The Prophetic Dream of General George Washington at Valley Forge: A Uniquely Different Piece of American History

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One of the most telling events in the life of this Man of Destiny will not be found in any of our high school or college history texts. But it certainly should be! It is said to have taken place during the dread winter of 1777. This was a time when the Revolutionary War wasn't going well for the vastly outnumbered and ill-equipped Colonial forces. The Continental Army had been defeated in two major battles and British invaders occupied Philadelphia!Washington had retreated to the Pennsylvania plains.The situation was desperate!There was near famine!Temperatures fell far below zero!Winds blew with gale force.Soldiers with no shoes struggled barefoot in the snow and ice.Bloody footprints could be seen in the snow on the ground.Feet and legs froze until the turned black and were amputated.Morale was at an all time low.More than 3,000 patriots died that winter.Men had no blankets to wrap around their bodies while trying to sleep. Nor did many have clothing to cover their bare bodies. Defeat and surrender were staring Washington in the face.Nevertheless, a great number of people believe that God chose this time of misery to give a prophetic vision to George Washington. There was little hope for victory that day during the winter of 1777. American forces were desperately fighting against the British, at the time the most powerful nation in the world. Did it happen that the great General momentarily dozed and dreamed while sitting in his headquarters at Valley Forge? Or did he have an angelic visit through a daydream? This is the time when George Washington is purported to have had a vision that described the future of the Republic - included were victory in the Revolutionary War; the fighting between Americans in a Civil War; and a World War yet to come. The story of Washington's visionary dream was in the beginning published in the National Tribune in 1859 and subsequently reprinted in other publications including The Stars and Stripes It was initially described to a reporter named Wesley Bradshaw by an officer (Anthony Sherman) who claims to have served under General Washington at Valley Forge during the winter of 1777.

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