Student Solutions Manual to accompany College Physics

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  • Format: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2003-03-04
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math
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The Student Solutions Manual contains complete worked-out solutions to selected end-of-chapter problems from the text.

Table of Contents

Electric Forces and Fields
Electric charge
Conductors and insulators
Coulomb's law
The electric field
Motion of a point charge in a uniform electric field
Conductors in electrostatic equilibrium
Gauss's law for electric fields
Electric Potential
Electric potential energy
Electric potential
The relationship between electric field and potential
Conservation of energy for moving charges
Energy stored in a capacitor
Electric Current and Circuits
Electric current
Emf and circuits
Microscopic view of current in a metal
Resistance and resistivity
Kirchoff's rules
Series and parallel circuits
Circuit analysis using Kirchoff's rules
Power and energy in circuits
Measuring currents and voltages
RC circuits
Electrical safety
Magnetic Forces and Fields
Magnetic fields
Magnetic force on a point charge
Charged particle moving perpendicular to a uniform magnetic field
Motion of a charged particle in a uniform magnetic field: general
A charged particle in crossed E and B fields
Magnetic force on a current-carrying wire
Torque on a current loop
Magnetic field due to an electric current
Ampère's law
Magnetic materials
Electromagnetic Induction
Motional Emf
Electric generators
Faraday's law
Lenz's law
Back Emf in a motor
Eddy currents
Induced electric fields
Mutual and self-inductance
LR circuits
Alternating Current
Sinusoidal currents and voltages;resistors in AC circuits
Electricity in the home
Capacitors in AC circuits
Inductors in AC circuits
RLC series circuit
Resonance in an RLC circuit
Converting AC to DC;filters
Electromagnetic Waves and Optics
Electromagnetic Waves
Accelerating charges produce electromagnetic waves
Maxwell's equations
The electromagnetic spectrum
Speed of EM waves in vacuum and in matter
Characteristics of electromagnetic waves in vacuum
Energy transport by EM waves
The Doppler effect for EM waves
Reflection and Refraction of Light
Wavefronts, rays, and Huygens' principle
The reflection of light
The refraction of light: Snell's law
Total internal reflection
Brewster's angle
The formation of images through reflection or refraction
Plane mirrors
Spherical mirrors
Thin lenses
Optical Instruments
Lenses in combination
The eye
The simple magnifier
Compound microscopes
Aberrations of lenses and mirrors
Interference and Diffraction
Constructive and destructive interference
The Michelson interferometer
Thin films
Young's double slit experiment
Diffraction and Huygens' principle
Diffraction by a single slit
Diffraction and the resolution of optical instruments
X-ray diffraction
Quantum and Particle Physics
Postulates of relativity
Simultaneity and ideal observers
Time dilation
Length contraction
Velocities in different reference frames
Relativistic momentum
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