Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Sources of Dark Matter in the Universe: 16-18 February 1994 Bel Air, California

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  • Copyright: 1995-03-01
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Proceedings of the 1st Intl Symposium held February 16-18, 1994 in Bel Air, California.

Table of Contents

Early Clues to Abnormal MASA/Light Ratios in Galaxies: Messier 31 and Messier 33p. 3
The World Line of Dark Matter: Its Existence and Nature Through Timep. 9
Cosmological Constraints on Dark Matterp. 23
Dark Matter in the Light of COBEp. 33
Dark Matter in Clusters and the Mass-Density of the Universep. 41
Using the Zeldovich Approximation to Understand the Structure in N-Body Models of Dark Matter Dominated Universesp. 57
Big Bang Nucleosynthesis and Dark Matter: Baryons and Neutrinosp. 65
Gravitational Lenses, Galactic Structure, Evolution and Cosmologyp. 81
Dark Halos in Two Cold + Hot Dark Matter Modelsp. 88
A Lower Limit to the Baryon Fraction from X-Ray Observations of Groups and Clusters of Galaxiesp. 96
The Distant Supernova Search and Implications for the Cosmological Decelerationp. 102
Star Formation in Elliptical Galaxies and Quantum Aspects of Dark Matterp. 109
Very Short Gamma-Ray Bursts and Primordial Black Hole Evaporationp. 116
Properties of Objects Near the Main Sequence Edgep. 129
MACHOS: Unraveling the Mysteryp. 145
Constraints on MACHOS from Infrared Emission in Galaxies and Clustersp. 150
Cold Fractal Gas as Galactic Dark Matterp. 156
Dark Matter from Supersymmetric Grand Unificationp. 163
Cold Dark Matter in a Standard Model Extensionp. 175
Current Status of Axion Cosmologyp. 185
Mixed Dark Matter Compatible with the Solar and Atmospheric Neutrino Deficitsp. 193
The EROS Experiment: Methods and Statusp. 203
The Indirect Detection of Halo Dark Matterp. 212
Strategies for Direct Detection of WIMP Dark Matter - Techniques Above 100 Kp. 227
NOMAD and CHORUS or Neutrinos vs. Dark Matterp. 240
Status of the Large-Scale Dark-Matter Axion Searchp. 248
Neutralino Annihilation in the Galactic Centerp. 263
A Low Pressure TPC for Galactic WIMP Detectionp. 271
Measurement of Nuclear Recoil Response of Dark Matter Scintillating Targets Using Neutron Scatteringp. 278
Dark Matter and Neutrino Detection with Liquid Xenonp. 288
Searching for Double Beta Decay and Dark Matter with the Heidelberg-Moscos [beta][beta]-Experimentp. 296
The Supernova Burst Observatory: A Prototype Extra Galactic SN Detector and Supernova Watchp. 303
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Reviews for Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Sources of Dark Matter in the Universe: 16-18 February 1994 Bel Air, California (9789810221317)