A People and a Nation A History of the United States

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  • Edition: 7th
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Copyright: 2004-01-15
  • Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing
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This spirited narrative challenges students to think about the meaning of American history. Thoughtful inclusion of the lives of everyday people, cultural diversity, work, and popular culture preserves the text's basic approach to American history as a story of all the American people. The Seventh Edition maintains the emphasis on the unique social history of the United States and engages students through cutting-edge research and scholarship. New content includes expanded coverage of modern history (post-1945) with discussion of foreign relations, gender analysis, and race and racial relations. Chapter-based "Links to the World" connect US history to global events and provide web links for further research on topics such as international treaties and the AIDS epidemic. The end-of-chapter "Legacies for a People and a Nation" feature focuses on a meaningful event, movement, or fact covered in the chapter that bears a striking relevance to present-day issues or controversies. Revised and expanded, this feature includes coverage from civil rights to social security. Updated "Chronology Boxes" appear in every chapter to orient students to events and the dates of their occurrence.

Table of Contents

Three Old Worlds Create a New, 14921600
American Societies
North America in 1492 African Societies
European Societies
Early European Explorations
The Voyages of Columbus, Cabot, and Their Successors
Spanish Exploration and Conquest
The Columbian Exchange Europeans in North America
Legacy for a People and a Nation: Columbus Day
Europeans Colonize North America, 16001640
New Spain, New France, and New Netherland
The Caribbean English Interest in Colonization
The Founding of Virginia Life in the Chesapeake
The Founding of New England Life in New England
Legacy for a People and a Nation: The Foxwoods
Casino and the Mashantucket Pequot Museum
American Societies Take Shape, 16401720
The Restoration Colonies 16701680: A Decade of Crisis
The Introduction of African Slavery
The Web of Empire and the Atlantic Slave Trade
Enslavement in North America Colonial
Political Development, Imperial Reorganization, and the Witchcraft Crisis
Legacy for a People and a Nation: "Witch Hunts"
A World Transformed, 17201770
Population Growth and Ethnic Diversity
Economic Growth and Development Colonial
Cultures Colonial
Families Politics: Stability and Crisis in British America
A Crisis in Religion
A Legacy for a People and a Nation: Anti-Immigrant Sentiments
Severing the Bonds of Empire, 17541774
Renewed Warfare Among Europeans and Indians 1763: A Turning Point
The Stamp Act
Crisis Resistance to the Townshend Acts
Confrontations in Boston Tea and Turmoil
Legacy for a People and a Nation: The Census and Reapportionment
A Revolution, Indeed, 17741783
Government by Congress and Committee Choosing
Sides: Loyalists, African Americans, and Indians War and Independence
The Long Struggle in the North
The Long Struggle in the South
Yorktown and The Treaty of Paris
Legacy for a People and a Nation: The Black Patriots' Memorial
Forging a National Republic, 17761789
Creating a Virtuous Republic
The First Emancipation and the Growth of Racism
Designing Republican Governments
Trials of the Confederation Order and Disorder in the West
From Crisis to the Constitution Opposition and Ratification
Legacy for a People and a Nation: Women's Education
The Early Republic: Conflicts at Home and Abroad, 17891800
Building a Workable Government
Domestic Policy Under Washington and Hamilton
The French Revolution and the Development of Partisan Politics
Partisan Politics and Relations with Great Britain
John Adams and Political Dissent
Race Relations at the End of the Century
Legacy for a People and a Nation: Dissent During Wartime
"A Wise and Frugal Government": The Democratic-Republicans in Power, 18011815
The Jefferson Presidency and Marshall Court
Louisiana and Lewis and Clark Political
Factionalism and Jefferson's Reelection Indian
Resistance American Neutrality
Imperiled by a World at War Commerce and Industry
The War of 1812 Peace and the Consequences
Legacy for a People and a Nation: The Peaceful Transfer of Power
Nationalism, Expansion, and the Market Economy, 18161845
Postwar Nationalism
The Market Economy and Government's Economic
Role Transportation
Links Commercial Farming
The Rise of Manufacturing and Commerce Workers and the Workplace
Americans on the Move Native
American Resistance and Removal
Legacy for a People and a Nation: A Mixed Economy
Reform and Politics in the Age of Jackson, 18241845
From Revival to Reform Antimasonry
Abolitionism and the Women's Movement
Jacksonianism and Party Politics
Federalism at Issue: The Nullification and Bank Controversies
The Whig Challenge and the Second Party System
Manifest Destiny and Expansionism
Legacy for a People and a Nation: The Bible Belt
People and Communities in the North and West, 18301860
Country Life
The West City Life
Extremes of Wealth Women, Families, and the Domestic Ideal
Immigrant Lives in America Free People of Color
Legacy for a People and a Nation: White Fascination with and Appropriation of Black Culture
People and Communities in a Slave Society: The South, 18301860
The "Peculiar" South?
Free Southerners: Farmers, Planters, and Free Blacks
Slave Life and Labor
Slave Culture
Slave Resistance and Rebellion
Harmony and Tension in a Slave Society
Legacy of a People and a Nation: The Black Family
Slavery and America's Future: The Road to War, 18451861
The War with Mexico and Its Consequences 1850: Compromise or Armistice?
Slavery Expansion and Collapse of the Party System
Slavery and the Nation's Future Disunion
Legacy for a People and a Nation: Revolutionary Violence
Transforming Fire: The Civil War, 18611865
America Goes to War, 18611862
War Transforms the South Wartime
Northern Economy and Society
The Advent of Emancipation
The Soldiers' War 1863: The Tide of Battle
Turns Disunity, South and North 18641865: The Final Test of Wills
Legacy for a People and a Nation: The Confederate Battle Flag
Reconstruction: An Unfinished Revolution, 18651877
Wartime Reconstruction
The Meanings of Freedom Johnson's Reconstruction Plan
he Congressional Reconstruction Plan
Reconstruction Politics in the South
Reconstruction's Reversed
Legacy for a People and a Nation: The Fourteenth Amendment
The Development of the West, 18771900
The Economic Activities of Native Peoples
The Transformation of Native Cultures
Extraction of Natural Resources
Irrigation and Transportation Farming the Plains
The Ranching Frontier
Legacy for a People and a Nation: The West and Rugged Individualism
The Machine Age, 18771920
Technology and the Triumph of Industrialism
Mechanization and the Changing Status of Labor
The Union Movement Standards of Living
The Quest for Convenience
The Corporate Consolidation Movement
The Gospel of Wealth and Its Critics
Legacy for a People and a Nation: Rockefeller and Standard Oil
The Vitality and Turmoil of Urban Life, 18771920
Industrial Growth and Transportation in the Modern City
Peopling the Cities: Migrants and Immigrants Urban
Neighborhoods Living Conditions in the Inner City
Promises of Mobility Managing the City
Family Life
The New Leisure and Mass Culture
Legacy for a People and a Nation: Ethnic Food
Gilded Age Politics, 18771900
The Nature of Party Politics
Politics in the Industrial Age
The Presidency Restrengthened
Limits of Gilded Age Politics
Agrarian Unrest and Populism
The Depression of the 1890s Depression-Era
Protests Populists, the Silver Crusade, and the Election of 1896
Legacy for a People and a Nation: Politics and Popular Culture
The Progressive Era, 18951920
The Varied Progressive
Impulse Governmental and Legislative Reform
New Ideas in Education, Law, Religion, and the Sciences
Challenges to Racial and Sexual Discrimination
Theodore Roosevelt and the Revival of the Presidency Woodrow
Wilson and the Extension of Reform
Legacy for a People and a Nation: Women and Social Work
The Quest for Empire, 18651914
Imperial Promoters: The Foreign Policy
Elite and Economic Expansion Ideo
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