Pre-Algebra Student Edition

by Unknown
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  • Edition: 1st
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Copyright: 2011-04-08
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

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Supplemental Materials

What is included with this book?


One Program, All Learners Flexibility Print and digital resources for your classroom today and tomorrow Appropriate for students who are approaching, on or beyond grade level Differentiation Integrated differentiated instruction support that includes Response to Intervention (RtI) strategies A complete assessment system that monitors student progress from diagnosis to mastery More in-depth and rigorous mathematics, yet meets the needs of all students 21st Century Success Preparation for student success beyond high school  in college or at work Problems and activities that use handheld technology, including the TI-84 and the TI-Nspire A wealth of digital resources such as eStudent Edition, eTeacher Edition, animations, tutorials, virtual manipulatives and assessments  right at your fingertips Includes print student edition

Table of Contents

Chapter 0 Preparing for Pre-Algebra

0-1 A Plan for Problem Solving

0-2 Problem-Solving Strategies

0-3 Number and Operations

0-4 Algebra

0-5 Geometry

0-6 Measurement

0-7 Data Analysis

Unit 1 Rational Numbers and Equations

Chapter 1 The Tools of Algebra

1-1 Words and Expressions

Explore 1-2 Algebra Lab: Rules and Expressions

1-2 Variable and Expressions

Extend 1-2 Spreadsheet Lab: Expressions and Spreadsheets

1-3 Properties

1-4 Ordered Pairs and Relations

Explore 1-5 Algebra Lab: Relations and Functions

1-5 Words, Equations, Tables, and Graphs

Explore 1-6 Algebra Lab: Scatter Plots

1-6 Scatter Plots

Extend 1-6 Graphing Technology Lab: Scatter Plots

Chapter 2 Operations with Integers

2-1 Integers and Absolute Value

Explore 2-2 algebra Lab: Adding Integers

2-2 Adding Integers

Explore 2-3 Algebra Lab: Subtracting Integers

2-3 Subtracting Integers

Extend 2-3 More About: Adding and Subtracting with Matrices

Explore 2-4 Algebra Lab: Multiplying Integers

2-4 Multiplying Integers

Explore 2-5 Algebra Lab: Dividing Integers

2-5 Dividing Integers

2-6 Graphing in Four Quadrants

2-7 Translations and Reflections on the Coordinate Plane

Chapter 3 Operations with Rational Numbers

Explore 3-1 Algebra Lab: Fractions and Decimals on the Number Line

3-1 Fractions and Decimals

3-2 Rational Numbers

3-3 Multiplying and Rational Numbers

3-4 Dividing Rational Numbers

3-5 Adding and Subtracting Like Fractions

3-6 Adding and Subtracting Unlike Fractions

Chapter 4 Expressions and Equations

4-1 The Distributive Property

Explore 4-2 Algebra Lab: Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

4-2 Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

4-3 Solving Equations by Adding and Subtracting

4-4 Solving Equations by Multiplying or Dividing

Explore 4-5 Algebra Lab: Solving Two-Step Equations Using Algebra Tiles

4-5 Solving Two-Step Equations

4-6 Writing Equations

Chapter 5 Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities

5-1 Perimeter and Area

Extend 5-1 Spreadsheet Lab: Perimeter and Area

5-2 Solving Equations with Variables on Each Side

5-3 Inequalities

5-4 Solving Inequalities

5-5 Solving Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities

Unit 2 Proportions and Similarity

Chapter 6 Ratio, Proportion, and Similar Figures

6-1 Ratios

6-2 Unit Rates

6-3 Converting Rates and Measurements

Extend 6-3 Geometry Lab: Accuracy and Precision

6-4 Proportional and Nonproportional Relationships

6-5 Solving Proportions

Extend 6-5 Algebra Lab: Inverse Proportions

6-6 Scale Drawings and Models

Explore 6-7 Geometry Lab: Similar Figures

6-7 Similar Figures

6-8 Dilations

6-9 Indirect Measurement

Chapter 7 Percent

7-1 Fractions and Percents

7-2 Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

Explore 7-3 Algebra Lab: Using a Percent Model

7-3 Using the Percent Proportion

7-4 Find a Percent of a Number Mentally

7-5 Using Percent Equations

Explore 7-6 Algebra Lab: Modeling Percents and Change

7-6 Percent of Change

7-7 Simple and Compound Interest

Extend 7-7 Spreadsheet Lab: Compound Interest

7-8 Circle Graphs

Unit 3 Linear and Nonlinear Functions

Chapter 8 Linear Functions and Graphing

8-1 Functions

8-2 Sequences and Equations

8-3 Representing Linear Functions

Extend 8-3 More About: Representing Linear Inequalities

8-4 Rate of Change

8-5 Constant Rate of Change and Direct Variation

Explore 8-6 Graphing Technology Lab: Scope and Rate of Change

8-6 Slope

Explore 8-7 Algebra Lab: Proportional and Nonproportional Linear Relationships

8-7 Slope-Intercept Form

Extend 8-7 Graphing Technology Lab: Family of Linear Graphs

8-8 Writing Linear Equations

8-9 Prediction equations

Extend 8-9 Graphing Technology Lab: Linear Regression

8-10 Systems of Equations

Chapter 9 Powers and Nonlinear Functions

Explore 9-1 More About: Factors

9-1 Powers and Exponents

9-2 Prime Factorization

Extend 9-2 More About: Applying Prime Factorization

9-3 Multiplying and Dividing Monomials

9-4 negative Exponents

9-5 Scientific Notation

Extend 9-5 More About: Computation with Scientific Notation

9-6 Powers of Monomials

9-7 Linear and Nonlinear Functions

Extend 9-7 More About: Geometric Sequences

9-8 Quadratic Functions

Extend Graphing Technology Lab: Family of Quadratic Functions

9-9 Cubic and Exponential Functions

Extend Algebra Lab: A Half-Life Simulation

Unit 4 Two- and Three-Dimensional Space

Chapter 10 Real Numbers and Right Triangles

Explore 10-1 Algebra Lab: Squares and Square Roots

10-1 Squares and Square Roots

Extend 10-1 More About: Cube Roots

Explore 10-2 More About: Sets

10-2 The Real Number System

Explore 10-3 Geometry Lab: Angles in a Triangle

10-3 Triangles

Extend 10-3 Geometry Lab: The Triangle Inequality Theorem

Explore 10-4 Algebra Lab: The Pythagorean Theorem

10-4 The Pythagorean Theorem

Extend 10-4 Algebra Lab: Graphing Irrational Numbers

10-5 The Distance Formula

10-6 Special Right Angles

Extend 10-6 More About: Trigonometric Ratios

Chapter 11 Distance and Angle

Explore 11-1 More About: Measuring and Drawing Angles

11-1 Angle and Line Relationships

Extend 11-1 Geometry Lab: Constructing Angles and Lines

11-2 Congruent Triangles

11-3 Rotations

Explore 11-4 Geometry Lab: Angles in Polygons

11-4 Quadrilaterals

11-5 Polygons

Extend 11-5 Geometry Lab: Constructing Congruent and Similar Polygons

11-6 Area of Parallelograms, Triangles, and Trapezoids

Extend 11-6 More About: Perimeter and Area of Similar Figures

11-7 Circles and Circumference

Extend 11-7 Geometry Lab; Intersections of Geometric Figures

11-8 Area of Circles

11-9 Area of Composite Figures

Extend 11-9 Spreadsheet Lab: Changes in Scale

Chapter 12 Surface Area and Volume

Explore 12-1 Geometry Lab: Drawing Three-Dimensional Figures

12-1 Three-Dimensional Figures

Explore 12-2 Geometry Lab: Volume

12-2 Volume of Prisms

12-3 Volume of Cylinders

Explore 12-4 Geometry Lab: Volume of a Pyramid

12-4 Volume of Pyramids, Cones, and Spheres

Explore 12-5 Geometry Lab: Surface Area of Prisms

12-5 Surface Area of Prisms

Explore 12-6 Geometry Lab: Surface Area of Cylinders

12-6 Surface Area of Cylinders

12-7 Surface Area of Pyramids and Cones

Extend 12-7 Geometry Lab: Surface Area of Spheres

Explore 12-8 Geometry Lab: Similar Solids

12-8 Similar Solids

Unit 5 Data Sets

Chapter 13 Statistics and Probability

Explore 13-1 Algebra Lab: Analyzing Data

13-1 Measures of Central Tendency

Extend 13-1 Graphing Technology Lab: Mean and Median

Explore 13-2 More About: Statistical Displays

13-2 Stem-and-Leaf Plots

13-3 Measures of Variation

13-4 Box-and Whisker Plots

Extend 13-4 Graphing Technology Lab: Box-and Whisker Plots

13-5 Histograms

Extend 13-5 Graphing Technology Lab: Histograms

13-6 Theoretical and Experimental Probability

Extend 13-6 More About: Geometric Probability

13-7 Using Sampling to Predict

13-8 Counting Outcomes

Extend 13-8 Algebra Lab: Probability and Pascal’s Triangle

13-9 Permutations and Combinations

Explore 13-10 Graphing Technology Lab: Probability Simulation

13-10 Probability of Compound Events

Extend 13-10 Algebra Lab: Simulations

Chapter 14 Looking Ahead to Algebra 1

14-1 Polynomials

14-2 Adding Polynomials

14-3 Subtracting Polynomials

14-4 Multiply a Binomial by a Monomial

14-5 Multiply Two Binomials

14-6 dividing a Polynomial by a Monomial

14-7 Using GCF to Factor Polynomials

14-8 Factoring Trinomials

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