can't trust the government, they said., on the other hand, some of the people in the dark skinned community publicly shouted with glee, God don't like no ugly, another one stated what goes around comes around, another one shouted the white man have missed treated all the dark-races of the word-and- now it's his turn . The national ego had been shattered. Caucasian's and fair skinned people all over the world for the first time Wondered-would they make it. The more the exposure to the sun the quicker death would be brought upon them. Suicides among fair skinned people increased dramatically that year unlike the previous years death had become more desirable than life to some Caucasian and fair skinned people-; but all was not lost, the scientists of the world remain hopeful to finding a way out of the o zone crisis.-In a way for the minorities this crisis had become somewhat of a blessing instead of a curse, that is the minorities communities that was predominantly darker skinned. THEY Suddenly-saw high-paying job opportunities for outdoor jobs suddenly appeared out of nowhere; the kind of jobs that many in the African American community had never heard of. The darker skinned African-American became in great demand for outdoor type jobs, high paying jobs that had eluded him in previous years. DARKER African-American whose skin had become a barrier to great job opportunities now sees his skin, as a blessing to greater job opportunities. Overnight the same skin color that had hailed him down now, and that same dark skinned, was offering him the African-American a hand up to greater job opportunities. A meanwhile in a small town in Kansas and in-a small County called DeKalb County there lived a small family, the Johnsons, who had just heard the startling news regarding the depletion of the o ozone layer. Ms. Johnson a fair skinned African American-could hardly contain her emotional outbursts, she called to her husband who was outside mowing the grass in terror. Honey, she said, please comes into the house right now I! The president has just stated, that fair skinned people, should not go outside for any length of time. This ozone thing have reached such a terrible level that people are dying all over the world light-skinned people dying honey all over the world. Somebody-has got to do something. Mr. Johnson was terrified after hearing his wife share the-terrible news; he went next door only to see his neighbors glued to the television set learning more news about this terrible disaster. This particular family, the warren family was very upset after hearing the news, for within this family there were four fair skin individuals. What are we going to do Ms. Warren stated, how will we live-I work as a patrol lady everyday she shouted; I have to work outside, there's just no other way around it. Ms. Warren further stated, I heard the president say with the o zone destroyed there is nothing that can keep us from getting skin cancer, all my God, and people-are dying every day. However, the neighbor across the street from-Miss Warren a much darker skinned neighbor shouted with glee, God don't like ugly honey." Them white bastards have been killing folks of color since the world began and now its-their turn to get-it back. That's just plain ignorance Ms. Johnson said of the neighbors remarks. God don't have nothing to do with hate, this disaster ain't got nothing to do with God; it's just one of those natural disasters

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